Suspicion of < housewife uncertain Kannada > former NHK consignment cameraman arrest illegal disposal of a body

By the case that dilapidated house 8, housewife, Haruna Fukuda (27 years old) were discovered dead in Kanazawa-shi that became missing the Ishikawa prefectural police Kanazawa west station investigation headquarters on 28th with an acquaintance of Fukuda former NHK trust photographer, Yasushi Wako your suspect (announced that arrested three shares of 35 )= Kanazawa-shi-cho = for the abandonment of a corpse charge.) According to the investigation headquarters, it is said that I deny the charge when I do not "remember that I abandoned" you. The investigation headquarters consider that there is a possibility that I participated in killing of Fukuda and push forward the investigation.

It is said to have buried a corpse of Fukuda in the shore of the Nadamachi Japanese radish cloth in Ishikawa on about February 6 the arrest charge.

Fukuda was approached with long investment talk by suspect Wako and I left about 8,000,000 yen and seem to have asked it for assets use. I was not able to take communication with I gave the name of suspect Wako to parents in the night of 6th in February when I became missing, and I said that I "went to have you pay money", and having gone out by car.

The investigation headquarters interviewed suspect Wako for an option on 17th, but I attempted suicide on the next day and reopened an interview from 21st when a condition was restored.

A bloodstain is left to the car of suspect Wako whom I confiscated and accords with DNA type of Fukuda. Continued searching it at the shopping center outskirts in Kanazawa-shi where a car of Fukuda was left and discovered a corpse buried in the sandy beach on 24th. The cause of death was a hemorrhagic shock by having been stabbed in a neck with a knife. 【I run, and Azusa Miyajima sail, Miyamoto are flat】


行方不明になっていた金沢市上荒屋8、主婦、福田春奈さん(当時27歳)が遺体で発見された事件で、石川県警金沢西署捜査本部は28日、福田さんの 知人で元NHK委託カメラマン、若生康貴容疑者(35)=金沢市三口町=を死体遺棄容疑で逮捕したと発表した。捜査本部によると、「遺棄した覚えはありま せん」と容疑を否認しているという。捜査本部は福田さんの殺害にも関与した可能性があるとみて調べを進める。
逮捕容疑は、2月6 日ごろ、福田さんの遺体を石川県内灘町大根布の海岸に埋めた、とされる。

福田さんは若生容疑者から高配当の投資話を持ちかけら れ、約800万円を預けて資産運用を依頼していたらしい。行方不明となった2月6日夜、両親に若生容疑者の名を挙げ「お金を返してもらいに行く」と言って 乗用車で外出したまま、連絡が取れなくなった。

捜査本部は17日に任意で若生容疑者から事情聴取をしたが、翌日に自殺を図り、容 体が回復した21日から事情聴取を再開していた。

押収した若生容疑者の車には血痕が残り、福田さんのDNA型と一致。福田さんの 乗用車が放置されていた金沢市内のショッピングセンター周辺などで捜索を続け、24日に砂浜に埋められた遺体を発見した。死因は刃物で首を刺されたことに よる出血性ショックだった。【宮嶋梓帆、宮本翔平】

Sochi Winter Games mascot decision

Decided on April 26 at the official mascot of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia is 14 years. The mascot was chosen as the "snow leopard", "polar bears" "hare," modeled after the three. Work of more than 4,000 entries, 20,000 citizens from being decided by popular vote as the remaining finalists. Both live in Russia, three animal motifs are familiar to the public, "polar bear" was adopted as a mascot at the Moscow Olympics. The most popular was the "snow leopard" Putin before the vote is "strong and quick, beautiful," was cited as a favorite.



China also called for democracy demonstrations, civil unions

Following the massive anti-government protests in the Middle East, in China, which calls for pro-democracy rally seeking 27 days following the September 20, citizens gathered was taken to the police.
"Jasmine Revolution" China calls for meeting 27 days demo, called the 20 days that followed. In Shanghai, police officers are located throughout the downtown area, a Japanese cameraman was forced draft and Chinese men were working to cover.
Even many Muslims living in Xinjiang as the Middle East, or to problems that affect people, the authorities laid strict alert.
In Beijing, foreign media reporters on the call to the authorities, "covering the outside of the organization must agree to the government," explained the view that. Measures aimed at likely regulatory coverage.
In China, the Japanese Diet from the NPC falls on March 5 (= NPC) is held. Before the tournament set a goal of the turning point of the policy the next five years, say authorities have been sensitive to any 封Ji込Meyou to spread the revolution by force in the Middle East.







