Public Transportation Safety bereaved families ask the accident six years

107 people were killed, Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture, were injured from 562 JR Fukuchiyama derailment was 6 years and 25 days. Accident site and memorial memorial ceremony organized at the venue JR West said the safety of public transport and wished requiem bereaved families of the victims reached a seven 回忌.
Was accused of professional negligence Yamasaki Masao former president of JR West's trial in December last year, starting with Kobe District Court, trial has progressed over the safety of the railway. Disclosure of the accident investigation report problems, the participants were validated with an accident victim. However this year, JR West scandal after another well. Conductor (then) found out and draining parts of vehicle safety devices, rear-end collisions between vehicles is maintained in the tunnel of the Sanyo Shinkansen, a derailment accident happened.
Memorial memorial ceremony begins at the city's Cultural Center at 9:00 am, family members and wounded, JR officials attended in 1205. Everyone was silent for minutes at 18:09 am accident.
Takayuki Sasaki, president of JR West, "and causing a scandal that can impair the safety of the train recently, dreadfully sorry" and apologized. The earthquake touched East "aims to tackle railway accident or disaster-resilient," he said. Deputy Transport Minister Ikeguti Syuuzi is "without weather accidents, safety measures to tackle public transport in full force," he said. Yoko's daughter on behalf of the survivors (21 years old at the time) died Okumura Tsuneo's (63) = = Sanda, Hyogo Prefecture, the appeal to prevent a recurrence of the accident.
In addition to former President Yamasaki, Nanya Shiyouzirou force was charged, also attended by former president of both Kakiuti Takeshi. Ide Akira Takashi Hazime president was indicted force was absent this year as well.


 107人が死亡、562人が負傷した兵庫県尼崎市のJR福知山線脱線事故から、25日で6年となった。事故現場やJR西日本主催の追悼慰霊式会場 では、七回忌を迎えた遺族らが犠牲者の鎮魂や公共交通の安全を願った。

 業務上過失致死傷罪に問われたJR西の山崎正夫前社長の公判は昨年12月、神戸地裁で始まり、鉄道の安全性を巡る審理が進んでいる。事故 調査報告書の漏えい問題では、事故被害者が参加して検証が行われた。一方でこの1年、JR西の不祥事も相次いだ。車掌(当時)による車両の安全装置の部品 の抜き取りが発覚したり、山陽新幹線のトンネルで保守用車両同士が追突、脱線する事故も起きた。

 追悼慰霊式は同日午前9時過ぎから同市総合文化センターで始まり、遺族や負傷者、JR関係者ら1205人が参列。事故が起きた午前9時 18分に全員で黙とうした。

 JR西の佐々木隆之社長は「最近も列車の安全を損なうような不祥事を発生させており、誠に申し訳ない」と謝罪。東日本大震災にも触れ「事 故や災害に強い鉄道を目指して取り組んでいく」と述べた。池口修次副国土交通相は「事故を風化させることなく、全力を挙げて公共交通の安全対策に取り組ん でいく」と語った。遺族を代表して長女の容子さん(当時21歳)を亡くした奥村恒夫さん(63)=兵庫県三田市=は、事故の再発防止を訴えた。


Moss whole body, "Japanese B.L.T "! I ate a burger domestic new material

Since its launch in 2008, Mos Burger is a popular "superb hamburger sandwich" series. The series stuck to domestic and seasonal ingredients, featuring a new work about one and a half years! Indigenous ingredients thoroughly loyal, and hear the new burgers, real food right away! Highest rate of indigenous history series, "Nippon BLT" I've checked my taste.
Burger [photo] Introducing this new four species
April 26 (Tuesday) from the Mos Burger will be released nationwide on the "hamburger sandwich BLT [darned]" (490 yen) and "superb hamburger sandwich [LT]" (430 yen). Feature than anything, "domestic rates" high. Hamburger "100 domestic meat case meat minced beef, pork came%" is, of course, Bacon (B), lettuce (L), tomato (T) are all domestic. Vegetables, the existing "Teriyakibaga" (320 yen), approximately 1.5 times the sum falls are using 75g, total weight ratio of domestic food products, a record high 60 percent to 66's series.
Large enough to protrude from the bacon buns, but was overwhelmed by the volume of shredded lettuce topped with rich, a takeoff on the mouth at once. The first prominent, crunchy bacon and seasoning, the better, but the sweetness of the fat and fine. As regular hamburger patty about 1.5 also considerable impact on the juicy, juicy and full of times the sense of volume.
And this should be noted that "Japanese BLT" has been developed for "Yuzu Mayososu" the "gracious work." Ue spread throughout the scent of yuzu, a sour taste for fresh, vegetables are eaten in the sense of heaping salad, hamburger and bacon and volume, but some refreshing feeling that lasts until the end. Despite the considerable amount journalists ate quickly. Meat and vegetable buns, and enjoy the taste of each filling.
"In cooperation with about 3,000 farmers nationwide, we use domestically-grown vegetables as much as possible without relying on pesticides and chemical fertilizers ways. We're using lettuce, tomato and onion on the delivery of the government restrictions took less than and not once a week on our own, we conduct tests and other vegetables used for all radioactivity has been confirmed by using only the safe "(Mihara Director of Product Development added) as comments and concerns can be cleared so that after the earthquake.
By the way, "[LT] superb hamburger sandwich" is caught in bacon, "starring vegetable" burger. Including women, when they feel a little empty snacks are the perfect size. "BLT", "LT" Together, April 26 (Tuesday), the Mos Burger launched in the country. Cheese slices, so the number plus 30 yen for each person or group Gattsuri want to try the cheese! TOKYO - Walker


