the first independent live in carry pamyu-pamyu that the ticket has sold out in only 30 seconds -- < -- hello, quatro was held in the Shibuya club quatro on Sat., February 25.
At the hall to which it overflowed and returned with the heat of about 800 fortunate spectators who got the premium ticket, As soon as the opening image of carry pamyu-pamyu projected on the set white curtain, the voice of the cheer went up from the spectator who cannot keep waiting for the appearance of "lovely -", the "carry", and carry- from the hall.
A curtain falls at the same time an opening image finishes, and carry pamyu-pamyu to go with four persons' dancer to with the same clothes as a promotional video with "PONPONPON" music appears.
a stage set overflows with a bed, rocking horse and a cake, stuffed animals, etc., and returns, and it is said that he was conscious of the room of carry - the world of the music video of "PONPONPON" was just directed at the hall.
A cheer arises in the production of opening and a spectator's tension is already MAX.
"hello, an announcement and climax greeted the climax, mixing four clothes changes for the musical piece recorded on Harajuku ", and the musical piece which Yasutaka Nakta made for this day.
it "becomes the music of today's last" in the end of the live -- the newest music -- "-- it attaches and waits -- it kicks -- " -- from introduction and the hall -- "-- yes -- the voice that obtain and there is ?" -- "-- there is still little music -- ? (tear)
From now on, full music will be taken out! It was said that ambition was ".
After encouragement of the encore not ceasing, it appears and announces putting the new song "CANDY CANDY" on the market on April 4.
Clothes called the skirt created with urethane into the sailor suit of the spangle of having designed together by きゃり - and a stylist this time also, きゃり - became a new song first announcement while being exposed to introduction, and "lovely ?!" and encouragement, saying, "They are clothes [ that he is foppish and scatterbrain ] of the witch っ娘 idol style!"
It sang about all the 13 music, being exposed to about 800 persons' cry of joy gathering in the hall, and closed the curtain by great success on that day.
Since it was called the first independent public performance, it became the live which showed still bigger old scale and brightness than live performance.
Of course, the second single "CANDY CANDY" of the April 4 release which was announced live is a work of the Yasutaka Nakta producing.
It is the work in which the carry pamyu-pamyu world exploded like the previous work, and has become the care-among mouth tablet "BREO" tie-up musical piece by which newel sale is carried out from Li Ezaki Glico from Tue., February 28.
The ringer song (R) of "CANDY CANDY" became a distribution start from February 26.
From June 2, 2012, the one-man live tour which becomes the first in self is performed at seven places across the country.

M2. cherry bonbon
M3. kiss past right [ that ] M4.Jelly(capsule cover) MC
The march of M5. carry
M6. ping-pong -- what -- MC which is not.
M7. RGB(capsule cover) M8. -- it says exactly
M9. -- also coming out -- still more
M10. carryanan
it M11. attaches and waits -- it kicks
June 2, 2012. (Sat.) Sun., June [ Sat., June / Sat., June / Fri., June / Osaka namba Hatch2012 year / 8 Hiroshima CLUB QUATTRO2012 year / 9 Nagoya diamond hole 2012 year / 16 Sendai MACANA2012 year ] 17 Sapporo Sound. Fri., June [ Sun., June / Lab mole2012 year / 24 Fukuoka BEAT STATIOM2012 year ] 29 Akasaka BLITZ
2nd single "CANDY CANDY" April 4, 2012 sale
WPCL-11071 first-time limited photograph book specification (\1,800)
WPCL-11072 It is usually random enclosure about the inner 1 sort of three kinds of "carrystickers" by a board (\1,200) first time press.
2. -- but -- also coming out -- still more
3. -Extended Mix Said Exactly -


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鳴り止まないアンコールの声援のあと登場し、新曲「CANDY CANDY」を4月4日に発売することを発表。今回もきゃりーとスタイリストで一緒にデザインしたというスパンコールのセーラー服にウレタンで作成したスカートという衣装を、きゃりーは「オシャレでおっちょこちょいな魔女っ娘アイドル風の衣装です!」と紹介、「かわいい~!」と声援をあびながらの新曲初披露となった。


