rankings that men needed to hold the friendship of men and women

Moment of consciousness as a woman, friendship is not approved

Romantic friendship between men and women without feeling or do you hold? I'm one of the eternal theme of humanity. To understand them, accept as the difference between love and friendship will become in the words can not explain. How to make a neat distinction between the romance and friendship, there must be some trick I'm sure! So, what needs to be heard in order to establish a friendship between men and women with 231 names of men in their 20s.

Q. Please tell me what you need in order to establish friendship between men and women (multiple answers) Opposite sex is not considered as an opponent ranked 50.2% Our friends keep talking about the opposite sex lovers 2nd 18.2% Friendship between men and women would not hold third place 16.4% When meeting friends of the opposite sex lovers also said fourth 10.4% Heterosexual's fifth middle school, high school, college and university friend of 9.5%

Not considered as an opposite sex partner ■ ... ... - "The conversation was too easy so far can be considered as opposite sex and to feel like they been strained" (27 / Fiber / R & D) - "I knew I would become more than friendship in mind as the opposite sex too much" (24 years old / Information / Human Resources) - "Banter from being able to be aware of anything" (29 / Education / Sales) - "Not aware of and begin to realize that, the friendship may get worse" (27 years old / Communications / Research & Development) - "With this in mind they strained" (age 28 / IT / SE)

Our friends keep talking about the opposite sex lovers ■ ... ... - "I can not evolve and develop a relationship but do not want it this way" (24 years old / Mechanical / MIC) - "Keep talking to her hide to avoid misunderstanding" (22 years old / Welfare) - "I think if you meet her in Ue described. Otherwise difficult to control feelings" (23 years old / Electric / Sales)

■ The friendship between men and women would not stand ... - "Be still somewhere in love" (28 years old / securities / professional finance system) - "Unless you do not like the character looks quite end up as the opposite sex consciousness" (23 years old / Other) - "Men basically because I think with any luck" (26 years old / welfare / services)

■ When meeting friends of the opposite sex lover speaks well ... - "Friends of the opposite sex lovers can confide in, can become emotionally involved because I do not think that" (age 28 / Precision Equipment / Sales) - "Because it was also easy for people to open their own" (26 years old / Advertising / Sales) - "When I met them secretly to say, I think it's so confusing" (29 / Retail / Sales)

Heterosexual middle school friend ■, high school, college and university friends ... - "Because a friend from school 抱Kanai romance, friendship would be established" (26 years old / school) - "Hope is not a strange old friend, have no ulterior motives" (26 years old / Government / MIC) - "Not aware of it as old friends from the opposite sex" (23 years old / transportation / business)

OVERALL We need the friendship of men and women to hold first place was "not aware of the opposite sex as the person." "Nothing happens unless first be considered as opposite sex" is often gathered because it is sex and friendship I'm aware of is that everyone knows that it is not true! In fact, "I think friendship is not true of men and women" has been ranked number three. "Friendship between the sexes, it is impossible to be heard and genetic," "I think it's the first place against the history of mankind," "The guy definitely think there are ulterior motives," a few comments did not.

"Our friends keep talking about a lover of the opposite sex" is also a deterrent to those who answered that exceed a line. Described by Ue meet her, we do not have self-control to operate other than deterrence. While "The day is not cheating if the development" because they "meet at night," people said. For men too, men and women can establish a friendship is like a pretty serious thing.



男女の間に恋愛感情抜きの友情は成立するのでしょうか? 人類の永遠のテーマの一つですよね。相手を理解して、受け入れるほど、恋愛と友情の違い は言葉では説明できないものになっていきます。恋愛と友情をきちんと区別した関係の作り方には、きっと何かコツがあるはず!ということで、20代の男性 231名に男女の友情を成立させるために必要なことを聞きました。

1位 相手を異性として意識しない 50.2%
2位 恋人に異性の友達の存在を話しておく 18.2%
3位 男女の友情は成立しないと思う 16.4%
4位 異性の友達と会うときは恋人にも話す 10.4%
5位 異性の友達が中学、高校、大学など学生時代の友人 9.5%






男女の友情が成立するために必要なこと、その第1位は「相手を異性として意識しない」。「そもそも異性として意識しなければ何も起こらない」とい う理由が多く集まりましたが、それは性別を意識すると友情は成立しないということをみなさんが認識しているということですよね! 実際、「男女の友情は成 立しないと思う」は3位にランクインしています。「異性間の友情は、遺伝子学的に無理だと聞いたことがある」、「そもそも人類の歴史に反することだと思 う」、「男には絶対に下心があると思う」というコメントも少なくありませんでした。

「恋人に異性の友達の存在を話しておく」ことが一線を越えない抑止力になると答えた人も。彼女に説明したうえで会うことで、自制心以外の抑止力を 作動させているわけです。中には「昼間であれば浮気には発展しない」という理由で「夜に会わない」と答えた人も。やはり男性にとって、男女の友情を成立さ せることは、かなり大変なことのようです。

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