2008年の発売以来、人気を博しているモスバーガーの「とびきりハンバーグサンド」シリーズ。国産や旬の食材にこだわった同シリーズに、約1年半ぶりと なる新作が登場! 国産の食材にとことんこだわった、新バーガーと聞き、早速実食! シリーズ史上最高の国産率という“ニッポンのB.L.T”の味を確か めてみた。


4月26日(火)より、全国のモスバーガーで発売となるのは、「とびきりハンバーグサンド『B.L.T.』」(490円)と「とびきりハンバーグ サンド『L.T.』」(430円)。特徴はなんといっても“国産率”の高さ。ハンバーグの「牛・豚合挽き肉の国産肉100%」はもちろんのこと、ベーコン (B)、レタス(L)、トマト(T)もすべて国産。野菜も、既存の「テリヤキバーガー」(320円)の約1.5倍にあたる合計75gを使っており、商品全 重量に占める国産食材の割合は、シリーズ史上最高の60~66%になるという。

バンズからはみ出すほど大きなベーコン、たっぷりのった千切りレタスのボリュームに圧倒されながら、早速一口パクリ。最初に際立つのは、ベーコン のほどよい塩加減と歯ごたえ、そして国産らしい上質な脂の甘さだ。ハンバーグも通常のパティの約1.5倍というボリューム感かつ肉汁あふれるジューシーさ でこちらもかなりのインパクト。

しかも、注目すべきは今回の“和風B.L.T”のために開発された「ゆずマヨソース」の“仕事っぷり”。ゆずの香りが全体に広がるうえ、さわやか な酸味があるため、山盛りの野菜もサラダ感覚で食べられ、ハンバーグ&ベーコンとボリュームはあるのに、最後までさっぱり感が持続する。かなりの量にもか かわらず、記者はあっという間に完食。肉・野菜・バンズと、それぞれのおいしさをお腹いっぱい堪能した。

「日本全国約3000件の協力農家で、農薬や化学肥料に極力頼らない方法で栽培された国産野菜を使っています。今回使用しているレタス、トマト、 オニオンに関しては政府の出荷制限もかかっておりませんし、当社独自に週1回、使用する野菜すべてに対し放射能をはじめとする検査を行っており、安全が確 認されたものだけを使用しています」(商品開発部部長・三原さん)とのコメント通り、震災後の懸念材料もクリアできているよう。

ちなみに、「とびきりハンバーグサンド『L.T.』」は、ベーコンを挟まない“野菜が主役”のバーガー。女性をはじめ、ちょっと小腹が空いたとき にはぴったりのサイズ感だ。“B.L.T”、“L.T.”ともに、4月26日(火)より、全国のモスバーガーで発売。それぞれプラス30円でスライスチー ズも付けられるので、チーズ派やガッツリいきたい人は試してみて! 【東京ウォーカー】

Understanding the mystery of the queen-find ingredients to make royal jelly - applied to beekeeping instructor expectations Toyama Prefectural

Material is grown queen bee larvae are included in the royal jelly is secreted by worker bees, "Roiyarakuchin" found that the protein called. Kamakura Masaki Toyama Prefectural University Lecturer in Biological Engineering (40) found, the British science journal Nature published an electronic version of the 24 dates.
Only the larvae to become queens given royal jelly had been known for over 100 years, first locate the components responsible for its function. Kamakura lecturer, "and the Development of a reliable supply of bee breeding, might have shed light on colony collapse disorder worker bees suddenly disappear," he said.
The fast growth compared to the queen of female worker bees, all body mass 1.5 times, 20 times life. Only the queen can lay eggs, no less than 2,000 eggs a day. Roiyarakuchin is in the fat body equivalent to the mammalian liver, "epidermal growth factor receptor" (EGFR) that acts also found that the cause of these characteristics.
For fecundity of these, EGFR, via the corpus allatum of the head "of juvenile hormone" that leads to increased secretion is enhanced.