ライブで発表となった4月4日リリースのセカンドシングル「CANDY CANDY」も、もちろん中田ヤスタカ・プロデュースの作品だ。前作同様きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅワールドが炸裂した作品で、2月28日(火)からリ江崎グリコからニューアル発売される口中ケアタブレット「BREO(ブレオ)」タイアップ楽曲となっているものだ。「CANDY CANDY」の着うた(R)は2月26日より配信開始となった。


M7. RGB(capsuleカヴァー)

2012年6月8日(金)広島CLUB QUATTRO
2012年6月17日(日)札幌Sound Lab mole
2012年6月24日(日)福岡BEAT STATIOM

2nd シングル「CANDY CANDY」
WPCL-11072 通常盤(\1,200) 初回プレス分のみ「きゃりーステッカー」3種類の内1種をランダム封入
3.ちょうどいいの-extended mix-

It turned out that the Prefectural-Police consumer and environmental protection division and the Matsubara station took resident's woman's (24)'s arrest warrant on suspicion of the violation of Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act (abandonment) for making about ten miniature dachshunds at desertion one room of the apartment house in Matsubara-shi, Osaka.
When the Prefectural Police which received the report investigate the interior of a room the beginning of the month this month, the corpse of ten animals is found and it is said that three animals had survived.
The woman regarded Prefectural Police as having abandoned breeding, and they have followed the whereabouts.
According to the criminal-investigation persons concerned, the woman kept 13 animals with living alone at the house, but it is said that he has hardly gone home around since last autumn.
When there was the nasty smell, there was a report, and when Prefectural Police investigated, the corpse was found the inside of the scattered garbage, on the bed, etc.
It is said that one animal had mummified.
Having survived are two males of around 5 years old, and one scalpel.
It was protected by the animal protection organization of Osaka Nose-cho through neighboring residents after discovery.
As a result of a brute doctor's inspection, although it was a little thin, it is said that it was satisfactory to health condition.
According to the neighboring residents, it lives together with the relative several years ago, the relative begins to keep a dog, and a woman says that the number increased gradually half [ about ] year before.
The male in his 60's said, "Although the cry was noisy before, it was quiet and he thought recently that it was amusing."


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A user is earnestly approached in a Facebook user and "fake account" which is going to devise an attack is rampant. .
Rose networks Japan of a security company February 24, The report "Facebook:Fake Profiles vs. Real Users (a fake profile versus real user)" for recognizing Facebook account and fake account of a real user was announced.
It is random out of active account of Facebook, and rose which is a research institute of U.S. Barracuda Networks in the investigation extracts and analyzes 2884 affairs, and is specific in the difference between an average real user and fake account.
Following eight became clear as main features of fake account.
(1) 97% is a woman.
While the real user's female ratio was 40%, 97% of fake account was a woman.
(2) About 60 percent is bisexual.
In fake account, it was 58% while the real user of the status "both a male and a woman are interested" was 6%.
(3) There are many friends strangely.
Fake account was 726 persons while the friend's average number was 130 as for the number of real users.
(4) School education is high.
Fake account was 68% while the real user who has the experience which entered in the university was 40%.
(5) The distance of a graduate high school and a university is near.
While a real user's average was about 995 km, the average of fake account was 544 km.
(6) "Tag" a strange number to a photograph.
Although the real user had attached one tag on the average per [ which was raised ] four photographs, fake account was tagging 136 per four sheets.
(7) Don't update status.
Although it had the experience in which 85% of real users updated the status of Facebook, in fake account, it was only 57%.
(8) Interest is thin to entertainment.
Although 77% of real users were mentioning entertainment to the interest field on status, it was only 35% in fake account.
Moreover, while a real user's average also of the number of interested entertainment was 12 pieces, the average of fake account was three pieces.
Dr. Paul Judge who acts as a chief research officer by Barracuda Networks "now, an aggressor turns functions, such as Facebook "is good", newsfeed, Apps, to his own advantage, and is devising the attack efficiently.
With such a fake profile and application, it indicates that the aggressor can display Rink who is malicious over a long period of time to a general user", and is appealing for cautions to the user.


