I think women are cute "boyfriend spoiled, " the nine patterns

Manly man is always there ... that imposing religious beliefs "masculinity" There are deep things, be seen to depend in some cases, from her "cute" seems to be able to get a positive rating. In this study, based on a survey of women readers Otomesugoren "I think my boyfriend is cute lady spoiled [9] pattern" Introducing.

[1], such as losing a busy work "Oh no good anymore" and whine. "I think I feel something and show me your weakness just me" (women in their 20s), such complaints are usually the boyfriend who sometimes divulge firmly grabbed the woman's mind is like a lot. However, men are nothing but complaints will always backfire.

[2] "Let me sleep a little," murmured bum knees and a pillow. "I feel I'm looking for cute little touch," (women in their 20s) as the opinion that the attitude of physical contact and actively seek lap pillow is easy to accept women as intuitive graces. Good feelings openly told Fureaitai.

[3] during a meal, "Give me a mouth that" open your mouth and wait. "[] Nice ... too cute and looks good in the light feel like saying," (teenage girls), such as by shaking Mau deliberately childish, as women are tickled maternal instinct. However, patience may be considered free and coveted stake of less serious.

[4] button to show balanced fashion, "I want to put ..." and rely on. "I'm happy to be necessary, too clumsy and cute men" (women in their 20s), including weak domestic weaknesses that small, women seem to feel the loveliness of men. However, whether she is good at sewing Remember to check beforehand.

[5] on her favorite dessert, "I made it," asks. "I'm in love with me my favorite dish, and feel motivated" (women in their 20s) as the opinion that, just "make something" and instead ask, her favorite food Points will be ordered. Seems to me she can feel good food.

[6] and reach back "Will you?" Asks. "It is silly's sake, I'm able to feel special relationship" (women in their 20s), including the relationship between women pleasure each other is to ask as many trivial. Excessive use of more careful, it will be important from a cozy relationship daily.

[7] "to suddenly hear her voice," and suddenly the phone. "From such a time as well my feelings really makes me happy to know" (women in their 30s), etc., will hear the voice of her impulsive and if the relationship is a natural feeling love. Hours unless compelling annoying, would be favorably received.

[8] held out her hand out cold "warm" and ask. "As somehow having her unconditionally!" (Women in their 20s) as the opinion that, the pain and be sued and cold and hunger, a woman is having her so much help. If you ask each other, holding hands with warm, mild physical contact might be effective even.

[9] The parting of the date "not go home yet," says selfish. "If you say that, it'll delay the time to go we'll need to get up early the next day" (women in their 20s), including the boyfriend, "I want to be together for longer," the feeling that women feel the joy It is. Precisely because it is selfish, as might be expected 応Etaku to her.

Practices that could be "more lenient" for? Besides, "I think my boyfriend is cute lady spoiled []" If there is, please let me know. We welcome your comments everyone. (Migaku Migaku Wu)


男はいつでも男らしく、堂々とあれ…という「男らしさ信仰」は根深いものがありますが、ときには甘えてみることで、彼女から「可愛い」というポジティブな 評価を得ることもできるようです。そこで今回は、オトメスゴレン女性読者への調査結果をもとに、「女性が可愛いと思う『彼氏の甘え』9パターン」をご紹介 します。

「私だけに弱さを見せてくれてると思うとキュンとする」(20代女性)など、普段はしっかり者の彼氏がたまに漏らす弱音に、心を掴まれる女性は多 いようです。ただし、いつも弱音ばかり言っている男性の場合は逆効果でしょう。

「ちょっとした触れ合いを求めてる感じが可愛い」(20代女性)という意見のように、膝枕などのスキンシップを積極的に求める態度は、わかりやす い甘えとして女性も受け入れやすいようです。触れ合いたい気持ちを率直に伝えるとよいでしょう。

「『美味しそうでいいなー』みたいに軽い感じで言われると可愛いすぎる」(10代女性)など、あえて子供っぽく振るまうことで、女性は母性本能を くすぐられるようです。ただし、あまり本気で欲しがるとタダの食いしんぼうと思われる恐れがあります。

「必要とされるのが嬉しいし、不器用なのも男性らしくて可愛い」(20代女性)など、細かい家事が苦手という弱点も、女性には男性の可愛いらしさ に感じられるようです。ただし、彼女が裁縫が得意かどうかは事前に確認しておきましょう。

「私の得意な料理を好きになってくれたんだ、とやる気になる」(20代女性)という意見のように、ただ単に「何か作って」と頼むのではなく、彼女 の得意料理を注文することがポイントでしょう。彼女も気分よく料理をしてくれそうです。

「くだらないお願いだからこそ、特別な関係なんだなぁと実感できる」(20代女性)など、些細なお願いをし合える関係性に喜びを感じる女性は多い ようです。気を使いすぎるより、日ごろから気安い関係を築くことが重要でしょう。

「自分にもそういう時があるから、気持ちがすごくわかって嬉しくなる」(30代女性)など、衝動的に彼女の声を聞きたくなるのは、恋人関係であれ ば自然な感情です。よほど迷惑な時間帯でないかぎり、好意的に受け入れられるでしょう。

「無条件になんとかしてあげたくなる!」(20代女性)という意見のように、寒さや空腹といった辛さを訴えられると、助けてあげたくなる女性は多 いようです。手を握り合って温めてもらえば、軽いスキンシップとしても有効でしょう。

「そんなこと言われたら、次の日早く起きなきゃいけなくても帰る時間を遅らせちゃう」(20代女性)など、彼氏の「もっと長い間一緒にいたい」と いう気持ちに、女性は喜びを感じるようです。わがままだからこそ、彼女も期待に応えたくなるのかもしれません。

実践できそうな「甘え方」はありましたか? ほかにも、「女性が可愛いと思う『彼氏の甘え』」があれば、ぜひ教えてください。みなさんのご意見を お待ちしております。(呉 琢磨)

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