 蜜蜂の幼虫を女王蜂に成長させる物質は、働き蜂が分泌するロイヤルゼリーに含まれる「ロイヤラクチン」と呼ばれるたんぱく質であることが分かっ た。富山県立大工学部生物工学科の鎌倉昌樹講師(40)が発見し、24日付の英科学誌ネイチャー電子版に発表した。

 ロイヤルゼリーを与えられた幼虫だけが女王蜂になることは100年以上前から知られていたが、その機能を担う成分が初めて突き止められ た。鎌倉講師は「蜜蜂を安定供給する飼育法の開発や、働き蜂が突然いなくなる蜂群崩壊症候群の解明に役立つのではないか」と話している。

 女王蜂は全て雌である働き蜂に比べて成長が早く、体格は1.5倍、寿命は20倍。女王蜂だけが産卵でき、1日に約2000個もの卵を産 む。ロイヤラクチンは、哺乳類の肝臓に相当する脂肪体にある「上皮増殖因子受容体」(EGFR)に作用することで、これらの特徴を生じさせることも分かっ た。



Philippines, Philippines and China volatile "friend count on the United States and Japan"

China and the Philippines and the Spratly Islands (Spratly Islands) has been escalating over territorial disputes, and threatened action against them both, has fallen from an inspired state. Voice of America (VOA) reported on Chinese sites.
05 The Philippine government filed a protest to the UN document. China, 2009, a document submitted to the UN claimed the entire South China Sea including the Spratly Islands, which has asserted that there is no basis under international law. South China Sea near the Spratly Islands and the attitude is the attitude that it necessarily match disturb the Philippine territory.
President Aquino was yesterday, "when the threat to security and sovereignty of our country, a reliable friend than the United States and Japan did not," the appeal that both countries want to protect against threats from China over territorial disputes was. The 27th joint military exercise conducted by U.S. forces and the Armed Forces of the Philippines on July 15 became the largest-ever joint military exercise field. The Philippine government for naval buildup near shore waters of the Spratly Islands, was introduced to add approximately 284 million U.S. dollars.
China is also losing out to hit back. Ministry of Foreign Affairs on June 7 in the Spratly Islands are claimed to be a strong attitude territory, China has denied allegations squarely in the Philippines. 14 days must submit a document to the UN, China and the Philippines since the 1970s, that the accused claimed that the Spratly Islands continues to invade the territory of China "can not accept any claim of the Philippines" showed a strong stand this.
Chinese naval armada has recently stepped up combat training, has jurisdiction over the Spratly Islands in particular South China Sea Fleet destroyer squad conducted a comprehensive offensive and defensive surface combatant training. Also, many Feeding into the South China Sea fisheries patrol boat, which strongly appeal to sovereignty. China's first aircraft carrier "Varyagu (Yoshi Tadasu tile)" After the flight tests conducted this summer issue, the South China Sea Fleet There are rumors that they are assigned.
South China Sea territorial dispute issue also shows the trend of globalization. In addition to China and the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, to the Spratly Islands are claimed by Taiwan.



中国とフィリピンとの南沙諸島(スプラトリー諸島)をめぐる領土紛争がエスカ レートしており、双方ともに対抗措置をちらつかせ、一発触発状態に陥っている。ボイス・オブ・アメリカ(VOA)中国語サイトが伝えた。

フィリピン政府は5日、国連に抗議文書を提出した。中国は2009年、南沙諸島を含む南シナ海全域の領有権を主張する文書を国連に提出したが、これは国際 法上の根拠が無いものだと主張している。南沙諸島や周辺の南シナ海はフィリピン固有の領土だという態度をあくまでも崩さない姿勢だ。

アキノ大統領は9日、「わが国の安全と主権が脅かされた時、米国と日本以上に頼りになる友はいない」と、領土紛争問題上の中国から脅威から日米両国が守っ てほしいとアピールした。フィリピン国軍と米軍が15日に実施した第27回合同軍事演習は、過去最大規模の野戦合同演習となった。また、フィリピン政府は 南沙諸島周辺海域の陸・海軍力増強に向け、約1億8400万ドルを追加投入した。

中国側も負けずに反撃に出た。外交部は7日、南沙諸島は中国固有の領土であると強硬な態度で主張、フィリピン側の主張を真っ向から否定した。14日には中 国も国連に文書を提出、フィリピンが1970年代以降、中国の領土である南沙諸島に侵入を続け領有権を主張していることを非難し「フィリピンの主張は一切 受け入れられない」と強い態度を示した。

中国海軍の各大艦隊は最近、実戦訓練を強化してお り、特に南沙諸島を管轄している
漁業監視船を南シナ海に送り込み、主権を強くアピールしている。中 国初の空母

南シナ海領土主権論争問題は国際化の傾向も示している。中国・フィリピン以外に も、


Masayoshi Son, personal assets, "Renewable Energy Foundation" established

Softbank president Masayoshi Son has 20 days to facilitate the dissemination of solar energy and the environment, "Renewable Energy Foundation" announced that it set up. Encourage people to participate in approximately 100 scientists from around the world, and rather make policy recommendations to the government.