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Facebookユーザーをかたってユーザーに近づき、攻撃を仕掛けようとする“偽アカウント”が横行している――。セキュリティ企業のバラクーダネットワークスジャパンは2月24日、本物のユーザーのFacebookアカウントと偽アカウントを見分けるための調査レポート「Facebook:Fake Profiles vs. Real Users(偽プロファイル対リアルユーザー)」を発表した。

同調査では、米Barracuda Networksの調査機関であるバラクーダラボがFacebookのアクティブアカウントの中からランダムで2884件を抽出、分析し、平均的なリアルユーザーと偽アカウントの相違点を特定。偽アカウントの主な特徴として、以下の8つが明らかになった。

















Barracuda Networksでチーフリサーチオフィサーを務めるポール・ジャッジ博士は「いまや攻撃者はFacebookの『いいね!』やニュースフィード、Appsなどの機能を逆手にとって、効率よく攻撃を仕掛けている。このような偽プロファイルやアプリケーションにより、攻撃者は一般ユーザーに対して長期間にわたって悪意のあるリンクを表示させることができる」と指摘し、ユーザーに注意を呼び掛けている。


A sharp releases newly the new LED lighting which is going to offer "health" using a light on March 16.
Hold the exhibition of a new product on February 21, and at the Tokyo Ichigaya building of Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo the company senior executive officer health and an environmental system division director, Mr. Moriyuki Okada. HEALSIO series, such as "healthy air" called the air-conditioner and air cleaner which carry "plasma cluster technology, and water oven, -- "healthy food" -- and, I would like in addition to three fields of "the healthy beauty" that moisturing prevention can be performed with the drier of a plasma cluster, to add the new proposal "a healthy light" and to meet the consumer needs with health consciousness or increasing power-saving consciousness." The injection intention of the "Sakura color LED lighting" which is a new product was told.
It is 2008 that the company began research about "the influence on the person in a lighting color."
From 2009, the comparative experiments of the influence which it has on people with the color LED lighting of 13 colors will be conducted, and "thin red" is as specific as "the color which feels happiness."
In collaboration with Soiken, the effect about "healing" in a lighting color and "sleep" of thin red will be verified in 2011.
(1) Effects, such as ?? with sufficient (4) (5) which can sleep well waking with early (3) falling asleep with (2) high comfortable feelings by which a feeling is cured, were checked.
Then, the company says taking advantage of experience of the LED development for 40 years, "The effect of healing or good sleep support developed the LED lighting of the high "Sakura color" by carrying out mixing colors of cold color, warm color, and the red."
The "Sakura color LED lighting" which the company produced commercially is [ deep "double flowering cherry tree" and ] light "Somei Yoshino."
In addition to ten steps of mixing colors from the cold color which suited the conventional LED lighting to warm color, the exclusive button of a "double flowering cherry tree" and "Somei Yoshino" is added with a remote control button.
Three types of 8 or less mats, 12 mats or less, and 14 mats or less were prepared as an LED ceiling light for living.
In the company, if about 1 hour before sleeping is spent under the lighting of a "double flowering cherry tree" color, it can relax and it will be said that the actual proof result showed that it was falling asleep easily.
Moreover, the lighting of the Sakura color is said "It seems that it is effective in a character looking greatly like Gothic at, and the black character on a white ground also softens the stress to eyes from the influence of the light of long wavelength" (an LED lighting division vice president, Mr. Tsunehiro Momoi).
About the Sakura color coloring of the "double flowering cherry tree" by LED, and "Somei Yoshino", a patent is under application.
As "a color the effect of the light was proved to be", it is used monopolistically.
"Sakura color LED lighting" is an open price.
The existing LED light assumed that the sales amount in ? of thousands of yen about 10,000 yen addition is expected to the actual situation currently sold for ? of 65,000 yen about 70,000 yen by a 14-mat type.


