You only talk about my psyche

Even though great pains are talking here, subject to soar rehearsal hit off the flow of conversation Innovation, self-contained and not spread without saying what. Talk calmly and as a diary of daily events or end in sight even after ... forever. Men and women "who do not just talk about yourself," is infamous. What? goo, also "Psychology of people who only talk about yourself" Q & A that is. The question is, poor people are only talking about myself. And that barely hear "something that angry?" Is reacted with a look that is also annoying. "I only talk about my people, what What's the mental state," I ask. As a response, "I think I thought self-centered. And I think if you are not aware of the many" (tukanomi's)
"I do not have self-esteem. 見Tee words to describe me [More] [about me] 知Ttee O [I'm] really is. I appeal to the poor at their present "(lml's)
And the barb. "People only talk about yourself"
In "In order to improve, will alienate their friends. Keep company with another friend who heard the story. I think the two" (noname # 34123) "Or this person to be fit to sacrifice himself dare you try to improve relations with these people somehow do not think" (mama-ya's) , And others that are more and more people are advised to stay away voice.
Many men ■ "ー happened to me is, What is it like Yes ○"
Meanwhile, "Men only talk about yourself"
In "I'm coming from someone like [Ne never heard of me, but I'm hearing a lot about you] that you say. I'm [huh?] Thought. Family such as birthdays and configurations, so I have heard already, because I thought I have nothing to ask anymore. so I [can I ask what then?] It reminds me of [your favorite singer or your favorite foods or was told]. [Oh I see. Women are anxious about the kind of person, I want to hear what I thought] like that against me "(marcos2005's) "If [women's] own thoughts that I often experience. [There is such a thing, I thought it this way], we can still talk.'s Many a man, more single Naoiri the sword, the first this happened to me, What is it like [the] ○ Yes? that? Guide feeling. I have not heard, but not interested in another man read me say the air I certainly "(momonga14's) Opinion and they are nervous manner of his own story of men and women in the dating seems to point to.
We look back with the swing of swinging ■ But these things do tend to mistake anyone. "I got talking and my Bakkari" or "Oh, I just take the topic" mind and realized that, even in mid-handed "in you?" Tsukemashou a habit to give the ball back. "Catch" of conversation and what went well, and dealing with topics like throwing my turn is done properly, it should naturally lively conversation.


せっかくこっちが話しているのに、会話の流れをぶつっと切って話題をかっさらい、かといって広げるわけでもなく自己完結。あるいは日々のできごとを日記の ように淡々と語り、いつまでたっても終わりが見えない…。男女問わず「自分の話しかしない人」は評判が悪いものです。



というQ&Aがあります。質問者は、自分の話ばかりをする人が苦手。ろくに聞かないでいると「何か怒っているの?」と反応され、それもま たうっとうしい様子。「自分の話ばかりする人って、どういう心理状況なのでしょうか」と問うています。回答としては、


「自分に自信がないんです。言葉で表すと『もっと私を見てぇ』『私のことを知ってぇ』『私はすごいんだよぉ』です。自分の存在をアピールす るのが下手なんです」(lmlさん)











「私は好きな人から『私のこと全然聞いてこないよねー、私はあなたのことたくさん聞いてるのに』って言われたことがあります。私は『え?』 と思いました。家族構成や誕生日等はすでに聞いていたので、これ以上質問することなんてないって思っていたからです。それで私は『じゃあどんなこと聞けば いいの?』と聞くと、『好きな食べ物とか好きな歌手とか』って言われました。『あーなるほど。女性は相手のそういうことについて気になるし、相手にそうい うこと聞いて欲しいのか』って思いましたね」(marcos2005さん)

「女性の場合は『自分が体験したことの感想』が多いと思います。『こういう事があって、私はこう思った』これだと、まだ会話可能です。男に 多いのは、もっと単刀直入に、『オレってさー、○〇なんだよね』『は?それで?』って感じの。聞いてないのに、別に興味ないけど、って言う空気を読んでく れない男は確かにいます」(momonga14さん)




「自分ばっかりしゃべっちゃってるな」とか「あ、話題を取っちゃったな」と内心気づいたら、なかば強引にでも「で、あなたは?」とボールを返すク セをつけましょう。

「会話のキャッチボール」とはうまくいったもので、自分のターンが終わったらきちんと話題を相手に投げ返すようにすると、会話が自然に弾むはずで す。

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