Afternoon and announced at a meeting held vision for the reconstruction of the Democratic Party.

Son received the first nuclear power plant accident in Fukushima claimed conversion to renewable energy. East of the Great Hanshin
Around the affected areas, "Solar Belt East, " and also proposed a plan to create measures to promote
Also called for the introduction of total purchasing power as generated by the natural energy.

Son is "Make the belt as the world's largest exporter of solar photovoltaic cells. Sun will rise again.
Create a vision full of hope, "he said.


ソフトバンクの孫正義社長は20日、太陽電池など環境エネルギーの普及を促進するため、「自然エネルギー財団」を設置すると発表した。世界中の科学 者ら約100人に参加を促し、政府への政策提言などを行うという。




Collected donations to Japan, 80 percent and former comfort women organizations Dokdo widely, Mamoru Mori action groups to 20 percent in Japan, Seoul Geumcheon

The idol group into the Japanese market and the recent boom in Korean, Japan and South Korea were said to be ill cats and dogs seem to have been completely eliminated. After an earthquake and the East, as well as the world's major nations, Japan was quick to help me move in Korea. 12th day after the quake sent a rescue team, the South Korean Red Cross collected donations of more than 100 million yen a day. ARS is widely developed in Korea by telephone fundraising system that in 2000 won a single call (150 yen) that Japan picked up the telephone for many people trying to raise money.
Initially staff were also Geumcheon Seoul, was well-intentioned people who were affected out of any respect for the Japanese. Geumcheon in a population of 600,000, has 63 people living in Japan too. We brainstormed about 1,000 district employees money, 12 million won (about 920 million yen) Takara Kiyoshi those gathered. Japan would have been remitted in full to accept what would otherwise Monaku. However, the end of March, which claimed Takeshima both Japan and South Korea (Korean name Dokdo) is a problem, the situation has become a focus renewed attention on results that showed the Japanese middle school textbooks.
PR director Geumcheon, says Mr. Shin Jeong. "To come out a number of opinion that there is no need to send donations in Japan show a hostile attitude and to adopt a middle school textbooks for all the content was fabricated and its territory Dokdo in April and 31 March 1 day 2 days, and for staff on how to use the [Japan] earthquake aid donations to the survey conducted. gathered responses from 30, 20 [percent] to use as idea, [Dokdo Mamoru Mori] to support the activities of 70%, 10% resulted in a much more "
Cha Sung-soo said the mayor Geumcheon April 5, with respect to the survey results, 20% of donations sent to Japan and Dokdo Mamoru Mori activist groups to 70%, and 10 percent of war victims or why ( comfort women yuan) announced to donate to organizations.


近年の韓流ブームやアイドルグループの日本進出により、犬猿の仲といわれた日韓のわだかまりはすっかり解消されたかのようだ。そして東日本大震災の 発生後、世界の主要国と同様に、韓国もいち早く日本支援に動いてくれた。震災翌日の12日には救助隊を派遣し、韓国の赤十字社には1日1億円以上の寄付が 集まった。韓国ではARSという電話での募金システムが普及しており、1回の電話で2000ウォン(約150円)の募金をしようと多くの人々が日本のため に受話器をとったという。

ソウル・衿川区の職員たちも当初は、被災した日本人を思いやってくれる善意の人たちだった。衿川区は人口60万人で、日本人も63人が在住している。約 1000人の区職員たちはお金を出し合い、1200万ウォン(約920万円)もの浄財が集まった。本来ならばそのまま何事もなく日本に全額送金されたこと だろう。しかし、3月末、日韓双方が領有権を主張する竹島(韓国名・独島)問題が、日本の中学教科書の検定結果が明らかになったことで再び注目を集める事 態になってしまった。

衿川区の広報課長、シン・ジョンイル氏が語る。「独島を自国領土と捏造した内容をすべての中学校教科書に採択するような敵対的な態度を見せる日本に義捐金 を送る必要などないという意見が多数出てきたため、3月31日と4月1日の2日間、職員を対象に『日本の地震被害支援募金の使用方法について』のアンケー トを実施しました。 30人から回答が集まり、『主旨通りに使う』が20%、『独島の守護活動を支援する』が70%、その他が10%という結果になりました」

衿川区長チャ・ソンス氏は4月5日、アンケート結果を尊重して、募金のうち20%を日本へ送り、70%を独島守護活動団体に、10%をなぜか戦争性被害者 (元従軍慰安婦)の団体に寄付することを発表した。


Koyuki (34) Kenichi Matsuyama's (26) marriage

Actress Koyuki (34) and actor Kenichi Matsuyama's (26) found that 19 were married.
According to the two agency said it had submitted earlier this month of marriage. The two movies open in 2009, "Kamui Gaiden" after co-star, had been dating.