Academy Award Best 25 successive presentations. First place?

[Movies. Com news] the eve of the 83rd Annual Academy Awards ceremony, the U.S. film site Moviefone, and picked the 25 best works from among the 82 former award-winning work.
Was ranked first in the immortal classic starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman "Casablanca" (1942). The 16th Academy Awards Best Picture, Best Director (Michael Curtiz), Best Screenplay winner. The site is "Casablanca" on the reasons for choosing, "after seeing this movie, I wonder if people do not fall in love with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, or" that comment.
The best 25 are as follows (in parentheses in production / time winner).
1. "Casablanca" (42 / 16th) 2. "The Godfather" (72 / 45th) 3. "Annie Hall" (77 / 50th) 4. "The Godfather PARTII" (74 / 47th) 5. "Hatoba" (54 / 27TH) 6. "Lawrence of Arabia" (62 / 35 th) 7. "Schindler's List" (93 / 66 th) 8. "The Apartment" (60 / 33 times) 9. "Silence of the Lambs" (91 / 64 th) 10. "Gone with the Wind" (39 / 12th) 11. "All About Eve" (50 / 23th) 12. "The Bridge on the River Kwai" (57 / 30TH) 13. "It Happened One Night" (34 / Part 7) 14. "The Sound of Music" (65 / 38th) 15. "Deer Hunter" (78 / 51th) 16. "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" (75 / 48th) 17. "My Fair Lady" (64 / 37th) 18. "The French Connection" (71 / 44th) 19. "Terms of Endearment" (83 / 56th) 20. "No Country" (07 / 80th) 21. "In the Heat of the Night" (67 / 40th) 22. "Unforgiven" (92 / 65TH) 23. "The Departed" (06 / 79th) 24. "Rocky" (76 / 49th) 25. "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" (03 / 76th)


 [映画.com ニュース] 第83回アカデミー賞の授賞式を目前に控え、米映画サイトMoviefoneが、同作品賞を受賞した歴代82作品のなかからベスト25を選び出した。 



25.「ロード・オブ・ザ・リング 王の帰還」(03/第76回)

Gaddafi dismissed the UN resolution on Libya, "the defeated opposition"

Reuters Belgrade 27] Libyan leader Gaddafi on April 27 about a new sanctions resolution against Libya adopted by the UN Security Council, "press reports and decisions", and disable worthless it was dismissed.
UN Security Council on March 26 unanimously adopted a resolution to impose sanctions and travel ban and assets freeze on Gaddafi and their families. In addition to the arms embargo on Libya, the International Criminal Court over the crackdown demo (ICC) also incorporates reference and investigation.
In contrast, Gaddafi has an interview with Serbian television station in a pink phone, "unless attacked by another country, the United Nations is not allowed to intervene," he said. "The people of Libya have supported him. A small dissident group under siege, would lose," he said.
Oosa said, interviewed at his office that the Libyan capital Tripoli.


[ベオグラード 27日 ロイター] リビアの最高指導者カダフィ大佐は27日、国連安全保障理事会が採択した新たな対リビア制裁決議について、「新聞報道などに基づいた意思決定」であり、無価値で無効だと一蹴した。




3 minutes Cooking appeared 49 years after the first broadcast application

Hisashi Hisashi cooking show Cooking, which started in 1963 QP] 3 minutes (last Sat - Mon 11:45 - NTV) is 28 today from iPhone, iPad will be delivered as an application in AppStore for free. Half a century in the history, with a focus on television and show the text of the monthly magazine, Web programs have continued to publish the information according to age and development, chose to Next Stage app.Currently, the site the public can share the recipes recipe pad "Cook" and, on the Web site exists among a variety of recipes, a full-scale war as a set of application programming is finally established.
The application also can see the recipe recently aired 3000, more new recipes one after the broadcast progresses, the moon will be broadcast images of food on that day - will be updated on Saturday morning. Like hamburgers and pasta cooking "classic" from dealing with seasonal ingredients, "food category," a selection of dishes from the recipes recommended by program staff in the past referred to "Featured Recipe" and search by cuisine Specialty possible. The show's original BGM through the "kitchen timer" feature is also included.
Only hardcore fans because the show has reached a 49-year broadcasting for several years and the "lunch box boys" and as the word boom, the youth arm of pride in wielding cook the food tends to increase regardless of gender say. Among those following the public a taste of home consumers, the emergence of a professional recipe collection full of tips if you still feel like something's cooking. There freely available and likely to trend even after the release of buzz around and downloads.


