Different in men and women! Repair Act after bust-up

Money problems, alleged cheating etc. It leads to a big fight, and then that relationship is strained. If so, what do if you try to fix up? Actually, the man approaches from the approach from the opposite side is the female. Men emotional instrument, a hole blown inside
Basically, men can not keep your emotions in order. It is also good to bear swallowed the now irate. On the other hand, most often to forget bad feelings last few months elapse.
Women's emotional instrument, like a big pot
Women On the contrary, with so much emotion Okemasu. It is a bit much, it can be left in place swallowed. And they accumulate too many negative emotions, but I can not forget easily.
If you want to approach the repair man
If you want to approach the repair man has dirty word. It is "forget the past thing," "I have a grudge forever," an, emotional women "become a man" is a term to require this. Although there are individual differences, many women are ever bring up the past that it can not.
Men should do is listen to talk seriously anyway lover or wife. Nod "Well" is now passing grade if you can hear and say. In addition, the words I feel sympathy ("Oh yeah, I'm hurt," "I'm sad," etc.) but it 言Ere, and higher scores.
And instead of fighting which is correct, it hurt the opponent, "I'm sorry" to say, but not perfect.
When a woman approaches Repair
On the other hand, if a woman approach the repair, an important point is just completely different. In a word said, "spend six months with a smile," is that.
Men, women "want to know the feeling," "I want to listen to speak for closure" to think what it said "are to blame myself," tend to receive. Just saw the face of a girlfriend or wife and to become depressed and feel like to be blamed, it becomes 避Ketaku.
Is to eliminate it, the approach from the point of women. Fortunately, men are not forgotten after six months the negative emotions. He has a bad impression on you, a few months - you can spend about half a smile, "overwrite" Once you do it.
step up to each other
I also changed the first person to change me. The guts to compete like that eventually destroys the relationship important. If you want to value relationship in the future, but please consider yourself to walk up first.
And lasting, but please get a happy partnership.
















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