Kuwait, Japan to grant 500 million barrels of crude oil

CAIRO - The Kuwaiti government - 18 Sato Masahiro, Japan as a power shortage due to earthquake protection East, 500 million barrels of crude oil (about 457 billion yen), or decided to Japan grants the equivalent petroleum-related products .

AFP reported that communication. Grants this much crude oil is the first time.

Kuwaiti Oil Minister Ahmad on June 18 about grants, "says show solidarity with Japan" and said the international conference on the oil market.

Oil imports of 365 million barrels per day in Japan (2009), the minutes of this provision greatly exceeds it.


 【カイロ=佐藤昌宏】クウェート政府は18日、東日本大震災に伴う日本の電力不足対策として、原油500万バレル(約457億円相当)か、それに 相当する石油関連製品を日本に無償供与すると決めた。




The call by name, but you love me why?

I met a lot of time facing a new life, "I can not remember the name" How many people would not have to scream? Speaking of names, I like trouble! found in the goo.
"Will you call her name"
■ ... going out for two weeks, but passage
The man asked. Name calling is not get lonely in her going out 2 weeks, even tell her that, despite the decision to call you to consult properly, we call on to make it still complained .
"Mail call ... but that made me," and complain against him,
"I'm embarrassed. In the two weeks. Please give my best I'm allowing the mail" (noname # 127928)
"You'd better not care. Some people like that" (ciu696's)
"I call a -. The more love will be reversed 呼Benaku" (peko_1982's)
"Until a person called the name of the person I dated, and takes time - I. The obvious one month two months! Also 呼Benakatta even after nearly half a year. I mean,呼Benakatta to break sometimes (laughs) "(speici's)
And, making her shy intervene more comments. The
"Call on me"
Consultation as well. Against this
"I decided to meet each other we also call you, remember that if you want to call 呼Benakatta think about it" (noname # 111635)
"If you can force to force, they could pull it, I think that extortion had better not! I hope you will like each other can be oneself" (hinomaru01's)
Such as "will be naturally called them" making a lot of comments that follow.
In this way, when I used fresh're going to gradually socially embarrassing 呼Benakatta two, of the "Hey" or "Hey," a story that is also becoming common. When the couple and also further reduces the opportunity to call each other names more and more, "Mom" "Dad" and so tends to change. "What we have is that the relationship deepens," some people "kind of lonely," I lamented both people.
■ Natural Techniques to impress
The proper name of the person calling is also very effective business communications.
When people are called names, "I still remember me well" to be genuinely happy, "says company ○ ○" than to talk to the person in the company name and fastened, "none other than towards you I am talking to "a polite attitude is transmitted.
"Yes, you in trouble, Mr ○ ○" "Ah, Mr. □ □, that reviews what happened?" And so on, and so deliberately inject up the nature and degree of good feeling in itself. Please try it!


新生活を迎えて一度にたくさんの人と知り合い、「名前を覚えきれない」と悲鳴を上げている人も多いのではないでしょうか?名前といえば、こんな悩みを教え て!gooの中で見つけました。



質問者は男性。付き合って2週間位の彼女に名前を呼んでもらえないのがさみしく、そのことを彼女にも伝え、ちゃんと相談して呼び方まで決めたにも かかわらず、いまだに呼んでもらえないことを嘆いています。





   「私も付き合った人の名前を呼べる様になるまで、と~っても時間がかかります。1か月・2か月は当たり前!半年近く経っても呼べなかったこ とも。っていうか、別れるまで呼べなかったこともありました(笑)」(speiciさん)





   「無理に強要したりすると、引いてしまう可能性があるので、強要はしないほうがいいと思いますよ!お互い自然体でいられるようになるといい ですね」(hinomaru01さん)


このように、つきあいたてのころは恥ずかしくて呼べなかったふたりも次第に慣れていき、そのうち「おい」とか「ねえ」になっていくというのもよく ある話。さらに夫婦ともなると、お互いの名前を呼ぶ機会はますます減り、「母さん」「パパ」などと変化しがち。「それが関係が深まるということだ」という 人も、「なんだかさみしい」と嘆く人も両方います。



人は名前を呼ばれると、「きちんと覚えてくれている」と純粋にうれしくなりますし、「○○社さん」と会社名でひとくくりにして話すのに比べて、 「他ならぬあなたに向かって話していますよ」という丁寧な姿勢が伝わります。

「それは困りましたね、○○さん」「あ、□□さん、あの件どうなりました?」などと、意識的に差し挟むようにすると、それだけで好感度が自然と アップします。ぜひ試してみてください!