1963年にスタートした長寿料理番組『キューピー3分クッキング』(日本テレビ系 月~土・前11:45~)が、きょう28日よりiPhone、iPad向けのアプリケーションとしてAppStoreで無料配信される。約半世紀にわたる歴史の中で、テレビ放送を中心とし、番組テキストの月間雑誌化や、Web展開など時代に合わせて情報公開を続けてきた同番組が、ネクストステージに選んだのがアプリ。現在、一般人がレシピを公開する料理レシピサイト“クックパッド”など、ウェブ上ではさまざまなレシピサイトが存在するなかで、老舗組の同番組がいよいよアプリに本格参戦する。 



It should be noted that Japan, which trends in Egypt

North Africa, agricultural burning agricultural burning demonstrations against the dictatorship in the Middle East, and Masashi Ou (Liaoyuan) is spreading like fire.Tunisia, Jordan, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, Algeria, Yemen, Iran, Morocco. Facebook used to organize demonstrations and the people, by the government to monitor dissident at a time. On the other hand it is made clear that the power of the network society, after defeating the government, but not see or liquidate if Naka Naka.
And destabilize the Middle East and North Africa region through rapidly as it comes out where the various effects. One is oil. Already, New York WTI (West Texas Intermediate: oil prices are an indicator of global attention) seed oil market is approaching 100 dollars a barrel. In London, Brent North Sea broke through 110 U.S. dollars.
● What oil crisis again
But the market after all those changes (that reached 100 dollars a few years ago in New York), this is such a change and think of different nature. The problem is, as shown in the report that the refinery shut down some operations in Libya, but to stop the political turmoil in oil production or shipment. Libya to stop functioning if the oil-producing countries of the world's eighth largest, and the world may experience panic and line up like the oil shocks of the past.
The so-called first oil shock, in the wake of the Yom Kippur War took place in 1973 and gradually increase the oil-producing countries of the Persian Gulf oil, reduce production occurred due to the embargo took a more pro-Israel countries It was taken by the United curb aggregate demand, the inflation rate was to be accompanied by a rise in energy prices. The second oil shock in 1979. That led to Iran's Islamic revolution against Parebi dynasty. Iran has suspended production of large oil-producing countries, tight supply and demand in Japan was buying large quantities of crude oil from Iran (Hippaku) was to be.
All you need to focus on Iran's case, pro-American regime and the regime before the revolution, and later became anti-American revolution is that (ironically for the United States and Iran in the Middle East and North Africa has become the most democratic country.) There were massive anti-government demonstrations in the capital Tehran, Iran, enough power to overthrow the regime does not. Have been active dissidents have also demonstrated around the 2009 presidential election, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is reelected. Support of local farmers around the current president is strong.
Iran and Egypt as if, if that be the anti-American government from the pro-American government, is an important one for the United States. Energy is not the problem, because Israel has signed peace treaties with Egypt. The following parties take power if it comes to Islamic fundamentalist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood for example, will jeopardize the peace treaty with Israel is not just anti-American, the Middle East situation is worsening at a stretch.
If we look at trends in Egypt, but at first, but protesters were pressuring the police look like attacks on the dissident forces Mubarak supporters, was to calm down the situation. Now has the military seized power temporarily, and are preparing to connect the next administration. Anti-government activities began long before this time, President Hosni Mubarak and the military was engaged in a struggle behind the scenes on issues surrounding the transition. And the military is using the group mainly young people looking for democracy, which succeeded in holding the reins of power transition. The U.S. military has succeeded in this transition, while incorporating the requirements of democratic groups, are expecting the birth of a stable pro-American government in the election. Optimism is still not permitted, so far "of Iran," I think that is higher might be avoided (it passed the warships of Iran the Suez Canal after, whether it leads to that change of attitude in Egypt point is worrisome.)
● focus on developments in Egypt
Another focus will Saudi Arabia. What to say, the biggest oil producing country at the same time, the Saudi royal family is a powerful pro-American. Saudi war on Iraq without the cooperation of the Gulf War it was impossible to even begin. Saudi democracy means just that far behind. But the Saudi royal family, the popular discontent Yawaragerubeku, social revolution has begun, something that the royal family to join forces to overthrow the opposition is unlikely to happen soon.Depending on trends in other Arab countries still might emerge again the question of pro-American stance Teru Yasushi far as the Saudi royal family ever.
Right now, we must pay attention to what seems to be the trend in Japan in Egypt.Even though many, because Egypt is the largest Shino Shigeru whether to stabilize the Middle East.
90 Japan's dependence on Middle East oil has reached Anyway% be surprised too.Time of the Gulf War, the early 1990s that is why about 70% to 90% dependence on Middle East was also what was. METI has been thinking about what energy security.Even though the risk is that the principles of risk management, distributed or had forgotten it, too.
Russia has already, in anticipation of a tight energy supply and demand, the energy went to Europe to negotiate Putin (Russia's official reason the EU and Russia, the WTO and trade issues of membership issues.) Europe and Russia over natural gas is severely at odds, Europe was moving in the direction of lowering the dependence on Russia. But it was the trump card over North Africa, North Africa and the instability of the composition would knock the bottom out of those in Europe. Putin is exploiting that opening. Energy is now negotiating with Russia because a very strong position.
If you want to hurry if the diversification of energy sources that Japan is the leading candidate for Russia. In fact, the development of Sakhalin were also joined by Japanese companies. If that happens in Japan with Prime Minister Putin must 渡Ri合Wanakere sturdy. But in the Far East, China and Russia, there is a gas guzzling energy as crude oil and 引Ki取Ri手. In that sense, Japan is not much off bills.Moreover Minsyutou poor diplomacy. "Heinous act of violence" in word only, such as Kan and ballsy that Putin would have been hand tweaked Monaku also a black belt in judo, is unfortunately clear. [Huzita Masami, Business Media, Makoto;



