Experience is said, "The advice office romance"

Misako's office worker (pseudonym, 34) recently heard to complain every time a colleague did not have a boyfriend, and that annoying. "[No meeting] [no nice guy] and only woman to say, right I'm tight eye on the man. I've been to the house by men have a favor to his colleagues, [I colleagues ear.] and meet a more natural, I would not even know her opponent. "
Misako's colleagues is not very common that if the company would have asked more romantic stage of love. "But getting started love it enough to stop by a man walking down the street, You better never contrived. I met at work more naturally, and I'm not so certain. Yet, men at work [I Pear ! Guide is truncated, like that from me narrow the possibilities. "
Or have been banned from office romance at work, you might be better to avoid trouble, they head out to meet people who spend most of the day at work is a waste.
In fact, the office romance and wonder what I? The experience taught me from office romance led to marriage.
Mika's the former editor (age 35 real name) married colleague, who works for the same company a couple still aligned. "Office romance, marriage nice thing about the company, job content and work together systems, where internal and external relationships are easy to grasp. From a lot of common topics, the more natural and conversational. Speaking of disadvantages, fall together and that could become dangerous when a company Should you either cheated, or would be easy to understand. "
Mika's company is in addition to Mika's wife, "so lacking in his hands," that married couples come to office romance-house. "Editors have fewer holidays in the hard work, [I want to sleep any time at all] are a lot of people say. The opportunity to meet people in an interview, but often, to make articles and books an objective coverage that the audience and maintain a certain distance. encounter leads to unexpected romance are so small, there are many romance with a colleague familiar pattern "
Are long-time editor-house, but not being easy and direct access to natural marriage. But not only editors, office romance is easy with direct access to marriage.
Yoko (age 37 real name) is dating a man falls in love, business is business partner company employees during the marriage soon. Factors friendly office romance lead to marriage, even as Yoko and Mika's "easier to understand each other's work, because you can talk and ride" has been analyzed.
"Well, honestly, because [that] can say to the hand. (Laughs) because the office romance and the awkward break from the relationship will be faithful to each other, that it may also ". Well, I thought at the time I can spare, that would also take into marriage.
"But ultimately important is compatible with the feelings of each other, the same office romance. [If this person, you can live happily together] if your arm feeling that, whether you get to think so as well the other person I think a key factor for marriage. be met where the other party feeling like I think is important. "
Important to care for others feelings, and they. Likewise, earlier in Mika's, "Whether the marriage will work, workplace romance, not whether, by their efforts" he said.
"If you want to be with willing effort to compromise and live with the other raised in a different environment that we need, and every day I will feel."
If a workplace romance, a lot of common topics, should be easy to be worn more values. Why do we look again to the environment now, efforts to meet people like to think, maybe. (With head chestnut astringent)


「『出会いがない』『いい男がいない』と言う女性に限って、男性に対する目が厳しいんですよね。その同僚に好意を持っている男性が社内にいるんで すが、『会社の人なんてイヤ。もっと自然に出会いたい』と、相手を知ろうともしないんです」

「でも、道を歩いているだけでいい男が寄ってきて恋愛が始まった、なんて方が不自然でしょ。職場以上に自然な出会いなんて、そうそうあるわけじゃ ないし。それなのに、『職場の男性なんてナシ!』と切り捨てるのは、自分から可能性を狭めているようなもの」。

職場で社内恋愛が禁止されていたり、トラブルになるなら避けた方がいいかもしれないが、一日の大半を過ごす職場で出会う人を頭から除外してしまう のはもったいない。

実際のところ、職場恋愛とはどんなものだろうか? 職場恋愛から結婚に至った経験者に教えてもらった。

元編集者の美加さん(仮名・35歳)は同僚と結婚、今も夫婦揃って同じ会社に勤めている。「社内恋愛、社内結婚のいいところは、お互いの仕事内容 や勤務体系、社内外の人間関係が把握しやすいところ。共通の話題が多いから、会話も自然と多くなります。デメリットと言えば、万が一会社が危なくなった時 に共倒れする可能性があることと、どちらかが浮気した場合、わかりやすいことでしょうか」。

「編集者は激務で休みも少なく、『少しでも時間があれば寝ていたい』という人が多いですね。また、取材で人に会う機会は多いものの、客観的な記事 や本を作るため、取材対象者と一定の距離を保つことに。恋愛に結びつく出会いは意外と少ないので、身近にいる同僚と恋愛するパターンが多い」


葉子さん(仮名・37歳)は、会社員時代に取引先の営業マンに見初められて交際、まもなく結婚。職場恋愛が結婚に結びつきやすい要因として、洋子 さんも美加さんと同じく、「お互いの仕事を理解しやすく、相談に乗ったりできるから」と分析している。

「まあ、正直なところ、『手近にいるから』とも言えますが(笑)。職場恋愛は別れると気まずいため、お互いに誠実な付き合いをすることになるか ら、ということもあるかもしれませんね」。

「ただ、結局はお互いの気持ちと相性が大切なのは、職場恋愛も同じ。『この人となら、一緒に楽しく暮らしていける』という気持ちを抱けるかどう か、また相手にもそう思ってもらえるかどうかが、結婚の決め手になると思います。どこで出会っても、相手を思う気持ちは大切ですよね」。

相手を思いやる気持ちが重要、というわけだ。同じく、前出の美加さんも、「結婚生活がうまくいくかどうかは、職場恋愛かどうかではなく、努力によ るもの」と語る。


職場恋愛の場合、共通の話題が多く、価値観もすりあわせやすいはず。今いる環境をもう一度見渡してみたら、努力をしたいと思える人に出会える、か もしれない。(栗頭渋子)

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