Earthquake, "by the damage effects, " the company 83.2%

The earthquake occurred under the east, affected companies who will have or how much damage. I asked the private sector "business activities affected victims," ​​a company called that reached 83.2 percent, the survey found Labor government laboratory. Specifically, "due to power outages and gasoline shortages are indirectly affected" (63.2%) was most frequent, followed by "business activities in the affected disaster area where the major suppliers and sales that "(52.3 percent)," the company has offices in affected areas, damage to direct "(46.7%) followed this.
Are wages paid holiday time in rolling blackouts? For this question, "do not leave due to rolling blackouts," the company 49.0 percent. In addition, "wages paid in full as usual," 34.6% "do not pay wages and leave allowance" of 1.5 percent.
The relief money for "victims such as relief money is not" is 39.0%. "The traditional paid pursuant to (a)" is 26.2 percent, "which added to the traditional criteria (a)" is the result of 12.8%.
Response made it difficult for employees to go home earthquake ●
March 11 earthquake occurred east, made it difficult for companies to home workers or what measures will taken. "The facilities offer open house" (77.7%) was most frequent, followed by "unusual spent (such as taxi fares) was paid the full amount of transportation" (53.0 percent), "providing accommodation The mediation "(15.7%) followed this.
The survey by the Internet, people have responded 405 HR professionals working in the private sector. Study period from March 31 until March 28.


東日本大震災の発生を受け、被害や影響を受けた企業はどのくらいあるのだろうか。民間企業に聞いたところ「事業活動に被害・影響を受けた」という企業は 83.2%に達していることが、労務行政研究所の調査で分かった。具体的には「停電やガソリン不足などにより、間接的な影響を受けている」(63.2%) が最も多く、次いで「主要な仕入先・販売先が被災地にあり事業活動に影響を受けている」(52.3%)、「被災地に事業所があり、直接的な被害を受け た」(46.7%)と続いた。

 計画停電 で休業した時間の賃金を支払っていますか? この質問に対し「計画停電による休業は行っていない」企業は49.0%。このほか「賃金を通常どおりに全額支 払う」は34.6%、「賃金や休業手当は支払わない」のは1.5%だった。

 また災害見舞金について「災害見舞金になるような被災者はい ない」が39.0%。「従来の規定に基づき支給した(する)」が26.2%、「従来の基準に上乗せした(する)」が12.8%という結果に。

● 地震発生に帰宅が困難になった従業員への対応

 東日本大震災が発生した3月11日、帰宅が困難になった従業員に企業はどのような対応を とったのだろうか。「社内の施設・設備を開放・提供した」(77.7%)が最も多く、次いで「通常以外に要した(タクシー代など)交通費を全額支給し た」(53.0%)、「宿泊施設を提供・あっせんした」(15.7%)と続いた。

 インターネットによる調査で、民間企業で働く人事担当 者405人が回答した。調査期間は3月28日から3月31日まで。

Turnbull rejected the defendant's appeal, two six-month trial two years in prison

Last year, former actor Manabu Oshio defendant was sentenced to two years and six months prison sentence in the trial judge (32) On appeal, the Tokyo High Court on August 18, in favor of a lower court decision, the defendant appeals Oshio Reject the ruling.
Turnbull accused the synthetic drug "MDMA" life as a woman's failure to drink together, and last September, received a prison sentence of two years and six months in prison and four abandoned their responsibility for the protection, they appealed to Or.
Oshio defendants on appeal, the abandonment of their responsibility for the protection and pleaded not guilty MDMA handed over to women for the crime, had sought a sentence of probation with. In contrast, the Tokyo High Court ruling in 18 days, in favor of a lower court decision dismissed the appeal of the defendant Oshio.
18 Oshio defendant has not appeared in court, officials said, ruling on the "wait for the results, " he said that.


去年、裁判員裁判で懲役2年6か月の実刑判決を言い渡された元俳優・押尾学被告(32)の控訴審で、東京高裁は18日、一審判決を支持し、押尾被告側の控 訴を退ける判決を言い渡した。
 押尾被告は、合成麻薬「MDMA」を一緒に飲んだ女性の救命を怠ったとして、去年9月、保護責任者遺棄など4つの罪で懲役2年6か月の実刑判決 を受け、控訴していた。
 控訴審で押尾被告側は、保護責任者遺棄とMDMAを女性に譲り渡した罪について無罪を主張し、執行猶予つきの判決を求めていた。これに対し、東 京高裁は18日の控訴審判決で、一審判決を支持し、押尾被告側の控訴を退けた。

Unit 3 nuclear reactor building unmanned robot first

17, published a picture of unmanned robot goes inside the reactor building of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Unit 3.
It was put inside a robot from the high radiation dose, and entered the double doors open by remote control. Also looks like the back of the pipe.
The other robot to film in the collection of data such that the radiation dose and oxygen concentration will be used effectively for future work.




Government, we examine the current state of the most serious level 7

Nuclear Safety Commission of the Cabinet Office on July 11 about the nuclear accident 1, Fukushima, several hours from the start occurring, Becquerel Terra 000 per hour (Becquerel is the intensity of radioactivity. Terabekureru 1 becquerel 1 trillion) of radioactive material Was shown to release the opinion. The suspect is now down to about one per hour Terabekureru.

