Healing goods that live in "Thank you" and refrigerator when door is opened「Fridgeezoo」

"Firdgeezoo ([furijji-zu-])" that solid alliance is selling is "Refrigerator keeping type gadget" that not is beforeIt cannot explain this whatever it is on earth asked in a single phrase. It is neither food nor a tool of useful for something even if it puts it in the refrigerator. If this is put whether should say peaceful of the mind if it enumerates it forcedly, it is such an item.

Shape has drawn the picture of the animal that lives in a cold region there by the design that reduces the milk carton. When the door of the refrigerator is opened next, a small animal cheerfully greets it when this is put. When casually an appearance here is heard or the door is made open, it is likely to note it. It can enjoy touch like the friend.

The price is 1979 yen including the tax and the carriage in Amazon.co.jp. The purchase button was pushed in case of not being because such a play mind was also necessary because of the current barbarous world though it was worth paying money only of the accomplishment worried for a moment because of purchase. By the way, this price exists including the battery fee.

- There are four kinds of lineups in living in the cold district.

When you see the matching site of Firdgeezoo「Place at which animals who lost Sumi arrive for global warming and environmental pollution. It was a refrigerator. 」The story is written. It is a setting that animals that it is hot not good run away to the refrigerator, and it began to speak aiming at man who appears in the same play every day. Therefore, the animal of Firdgeezoo is only an animal that lives in the cold district all.

There are four kinds of lineups about the [shirokuma] penguin sea ox seal. As for these, different respectively individuality is given, and [koeshitsu] and the spoken content are different. This is "Easygoing fellow's romanticist" though is first [shirokuma] it, and the [ojisan] dumping opinion that drags on. In the penguin, the [hakihaki]ed Kansai voice of the tension improving is a feature. For a bright ..sea ox.. hasty person, [shita] is a little ..slipping.. bad because of the fang. The seal is a child and an owner of the high pitched sound voice.

[Shirokuma] was selected this time by a personal favor. The penguin seems to become tired, and feels seal's high voice jarring a little if the tension is too high and it hears it every day though records animation on the matching site, and can confirm what opinion you express. It doesn't so like the design though it likes sea ox's character. Thus, it became [shirokuma] after all. The simple design based on the [ojisan] dumping opinion and the white that came off among is [hama] [tta] in the vital point.

- The illuminance sensor is installed in the part of back of the head.

When the reached package is seen, it is smaller than the imagination. It is actually palmtop though there was a preconception of surely a little more largeness because it designed like the milk carton. The size is 40(depth)70(height)×40(width)× milli, and weight is really small with 42 grams.

The part of the nose of [shirokuma] and the part of the foot are the projections though the design is very simple as understood if it sees. Moreover, the picture of the tail is drawn under the picture and the back of the arm on a picture and a horizontal side of the ear in the upper part. Part where mouth of milk carton is folded ,in a word, seeing hole of speaker of [shirokuma] in the region of the ear in addition

Tiny holes become empty in the part that corresponds to the other side where eyes are drawn ,in a word, the back of the head of [shirokuma], and here is an illuminance sensor. Because whether door of refrigerator is opening or closed is judged by perceiving it with this sensorIt is possible to close this sensor hole with the finger or to apply to light and to listen to the voice if it wants to reproduce the voice outside the warehouse.

There are a battery box and a power switch in the bottom. The battery uses three LR44 of the button battery. The battery is bundled (Do not come very), and enters the state that can be used at once as mentioned above if the insulating film is pulled out. It switches on and it puts it on the shelf of refrigerator. It may be easy for the put place to see the neighborhood to the entrance of the refrigerator.

- Few of the serif is dissatisfied for a moment.

When the door is opened for [shirokuma], it greets "Thank you". And, it is talked to when fiddling in the refrigerator, "Very very wax". It begins to be said, "Still" this time when putting it without starting to say when leaving open for a long time as it is, "Is it hot?", and closing in addition. If the door is closed, it becomes silent.

Besides this, no "Was it hot?" it and word "It is Global warming" occasionally went out when the door was not closed. There is only confirming it by five kinds of of this. ..cry.. being kicked for a moment when finishing working, coming back, and opening an icebox even if something is drunk is relieved for a moment though honesty and the vocabulary for a moment felt that it is few.

However, a little having thought it is the [uza] is also true because it is done to "Thank you" in the situation that is opened many times while cooking and closed whenever opening it. You might temporarily let out and turn off the switch at such time.

If it is a commodity that costs about 2000 yen, a little more serif trows ..might many.. stern though the balance with the price. Consideration "Do not close early" might work because it is angry in case of "Is it hot?" when leaving open, and this be good. Oh dear, I at least think that harmony [maseruni] is effective goods of the mind whether really lead to the saving because I might open an icebox to come to want to listen to the voice and do not exist for either though it is a doubt. It is especially recommended in the person of living alone. 【 ten wild orange morality 】

- ? ..it is.. anything already. New companion met with refrigerator

Animals who lost Sumi by Global warming and environmental pollution run away to the refrigerator and several months. Meanwhile, a new companion joined [furijji-zu-] in the setting that marvelous intense heat and abnormal weather come one after another, and said …… that other animals who had felt a pinch also had run into it in the refrigerator in the whole country of hearing somewhere. There are four kinds of "Fridgeezoo Friends ([furijjii;zu-furenzu])" of a new product, that is, the pig, the squirrel, the bos, and the tiger. The voice to appoint the young man radio actor is a feature this time, and [bisa] Suzuki is taking charge of Nagashima greatly, the bos, and the tiger to the pig and the squirrel. Receiving reservations in EC site "APPARE STORE ([apparesutoa])" of solid alliance from February 16. The price is 1980 yen for each.



















●もはや何でもあり? 冷蔵庫で出会った新しい仲間

温暖化や環境汚染ですみかを失った動物たちが冷蔵庫に逃げてきて数カ月。その間、全国で記録的な酷暑や異常気象が相次ぎ、危機を感じたほかの動物たちも冷蔵庫に逃げ込んだ……という、どこかで聞いたような設定で、フリッジーズーに新しい仲間が加わった。新製品の「Fridgeezoo Friends(フリッジィズーフレンズ)」は、ブタ、リス、ウシ、トラの4種類。今回は若手声優を起用した声も特長で、ブタとリスは長嶋はるかさん、ウシとトラは鈴木美咲さんが担当している。2月16日からソリッドアライアンスのECサイト「APPARE STORE(アッパレストア)」で予約受付中。価格は各1980円。

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