 これだけ急激に北アフリカから中東にかけての地域が不安定化すると、さまざまなところに影響が出てくる。1つは石油だ。すでにニューヨークのWTI(West Texas Intermediate:世界的に注目される原油価格の指標)の油種相場は1バレル100ドルに近づきつつある。ロンドンでは北海ブレントが110ドルを突破した。












 日本がもしエネルギー源の多様化を急ごうと思えば、その有力な候補はロシアだ。実際、サハリンでの開発には日本企業も参加していた。そうなれば日本はしたたかなプーチン首相と渡り合わなければならない。しかし極東地域では、ロシアには原油やガスの引き取り手としてエネルギーをがぶ飲みする中国が存在する。その意味で、日本が切れる札はそれほど多くない。しかも民主党は外交下手。「許し難い暴挙」などと言葉だけは威勢のいい菅首相では柔道の黒帯でもあるプーチンに手もなくひねられてしまうことは、残念ながらはっきりしている。【藤田正美,Business Media 誠】


Apple also announced a non-point improvement? The new MacBook Pro ... report released degradation

The new terminal is famous iFixit disassembly report, but the new date was announced immediately 24 "MacBook Pro" to decompose, they report the pattern.The subject of this report, the quad-core Core i7 equipped with 15.4-in. "MacBook Pro".
To make sure of the bottom of the first panel and batteries, but capacity is 77.5 watt-hour was the same as in previous models, Apple has published specs, the predecessor of 8 - and 9 decreased to 7 hours, iFixit in "the performance itself or fallen, or are reserved for public figures, Apple is not certain" that this. Battery or a separation tool spatulate Spudger by using, PC has become possible to block the current, without removing it from the time of the repair design is convenient to consider that the current is cut off must be has become.
Apple is a wireless LAN announcement about the specifics of performance improvement, but not the result of decomposition, the radio is equipped with LAN has increased to four from three traditional number of the card's antenna, the company "Apple points may not improve the public "has to. Electromagnetic shielding is removed followed by soldering, 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands at the band, made by Broadcom wireless controller to transmit and receive data "BCM4331" has been installed, iFixit, "and the data stream resulting increase in the number of antennas, comprehensive wireless LAN has become faster and be able to cover the area, "said.
Was released in April 2004 Core i5 equipped with 15.4-in. "MacBook Pro" is, CPU and GPU was installed units only one large heat sink for cooling, in this model, in addition to the large heat sink on the main The two groups have mounted a small heat sink. However CPU · GPU thermal paste which is spread over a large number of the company, whether caused by excessive heat this spec, which will become apparent to the advantage of going to the future.
The company removed the bottom panel and the tendency to evaluate the ease of access and Battery Connector, this "MacBook Pro" ease of repair (Ripeabiriti), and it has seven points in 10-point scale .