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if the space fort deth star of a Galaxy empire who appears in a movie "Star Wars" is actually made, how much it will cost -- the student of ?? U.S. Lehigh University has released the projection by the economic blog Centive.
It seems that the deth star's size is said to be 140 km in diameter, and is made of iron.
If a deth star calculates as density of iron about the same as a present-day battleship, 1.08x1015 tons of iron is needed.
The iron quantity of production in the world is 1,300 million tons per year, and it will be this thing for securing a quantity required for deth star construction in 83,315.
When it calculates based on the price in 2012 more, it is only iron and is an about 852 capital dollar.
It will be 13,000 times the GDP in the world.
Of course, since the heavy industrial machine and something for construction work are also required, an aggregate total cost should start more.
It seems that the deth star cannot make unless it is only a Galaxy empire after all.
It is said that trial calculation various [ incidentally ] also in the past in Centives is carried out, and the price of the expense of the first year of the Hogwarts magic school of "Harry Potter" is 42,752 dollars according to it.


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The first "television station for a dog" was born in the United States this week.
A program for not a person but the dog of a dog lover to see is broadcast.
DOGTV started broadcast with the cable TV (Cox and Time Warner Cable) of San Diego (it broadcasts with the monthly amount of 4.99 dollars for 24 hours).
While the owner is [ the house ] absent, it is supposed that the program which can enjoy a dog is sponsored.
It is said that the program made to relax by a calm sound or music under a scientific verification, the program which gives a stimulus to an image with a motion or sound, etc. are made.
By the YouTube channel of the office, he can watch a part of program.


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DOGTVはサンディエゴのケーブルテレビ(CoxとTime Warner Cable)で放送を開始した(月額4.99ドルで24時間放送)。飼い主が家を留守にしている間に犬が楽しめる番組を提供するとしている。科学的な検証の下、落ち着いた音や音楽でリラックスさせる番組、動きのある映像や音で刺激を与える番組などを制作しているという。


A fur seal will appear for 16 days near the quay of the Ofunato fish market in Ofunato, Iwate stricken by the East Japan great earthquake, and it has become the center of attention.
The fur seal in which the persons involved in a fish market are swimming was found on the 16th.
The length was about 1 meter 20 cm, and it carried out behavior which writes the belly with a fin, and it was coming [ rotating the body ] and going near the quay leisurely.
Market participants "40 Although it was in the market in what year, it saw for the first time.
It is talking, if it becomes easy to enter, since the breakwater was lost."
The people of the fish market were saying, "While swimming vigorously, I would like to watch."


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Honda Motor puts the large-sized motorbike "NC700X" carrying the 700-cc engine of an establishment meter on the market on February 24.
It is the 1st phase of domestic introduction of the "new mid concept" series of the company.
The price is 649,950 yen (an ABS wearing model is 699,300 yen).
The newly developed 2 cylinders of 700-cc serial water-cooled 4 stroke OHC engine pursues efficient-izing of combustion, and low friction-ization thoroughly.
While giving resin coating to the piston, the lightweight aluminum material which becomes the first was used for the roller type rocker arm which reduces friction as a two-wheeled vehicle.
A horsepower output demonstrates 37 kW (50 H.P.)/6250 rpm, maximum torque demonstrates 61 Nm, and fuel consumption serves as 41 km (60-km/h constant ground run test value) of liters.
Detailed picture of a large-sized motorbike "NC700X" : (http://bizmakoto.jp/style/articles/1202/17/news056.html)
Front and the after suspension which has high road surface flattery nature in the body of a diamond frame are adopted.
Based on the "crossover concept" thought which is a new concept of making the motorcycle of the company, it was considered as the style which was full of a feeling of a lively motion.
The luggege space with a capacity of 21 liters was secured to the conventional fuel tank part with the fuel tank arranged under change of an engine-loading layout and a sheet.
Body size is 2210x830x1285 mm (full length x full width x overall height), seat height is 830 mm, and weight of vehicle is 214 km.
a body color -- a pearl sunbeam white, the Magna red, darkness black metallic, and digital ones -- 4 silver-metallic colors are prepared.


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the traditional event "もっ right [ that ] meal" which the people in an area will gather in the Wajima city in Ishikawa on the morning of the 16th, and eats a bowlful of boiled rice was performed.
it is considered as beginning that the もっ right [ that ] meal ate the rice which the farmer troubled with land tax hid in the year once, and made from the traditional event which gets across to the Wajima city of back noto for it until it was eating one's fill.
the boiled rice which began preparation at 4:00 a.m. in the person's on duty this year house, and was steamed -- "-- it put into the cylindrical wooden frame called もっ right [ that ]", and dished up high in the bowl (bowl).
Although the boiled rice which can be dished up in a bowl could also be 5 gos and 13 persons challenged this year, there was no person who ate completely following last year.
All participants filled the remaining boiled rice in the nest of boxes etc., and brought it home.


