People do not talk at dinner with friends

I think the culture there is so little work has been more and more opportunities to communicate with colleagues. Drinking session, to deepen communication, opportunities to strengthen relationships. Why the drinking session to participate actively? The impression was so good that some people, it may be surprising and perhaps a good place.
The drinking and who have never talked too much talk about?
But according to face it ... not much to talk about. What should I know about the other party and such. As a common topic, but some people might think of a story about the company or work, and talk about business is safe in drinking session avoided.
Some people frown on you to talk business over drinks your "guy drink and voiceless" because some people interpret and so on. If you need to become the topic of work is not intentionally avoid the topic of work from my shake is better idea.
Drinking and recommended topics are the subject of a private little bland. First entered the venue (food and liquor) to the topic starter, you can start a conversation with a natural slide if you ask to talk private.
For example: "What is it when you drink beer at home?" "It is an appetizing dish. You do have likes and dislikes?"
Pick a topic that can be seen to associate with something in common, you can start talking to people and never smooth in the usual story.
When the distance between the opponent Chidjimetai
Is awaited from, what are you drinking in the distance and the other terrestrial Metai.To do so, in conversation, "self-disclosure" be made effective. "Actually, good food," "may have dumped sake of thirst," and, by his own private little disclosure will be easier to talk about the psychological state of his own party. 
Your drinking is so easy to talk to the atmosphere, especially around the talk should be easy to think they both were good. Please provide a closer opportunity to show the attitude of his heart first opened.
I want to watch out for when the self-disclosure, the length of the story and topic selection. Such horror stories and would pull the other person to disclose such a poor self image, please be careful. The drinking, the story is what is remembered myself than I thought.
In addition, a long conversation about my NG is all. Watch out for talking too much.After it has been carelessly about wine tend to be longer. After the self-disclosure and without hesitation, "says ○ ○ What is wrong?" To finish the question if you like, play around a listener balance.
"When I first saw ○ ○ director for the exciting and scary I wonder how many people (in fact it was a giving person)" The kind that people can talk about in that place is OK.The course is limited positive content, is one of the exciting topics.
In his discussion of interesting to everyone. Topics such as Iiau first impression, mixed in with everyone because each participant, speaking on the contents when in trouble please try it out. Work as well as drinking, drinking in Moriagarimasu joint and private.
■ NG on the subject of drinking? □ Negative words The cardinal rule of the complaint or say bad things are. Means a person who complains of abuse and work with the company I do not think drinking. Is often overlooked, such as cooking for small venues and abuse. But not much content, "He did not say negative things," Please be careful because sometimes the impression that they left.
□ dissatisfaction on the job Drinking with the boss have a chance to talk longer than usual. It may sometimes convey the frustration on the job, the rent is 考Emono power of alcohol. Delicate subject, we consider the well configuration, another chance to talk to the words chosen.
□ talk down his own image And horror stories in the saga of liquor is interesting, "He might have untidy place," and so on, may be way down the image and evaluation. Choose topics that are so sweet and drunk, it may be good idea to organize a talk at a time when sober.
Work-related drinking, drinking and everyday is different. So as not to lower the ratings from around, I would like to note the topics chosen. 
■ "informal" is said to be rude and do not
The word in a dictionary and look informal, written and party do not care about status and position. However, the results point to drink without worrying about a fun fact, some said the case was later Me bad.
Informal term, not as the dictionary meaning of "private conversations while drinking a well poured drinks for my boss," It seems better to understand this. "Today is informal because" it is said, we kind of greeting, and enjoying an adult manner forget about politeness.
■ opportunity to change the drinking
Drinking is certainly the time is taken private, there should be less careful point.However, to deepen communication and the drinking session, usually also a great chance not to appeal.
And the language you are studying and working on a volunteer, please talk to if that means other than hard work. Sometimes the way down to image and evaluate the negative talk, and talk up a bit of drinking in the image, often a lead evaluation.Anyone who is working on "Sports has the power to pull out the spear" and that it can appeal, as well as hobby, "a concentration" that may lead to appeal.
Indulgent, and hen-pecked husband, why not speak to private. In psychology, and usually show a side show, is said to have a sense of intimacy is easier. It is also recommended that I speak of and appreciation and respect to superiors and colleagues. Would be taken as a compliment that work will be rather impressed if you casually talk about drinking alcohol in the seat.
Committee welcomed the season farewell. Manner while protecting the precious opportunity, so please enjoy a positive advantage.


























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