新端末の分解レポートで有名なiFixitだが、早速24日に発表された新型「MacBook Pro」を分解し、その模様をレポートしている。今回のレポートの対象は、クアッドコアのCore i7を搭載した15.4型「MacBook Pro」。



 昨年4月に発売されたCore i5搭載の15.4型「MacBook Pro」には、CPUとGPU冷却用の大型ヒートシンクが1基のみ搭載されていたが、今回のモデルでは、メインの大型ヒートシンクのほかに小型ヒートシンクが2基搭載されている。ただしCPU・GPU上に大量のサーマルペーストが塗布されており、同社は、このスペックで過剰な発熱が起こるかどうかは、今後利用していくうちに明らかになるだろうとしている。

 同社は、底パネルの取り外しやすさや、バッテリーコネクターへのアクセスのしやすさなどを評価し、この「MacBook Pro」の修理のしやすさ(リペアビリティ)を、10点満点中7点だとしている。

Current Yeonpyeong island residents three months of shelling South Korea

Bombarded the island for only three months after the incident Yeonpyeong Korea by North Korea. The graduation ceremony is performed and the only school in the island, some residents interviewed regaining the status of everyday life.
21 Yeonpyeong elementary school in the heart of the island, a joint graduation ceremony from kindergarten through high school, leave the nest and 41 students from the school.
Elementary school classroom blackboard, that the date had been left to the fire.Temporarily left the island but all children, to welcome a familiar school graduation, I returned to the island every 41 people. On this day, friends who graduated from elementary school Boku Motoaki (12), the refuge is not a new friend, glad you can talk with your graduate school.
Akira Hazime's house received a direct hit from artillery shells. Akira Hazime but who's to guide the field, look to your room it was not.
The temporary housing was built in the grounds of the school, has started a new life of the family's Akira Hazime. However, Sunao Megumi's mother Jo (47) is "interested not have anything. There is no desire or hope. That is the job for her husband, I no place else to go," he said, accepting reality is trying to take some time.
We have three months from the incident, to be at the forefront of North and South Island, about 60% of the population has returned. But gunfire still has cast a dark shadow over the lives of residents.








