Two major challenges a new record this year, Ichiro

Record player out of the past or prominent names ■?
Mariners outfielder Ichiro Suzuki (37) this season, the two major challenges the new record. Once 11 consecutive years with 200 hits, a single place of Pete Rose surpassed 10 times in the total number of times. And if you mark the eighth career two league hits, Pete Rose, pull out the cup tie at 7. 7.246 batting average last season slump in January and achieved 200 hits in the first game was 152. "We just feel like I'm not good in April, all the time. (Severe situation) will be here someday, did state that" As the record continues to overcome the suffering of July this year, yes I can not even interrupting Why do not. The career hits the U.S. (currently 3522 hits), but if you hit 109 this season, Stan Musial for fourth place without a history major, if hits 250, pull out of the 3771 Hank Aaron hit the third place Add especially.
If your health is unquestionable, "the fastest player in major slump width" Ichiro is described as likely to achieve the league in both hits and 200 hits in 11 consecutive years will be very high. However, what is talked about every year, even a team called the Mariners, Ichiro to maintain motivation is fear that is hard. After all, the military machine is the only surviving of the 14 American League teams, the team is not able to enter the World Series and win the league. Also 61 wins over a 101 grades in last season, suffered a season, 100 wins for the fifth time in two years, just west reverted to the bottom. "The team has not been stagnant for years, what the World Series this year to go out, I say I want to Mariners" are said to Ichiro's heartbreaking cries of the heart.
Ken Griffey ■ Jr. Might be a powerful reinforcement
An important motivation to help bring the two new records this Ichiro, who appeared strong reinforcements. Ken Griffey, retired last June that Jr. Mr. (41) 15 February (16th time), special forces consultant Ma (counsel) was appointed. Griffey Jr. He is the team's promotional activities, others involved in teaching young minor is accompanied exhibition games the team batting coach, who is also extraordinary. Gold Glove award 10 times in total, the Silver Slugger award at Griffey boasts 7 Jr. He is one of the few players have longed for Ichiro. Build a good relationship with the military camp of the 1999 Ma age Orix, "that there is immeasurable," he says and always. Ma returned to the army after 09 years and Reds, which had become a crutch for Ichiro. "Junior, as well as attentive to others (such as batting) sharp observing eye," Ichiro and Griffey Jr. To just showing their confidence in his, can you stay close to the big brother of Just do much encouraging.
This off, the military machine of the DH Cust (Athletics ago), but won a league worst team total score (513) was able to resolve it is hard to say. Therefore, the role of Suzuki in the offense is greater still. Earnest desire to advance toward the World Series with two new achievement, joined by no more reinforcements. 



マリナーズ・イチロー外野手(37)は今季、2つの大リーグ新記録に挑む。11年連続の200安打となれば、通算回数でもピート・ローズの10 回を上回り単独1位。そして、両リーグ最多安打をマークすれば通算8度目で、ピート・ローズ、タイ・カップの7度を抜く。

昨季は7月に打率.246と低迷し、200安打達成は152試合目だった。「4月から気分がよくなかったんですよね、ずっと。(厳しい事態が) いつか来るぞ、という状態でした」という苦しんだ7月を乗り越えて継続した記録だけに、今年はなおさら途切れさせるわけにはいかない。また、日米通算安打 (現在、3522安打)でも、今季109安打すれば、大リーグ歴代4位のスタン・ミュージアルを抜き、250安打すれば、同3位のハンク・アーロンの 3771安打を抜くことになる。




このイチローが2つの新記録を作るべく重要なモチベーション維持に、強力な援軍が登場した。昨年6月に現役を引退したケン・グリフィーJr.氏 (41)が2月15日(日本時間16日)、マ軍の特別コンサルタント(相談役)に就任にした。グリフィーJr.氏は、球団の宣伝活動、マイナーの若手指導に携わる他、オープン戦はチームに帯同し、臨時打撃コーチも務める。

通算10度のゴールドグラブ賞、7度のシルバースラッガー賞を誇るグリフィーJr.氏は、イチローが憧れた数少ない選手。オリックス時代の99 年にマ軍のキャンプに参加してから良好な関係を築き、「その存在は計り知れない」と常々言っていた。09年にレッズなどを経てマ軍に復帰してからは、イチローの精神的支えになっていたのである。「ジュニアは、他人への細やかな気遣いに加え、(打撃フォームなどの)観察眼が鋭い」とイチローはグリフィー Jr.氏に全幅の信頼を寄せているだけに、その兄貴分が身近にいてくれるだけで、どれだけ心強いことか。


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