Tens of thousands Terabekureru International Nuclear Event Scale indicates the severity of nuclear accidents (INES) falls into the most serious level 7. Because this accident at the level equivalent to 7 hours of release, the government is currently trying to level five, hike into consideration. Level 7 accidents have occurred in the past 86 years of Chernobyl accident.

INES from the lower level from level 0 to 8 are classified in seven stages. From Three Mile Island accident (1979, USA) Level 5, occurred JCO criticality accident in Tokai-mura, Ibaraki Prefecture (1999) have been level four.


内閣府の原子力安全委員会は11日、福島第1原発事故について、発生当初から数時間、1時間当たり最大1万テラベクレル(ベクレルは放射能の強さ。 1テラベクレルは1兆ベクレル)の放射性物質を放出していたとの見解を示した。現在は1時間当たり1テラベクレルほどまで落ちているとみている。
 数万テラベクレルは原発事故の深刻度を示す国際原子力事象評価尺度(INES)の最も深刻なレベル7にあたる。今回の事故は数時間の放出 でレベル7に相当するため、現在レベル5としている政府は、引き上げの検討に入った。過去に発生したレベル7の事故には86年のチェルノブイリ原発事故が ある。

 INESは、程度の低い方から、レベル0~7の8段階に分類している。スリーマイル島原発事故(79年、米国)はレベル5、茨城県東海村 で起きたJCO臨界事故(99年)はレベル4とされている。

490 million yen in fines Ntsukou-International air freight cartel - Australia

Hitting current affairs - Sydney - Australia's Fair Trade Commission ACCC price cartel lawsuit brought on international air freight brought against Japan Airlines, the Australian federal court yesterday, 550 million U.S. dollars Ntsukou Australia (approximately 490 million Yen), ordered to pay fines.

The ACCC, from 2003 through 2006 and other airlines JAL Fuel Surcharge (Surcharge), arrangements were made ​​such claims.


 【シドニー時事】オーストラリアの公正取引委員会に当たるACCCが日本航空を相手取って起こした国際航空貨物運賃に関する価格カルテル訴訟で、 豪連邦裁判所は11日、豪州日航に550万豪ドル(約4億9000万円)の罰金支払いを命じた。

 ACCCは、日航や他の航空会社が2003年から06年にかけて、燃油特別付加運賃(燃油サーチャージ)などの取り決めを行ったと主張し ていた。 


separating government power generation and transmission, a leading integrated study

Toukyoudenryoku related to public support for nuclear power accident in the first serious Fukushima separating the power sector and power sector in the government TEPCO, and power companies plan to integrate the process with other major power sector 04 that have emerged, according to sources. TEPCO damages is expected to leak radioactive material in a massive nuclear accident in Fukushima. The government compensation for completeness and to the evacuation of residents near nuclear power plants in order to stabilize power supply, the policy under control investor in TEPCO. But "the only public funds to bail out a serious accident TEPCO is not to convince the public" (government official), and sees, the proposed separation process emerged.
Would give power companies for integration into other separation and TEPCO, could lead to post-war reorganization of the power to have a virtual monopoly electricity transmission business from the 10 largest regional power generation by power.
Among the 10 companies, TEPCO commanding lead in the presence of about 5 trillion yen in sales Kansaidenryoku twice, interest-bearing debt of about 7.5 trillion yen at the end of last year. The damages paid by the insolvent is expected to amount to several trillion yen in the process and ensure Fukushima nuclear power plant, TEPCO government to prevent the collapse, under control policy to consolidate the public temporarily funded The.
However, prolonged administration of the public to avoid the idea that we study the final treatment plan. That relief in public funds the government is also expected public backlash, the government "(the final treatment after breaking away public management is) of which survived without signs of TEPCO difficult" (muscle residence), the view of inclined to.
In addition, other power companies to integrate the whole has been pointed out too large in scale. Therefore, the government has to separate departments and transmission power sector "separation electric ships" crossing, and will be merged with the Electric Power sector transmission power "East" and plan to and will be integrated with Kansaidenryoku No. 2, promoting the unity of different power frequency east and west have been discussed and proposed to build a system linking long-term stable supply of electricity. [Misawa Kouhei;
[Word] sending electrical isolation
The electricity business and power companies do consistently TEPCO "power" and "transmission" separated by function, such as having carried out different businesses. Power companies pay royalties to the company's transmission power grid, supplying electricity to homes and businesses. If realized, the power grid and to use fair terms to the power generation business also newcomers such as steel companies, the activation of electricity market competition. Pointed out that lead to the promotion of renewable energy such as solar electricity rates and lower prices.