People do not talk at dinner with friends

I think the culture there is so little work has been more and more opportunities to communicate with colleagues. Drinking session, to deepen communication, opportunities to strengthen relationships. Why the drinking session to participate actively? The impression was so good that some people, it may be surprising and perhaps a good place.
The drinking and who have never talked too much talk about?
But according to face it ... not much to talk about. What should I know about the other party and such. As a common topic, but some people might think of a story about the company or work, and talk about business is safe in drinking session avoided.
Some people frown on you to talk business over drinks your "guy drink and voiceless" because some people interpret and so on. If you need to become the topic of work is not intentionally avoid the topic of work from my shake is better idea.
Drinking and recommended topics are the subject of a private little bland. First entered the venue (food and liquor) to the topic starter, you can start a conversation with a natural slide if you ask to talk private.
For example: "What is it when you drink beer at home?" "It is an appetizing dish. You do have likes and dislikes?"
Pick a topic that can be seen to associate with something in common, you can start talking to people and never smooth in the usual story.
When the distance between the opponent Chidjimetai
Is awaited from, what are you drinking in the distance and the other terrestrial Metai.To do so, in conversation, "self-disclosure" be made effective. "Actually, good food," "may have dumped sake of thirst," and, by his own private little disclosure will be easier to talk about the psychological state of his own party. 
Your drinking is so easy to talk to the atmosphere, especially around the talk should be easy to think they both were good. Please provide a closer opportunity to show the attitude of his heart first opened.
I want to watch out for when the self-disclosure, the length of the story and topic selection. Such horror stories and would pull the other person to disclose such a poor self image, please be careful. The drinking, the story is what is remembered myself than I thought.
In addition, a long conversation about my NG is all. Watch out for talking too much.After it has been carelessly about wine tend to be longer. After the self-disclosure and without hesitation, "says ○ ○ What is wrong?" To finish the question if you like, play around a listener balance.
"When I first saw ○ ○ director for the exciting and scary I wonder how many people (in fact it was a giving person)" The kind that people can talk about in that place is OK.The course is limited positive content, is one of the exciting topics.
In his discussion of interesting to everyone. Topics such as Iiau first impression, mixed in with everyone because each participant, speaking on the contents when in trouble please try it out. Work as well as drinking, drinking in Moriagarimasu joint and private.
■ NG on the subject of drinking? □ Negative words The cardinal rule of the complaint or say bad things are. Means a person who complains of abuse and work with the company I do not think drinking. Is often overlooked, such as cooking for small venues and abuse. But not much content, "He did not say negative things," Please be careful because sometimes the impression that they left.
□ dissatisfaction on the job Drinking with the boss have a chance to talk longer than usual. It may sometimes convey the frustration on the job, the rent is 考Emono power of alcohol. Delicate subject, we consider the well configuration, another chance to talk to the words chosen.
□ talk down his own image And horror stories in the saga of liquor is interesting, "He might have untidy place," and so on, may be way down the image and evaluation. Choose topics that are so sweet and drunk, it may be good idea to organize a talk at a time when sober.
Work-related drinking, drinking and everyday is different. So as not to lower the ratings from around, I would like to note the topics chosen. 
■ "informal" is said to be rude and do not
The word in a dictionary and look informal, written and party do not care about status and position. However, the results point to drink without worrying about a fun fact, some said the case was later Me bad.
Informal term, not as the dictionary meaning of "private conversations while drinking a well poured drinks for my boss," It seems better to understand this. "Today is informal because" it is said, we kind of greeting, and enjoying an adult manner forget about politeness.
■ opportunity to change the drinking
Drinking is certainly the time is taken private, there should be less careful point.However, to deepen communication and the drinking session, usually also a great chance not to appeal.
And the language you are studying and working on a volunteer, please talk to if that means other than hard work. Sometimes the way down to image and evaluate the negative talk, and talk up a bit of drinking in the image, often a lead evaluation.Anyone who is working on "Sports has the power to pull out the spear" and that it can appeal, as well as hobby, "a concentration" that may lead to appeal.
Indulgent, and hen-pecked husband, why not speak to private. In psychology, and usually show a side show, is said to have a sense of intimacy is easier. It is also recommended that I speak of and appreciation and respect to superiors and colleagues. Would be taken as a compliment that work will be rather impressed if you casually talk about drinking alcohol in the seat.
Committee welcomed the season farewell. Manner while protecting the precious opportunity, so please enjoy a positive advantage.


























N700 made public meeting first drive of the vehicle system

26, all lines were opened two weeks of Kyushu Shinkansen, Shinkansen through train "Mizuho" "Sakura" is used for meeting the N700 series first drive of the vehicle for the general public, JR Hakata - was between Kumamoto. Draw ratio of 23.2 times the "narrow gate" was, the lucky fans who 引Ki当Teta railway, new vehicles have enjoyed the journey a little early. Society also has 27 rides, a total of 29 runs down in two days.
After the whole line opened between the two stations, the shortest 33 minutes tied at meeting ran for about 50 minutes ride. Participants of the car window watching the scenery and took photos and enjoyed a fleeting trip.
Shime, Fukuoka Prefecture town of the first grade, Akazawa Natsumi-chan (7) is joined by two aunts and a fever was a two-year-old brother suddenly coming together.My brother loves to train, "I want to be happy to talk when I get home," he smiled and.[Akiko husband;





