The popular women to men "doing everyday activities unconscious patterns " 9

Character and appearance and character of people is infinite variety, especially "man is popular with women" is, seems to have some common behavior patterns. Going to have her unconscious from their daily actions "to attract men," is there a pattern you like? This time, based on the findings of Sugoren male readers, "a popular maneveryday activities [a woman doing unconsciously pattern] 9 "Introducing.

[1] a man familiar surname. "I would feel like an intimate relationship may be intimate contact with here" (his twenties), as the opinion that, by surname of the man, Frank, it becomes easier to build a close relationship seems. However, care must be taken would feel uncomfortable with the inclusion of the other nicknames.

[2] to hear during a conversation with a smile. "Women listen to me with a smile, speak with confidence is a good topic is trivial" (males aged 10), such as casual conversations can be done with a smile, relaxed man is able to speak. Still seems too good to listen to women's points.

[3] that can be organized around us. "Women can feel beautiful and clean up your heart" (Male 30s) as a notion, a family man attracted to women is like a lot can be organized. Desks at work, always ready to keep their surroundings may be a kind of grooming.

[4] and during the conversation, a little closer distance. "She speaks with a slight little closer look, the heartwarming feeling like a bit of natural" (Male 20s), including actions to reduce the sense of distance during a conversation partner is like a man relax. I want to do would be valid against casually with a sense of intimacy.

[5] a lot of physical contact such as touching a shoulder or arm. "[My mind that maybe, perhaps?] To become conscious of and sensitive" (20 men), such as physical contact in a casual conversation has the effect of psychological sense of distance shortened with men seems. However, to avoid misunderstanding, there will need to choose a partner.

[6] for men jokes, mu meddled immediately. "Women feel smart funny story. Nde me happy and often meddled in the blur of rhythm here" (Male 20s), including the clever catch the conversation for women, men seem to feel companionable. Nice guy as well, looks good and learn to articulate the story spread.

[7] tying long hair, a gesture that hang on the ear. "Sexy gesture. Comes closer to the ear and neck usually invisible" (20 men) of the opinion that as, long hair is one of the symbols of femininity. To deal with hair casually gesture, seems to appeal to men of women.

[8] To the sleepy look tired. "The feeling can not hide how tired I will assume TRON eyes, cute why" (males aged 10) as the opinion that, the situation will expose the face honestly the condition of the body, the men seem cute seems. May be highly effective in men with her brother sister type.

[9] men listen to up-from-under look. "I think up-from-under look women's arms. Well knew that in my head, pounding on 逆Raezu" (Male 20s), such as women's "up-from-under look" seems to be more vulnerable to a man. When you hear the story, of course, also when the position to ask here, we'd take advantage.

Men seem friendly and appealing to women in such action. In addition, "the popular women men doing everyday activities [unconscious]" If there is, please let me know.We welcome your comments everyone.


人の容姿や性格といったキャラクターは千差万別ですが、なかでも「男性に人気がある女性」には、ある種の共通の行動パターンがあるように思えます。そんな彼女たちが日ごろから無意識に行っている「男性を惹きつける行動」には、どんなパターンがあるのでしょうか? 今回は、スゴレン男性読者への調査結果をもとに、「男性に人気のある女性が『無意識に行っている日常的な行動』9パターン」をご紹介します。 











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