福島第1原発で深刻な事故を起こした東京電力への公的支援に関連し、政府内で東電を発電部門と送電部門に分離し、送電部門を他の大手電力会社などに 統合する処理案が浮上していることが4日、明らかになった。東電は福島原発事故の放射性物質の漏えいで巨額の損害賠償が見込まれる。政府は原発周辺の避難 住民らへの賠償に万全を期すとともに、電力供給の安定を図るため、東電に出資して管理下に置く方針。しかし「深刻な事故を起こした東電を公的資金で救済す るだけでは、国民の理解が得られない」(政府筋)と見ており、分離処理案が浮上した。
 東電の分離と他の電力会社への統合が実現すれば、電力大手10社が地域ごとに発電から送電まで電力事業を事実上独占する戦後の電力体制の 再編につながる可能性がある。

 10社の中でも、東電は売上高が関西電力の約2倍の約5兆円と断トツの存在で、昨年末時点で約7兆5000億円の有利子負債を抱える。福 島原発の処理や数兆円にのぼると見込まれる損害賠償負担で経営が悪化するのは確実で、政府は東電破綻を防ぐため、出資して一時的に公的管理下に置く方針を 固めている。

 ただ、公的管理の長期化は避けたい考えで、最終処理策の検討も進めている。政府が公的資金で救済することには国民の反発も予想され、政府 は「(公的管理脱却後の最終処理では)東電の看板のまま存続させるのは難しい」(官邸筋)との見方に傾いている。

 また、丸ごと他の電力会社に統合するには規模が大き過ぎるとの指摘もある。このため、政府内では発電部門と送電部門を分離する「発送電分 離」に踏み切り、送電部門を東北電力と合併させて「東日本電力」とする案や、ナンバー2の関西電力と統合させて、東西で異なる電力の周波数の統一を進め、 長期的な電力の安定供給体制の構築につなげる案などが議論されている。【三沢耕平】


 東電など電力会社が一貫して行う電力事業を「発電」と「送電」などの機能別に分離し、それぞれ別の事業者に行わせること。発電会社は送電 会社に送電線網の使用料を払い、家庭や企業に電力を供給する。実現すれば、鉄鋼会社など発電事業への新規参入組も公平な条件で送電線網が使えるようにな り、電力市場の競争が活発化。電気料金の値下げや太陽光発電など再生可能エネルギーの普及促進につながると指摘される。

The effect of yoga on arrhythmias, also reduces risk by half-American Studies Depression

Reuters New Orleans 2] is widely known as yoga lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, we found that halving the risk of arrhythmia. American College of Cardiology (ACC) were announced at the annual meeting of the new research results.
This research is a type of arrhythmia often seen in older people, those first examined the effects of yoga on atrial fibrillation. As a result, the other half by the number of cases of atrial fibrillation yoga, revealed that also reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression associated with atrial fibrillation.
Associate Professor, University of Kansas Hospital, who led the study, Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy Ph.D. "Many of the current common treatment for atrial fibrillation (a large burden on the body) to be unwanted side effects of medications and invasive treatment From (indicated by the effect of yoga is) an important discovery, "he said.
And lower cost due to Dr Effectiveness of yoga incorporate yoga and other treatments as part of atrial fibrillation and other arrhythmias, the results of this study support the need for further investigation of the patient said so far continue to continue treatment.
In the present study is performed in 49 patients with cardiac arrhythmias not intended for people who experience physical limitations without yoga, was measured after six months the number of arrhythmia research group at the hospital. Patients performed the first three months of their favorite exercise, participated in the last three months, three times a week 45-minute yoga programs under the guidance of professional, recommended by yoga at home.
On the other hand the number of arrhythmias recorded throughout experiments monitor the patient anxiety and depression, said in a short survey on the overall quality of life.
As a result, on average, to half the number of arrhythmias, it was also significantly reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression.


[ニューオーリンズ 2日 ロイター] 血圧やコレステロールを下げるとして広く知られているヨガが、不整脈のリスクを半減させることが分かった。 米国心臓病学会(ACC)の年次会合で新たな研究結果が発表された。
 今回の研究は、高齢者に多く見られる不整脈の一種、心房細動に対するヨガの効果を初めて調べたもの。その結果、ヨガにより心房細動の件数 が半減したほか、心房細動に関連する不安やうつの症状も軽減したことが明らかになった。

 研究を指揮したカンザス大学病院の准教授、Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy博士は「心房細動に対する現在の一般的な治療の多くが(体に負担の大きい)侵襲性治療や望まぬ副作用のある薬物治療であることか ら、(ヨガの効果が示されたことは)重要な発見だ」と述べた。

 博士はヨガのもたらす効果や低いコストを理由に、心房細動やほかの不整脈の治療の一環としてヨガを取り入れるべきとする一方、今回の研究 結果を裏付けるには一段の調査が必要とし、患者は引き続きこれまでの治療を続けるべきと述べた。

 今回の研究では、身体的制約がなくヨガの経験もない不整脈患者49人を対象に行われ、病院の調査グループが不整脈の件数を半年後に測定し た。患者は最初の3カ月間は自分の好きな運動を行い、後半3カ月はプロの指導の下で45分間のヨガプログラムに週3回参加し、自宅でのヨガも推奨された。