scene of the wreck, "visit" a series of 145 dead people hope

Sato Kenzirou - Christchurch, Horie Takuya, Oka Tetsuya Higuchi - The earthquake occurred near Christchurch, New Zealand, the local police on March 26 announced that the death toll increased to 145. It is still remains unable to verify the safety of 28 Japanese people do not know the outcome. Meanwhile, police have many Japanese language schools were affected, "King's education" into the CTV media are not allowed to be closer to family and scene of the wreck of the building. Are also time-consuming identification of the body, the families are growing increasingly restless.
Christchurch is seen to have been left behind by students of the College of Languages CTV Toyama Toyama City scene of the wreck of the building. The local police "dangerous" as they are away from family. In an open briefing organized by the local police in the city on April 26, from the family "visit" and after another voice, the local headquarters of the Japanese Foreign Ministry "has a maximum effort" to achieve and poised for continued negotiations.
According to headquarters, the 25th morning, the Japanese Foreign Ministry to negotiate with police authorities in advance through 37 who had arrived the day before and headed to the scene by bus. But suddenly in front of the police station a few hundred meters in front of "No Trespassing" that they were told. The authorities have tried to adjust the Japanese ambassador, "dangerous" was the persistently.Local headquarters of the Japanese official, "What's wrong with too many people. Then, think and even how to go to some separate," he said.
From near the scene the afternoon of May 26 was completely excluded the press by the police. We found people dead with 24 "47" since it was revealed, not a new announcement. However, in reality, being carried out and a red plastic sheet after another seems to be wrapped around the body, even after 24 days.
And not let the press of a close family, consider the feelings of the people the hope of rescue, there has been some consideration and not such spectacle. Fire officials are conducting a search at the scene "I'm very nervous state must be used," he said.
On the other hand, it looks at the scene they watched the activity on this day too many Chinese. Family and friends of missing persons also are allowed to enter restricted to the region accompanied by a police officer. Organizational Behavior and Japan in contrast, does not consistently support the local authorities.









I think women are cute "boyfriend spoiled, " the nine patterns

Manly man is always there ... that imposing religious beliefs "masculinity" There are deep things, be seen to depend in some cases, from her "cute" seems to be able to get a positive rating. In this study, based on a survey of women readers Otomesugoren "I think my boyfriend is cute lady spoiled [9] pattern" Introducing.

[1], such as losing a busy work "Oh no good anymore" and whine. "I think I feel something and show me your weakness just me" (women in their 20s), such complaints are usually the boyfriend who sometimes divulge firmly grabbed the woman's mind is like a lot. However, men are nothing but complaints will always backfire.

[2] "Let me sleep a little," murmured bum knees and a pillow. "I feel I'm looking for cute little touch," (women in their 20s) as the opinion that the attitude of physical contact and actively seek lap pillow is easy to accept women as intuitive graces. Good feelings openly told Fureaitai.

[3] during a meal, "Give me a mouth that" open your mouth and wait. "[] Nice ... too cute and looks good in the light feel like saying," (teenage girls), such as by shaking Mau deliberately childish, as women are tickled maternal instinct. However, patience may be considered free and coveted stake of less serious.

[4] button to show balanced fashion, "I want to put ..." and rely on. "I'm happy to be necessary, too clumsy and cute men" (women in their 20s), including weak domestic weaknesses that small, women seem to feel the loveliness of men. However, whether she is good at sewing Remember to check beforehand.

[5] on her favorite dessert, "I made it," asks. "I'm in love with me my favorite dish, and feel motivated" (women in their 20s) as the opinion that, just "make something" and instead ask, her favorite food Points will be ordered. Seems to me she can feel good food.

[6] and reach back "Will you?" Asks. "It is silly's sake, I'm able to feel special relationship" (women in their 20s), including the relationship between women pleasure each other is to ask as many trivial. Excessive use of more careful, it will be important from a cozy relationship daily.

[7] "to suddenly hear her voice," and suddenly the phone. "From such a time as well my feelings really makes me happy to know" (women in their 30s), etc., will hear the voice of her impulsive and if the relationship is a natural feeling love. Hours unless compelling annoying, would be favorably received.

[8] held out her hand out cold "warm" and ask. "As somehow having her unconditionally!" (Women in their 20s) as the opinion that, the pain and be sued and cold and hunger, a woman is having her so much help. If you ask each other, holding hands with warm, mild physical contact might be effective even.

[9] The parting of the date "not go home yet," says selfish. "If you say that, it'll delay the time to go we'll need to get up early the next day" (women in their 20s), including the boyfriend, "I want to be together for longer," the feeling that women feel the joy It is. Precisely because it is selfish, as might be expected 応Etaku to her.

Practices that could be "more lenient" for? Besides, "I think my boyfriend is cute lady spoiled []" If there is, please let me know. We welcome your comments everyone. (Migaku Migaku Wu)


男はいつでも男らしく、堂々とあれ…という「男らしさ信仰」は根深いものがありますが、ときには甘えてみることで、彼女から「可愛い」というポジティブな 評価を得ることもできるようです。そこで今回は、オトメスゴレン女性読者への調査結果をもとに、「女性が可愛いと思う『彼氏の甘え』9パターン」をご紹介 します。

「私だけに弱さを見せてくれてると思うとキュンとする」(20代女性)など、普段はしっかり者の彼氏がたまに漏らす弱音に、心を掴まれる女性は多 いようです。ただし、いつも弱音ばかり言っている男性の場合は逆効果でしょう。

「ちょっとした触れ合いを求めてる感じが可愛い」(20代女性)という意見のように、膝枕などのスキンシップを積極的に求める態度は、わかりやす い甘えとして女性も受け入れやすいようです。触れ合いたい気持ちを率直に伝えるとよいでしょう。

「『美味しそうでいいなー』みたいに軽い感じで言われると可愛いすぎる」(10代女性)など、あえて子供っぽく振るまうことで、女性は母性本能を くすぐられるようです。ただし、あまり本気で欲しがるとタダの食いしんぼうと思われる恐れがあります。

「必要とされるのが嬉しいし、不器用なのも男性らしくて可愛い」(20代女性)など、細かい家事が苦手という弱点も、女性には男性の可愛いらしさ に感じられるようです。ただし、彼女が裁縫が得意かどうかは事前に確認しておきましょう。

「私の得意な料理を好きになってくれたんだ、とやる気になる」(20代女性)という意見のように、ただ単に「何か作って」と頼むのではなく、彼女 の得意料理を注文することがポイントでしょう。彼女も気分よく料理をしてくれそうです。

「くだらないお願いだからこそ、特別な関係なんだなぁと実感できる」(20代女性)など、些細なお願いをし合える関係性に喜びを感じる女性は多い ようです。気を使いすぎるより、日ごろから気安い関係を築くことが重要でしょう。

「自分にもそういう時があるから、気持ちがすごくわかって嬉しくなる」(30代女性)など、衝動的に彼女の声を聞きたくなるのは、恋人関係であれ ば自然な感情です。よほど迷惑な時間帯でないかぎり、好意的に受け入れられるでしょう。

「無条件になんとかしてあげたくなる!」(20代女性)という意見のように、寒さや空腹といった辛さを訴えられると、助けてあげたくなる女性は多 いようです。手を握り合って温めてもらえば、軽いスキンシップとしても有効でしょう。

「そんなこと言われたら、次の日早く起きなきゃいけなくても帰る時間を遅らせちゃう」(20代女性)など、彼氏の「もっと長い間一緒にいたい」と いう気持ちに、女性は喜びを感じるようです。わがままだからこそ、彼女も期待に応えたくなるのかもしれません。

実践できそうな「甘え方」はありましたか? ほかにも、「女性が可愛いと思う『彼氏の甘え』」があれば、ぜひ教えてください。みなさんのご意見を お待ちしております。(呉 琢磨)

Seven - Eleven stores exceed 40,000 worldwide

Seven - Eleven Japan on June 25, Convenience Store "Seven - Eleven" announced that it has surpassed the number of stores to 40,000 stores worldwide. "Seven - Eleven" is currently in Japan, America, Asia, etc., are deployed in 16 countries and regions.
"Seven - Eleven" is a former ice retail shop was born in Texas in 1927. In 1946 "business hours from 7 am to 11 pm," the shop name was changed to the present. In 1969 in Canada and Mexico advanced to the 1971, the birth of the first store in Japan in 1974. Since 1971 has been 24 hours and many stores.
Taiwan and now Thailand, Korea, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Indonesia and other development in the region. Most stores have a large number of stores in Japan, 30,490,001. Then the United States (6726 stores), Thailand (5840 stores), Taiwan (4790 stores). Japan is the birthplace, would have a number of stores in the United States more than doubled.
The company will be opening a store than shop around 2,500 last year alone, seven "customers in the future - We want your patronage-Eleven, and strengthen the brand, we aim to aggressively opening stores," trying to.