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A "wash-toilet system" with the admiration which is also permeating ordinary homes considerably now.
However, aren't there those that neither those for whom he does not understand apt usage, nor tips for choosing although purchase is considered are known, either?
Then, talk was spoken and carried out to Mr. public relations of TOTO, LTD. this time.
Although it was an image which is in a rich house till a decade ago [ ?? ], it has spread very much now?
Seemingly, in investigation of Cabinet Office, the diffusion rate in ordinary homes is 70.9% by investigation in March, last year.
At our company, cumulative shipments have already broken through 30 million sets since the sale start in 1980.
Incidentally, since a "wash-toilet system" is a registered trademark of our company, it calls it a "toilet bowl warm water flush system" as a general name.
It was not known (sweat). Was it touch like certain famous goods of a cellophane tape and a kitchen wrap?
Is there any right usage?
Although there is not necessarily usage "give in this way", I hope to use in liking, advising prolonged washing and past [ washing ].
Those who have received the medical treatment and medical practice of the part need to consult with the doctor just to make sure.
I have a shower fundamentally taken and felt refreshed instead of wiping with paper, and it dries by a warm air dry function after that.
It is said that it comes to use a part in order to promote the desire to have a bowel movement in the case of an errand.
Although a warm air function is seldom used for ?? individual target ....
Such a direction also comes.
It seems that there is also a type to which the warm air dry function is not attached, and some people use toilet paper and warm air properly since drying the buttocks completely only by warm air takes time somewhat after washing.
->3 which takes light moisture by the ->2:toilet paper which washes the buttocks in 1:shower when using both paper and a warm-air dry function: Dry in the least by a warm air function.   Probably, it is good to say.
?? I see.
But every maker can adjust water temperature and water pressure variously.
What is necessary will just be on the basis of what to choose, when choosing goods.
There is a difference in how to take out the water at the time of buttocks washing as a point which is not known unexpectedly.
It seems that this is scrupulous with "he likes this washing method of this maker", and may be purchased also in the visitor in the place where each maker's feature appears easily.
Of course, there are the various washing methods also in one goods.
For example, the thing of the typical washing method of our company being "the Wonder wave washing", and washing firmly with a dot.
Water is taken out as it blazes away at a dot.
However, since the strength of washing has liking, the method of washing the wide range gently by the revolution style "buttocks software washing" also carries.
?? -- there was such a prejudice!
The latest toilet is uncanny somehow.
し [ a lid opens automatically or the washing function sticks ] ....
What kind of other thing does the newest function have?
The function of wiping water with the disinfection effect with the new product put on the market in February, this year in a toilet bowl, and our company controlling of a toilet bowl and yellowish color, being competent, and making い last long sticks.
The mist of tap water is first sprayed at the time of entrance into a room, the mist which makes dirt hard to attach and has the disinfection effect after use is wiped to a toilet bowl, and water with the disinfection effect also washes a nozzle simultaneously.
Moreover, since the water which has the disinfection effect automatically every 8 hours also during standby is wiped, a beautiful state lasts long.
?? -- it is great!
But if so highly efficient, they are electric cost and water service cost ....
Maintaining comfortable nature, since the latest goods are excellent also in energy saving, it has evolved rapidly so that there may be as much as possible little electricity and water service and it may end.
Since I think that energy saving is one into which every maker is putting power, please observe, also when you choose.
Thank you for .


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現在、一般家庭にもかなり浸透してきている感のある、「ウォシュレット」。しかし、自分にぴったりの使い方が分からない人や、購入を検討しているけど選ぶ ポイントが分からない、という方もいるのではないでしょうか。そこで今回は、TOTO株式会社の広報さんに、お話を伺いしました。




――えっ!? それは知りませんでした(汗) セロハンテープや食品用ラップの某有名商品みたいな感じだったんですね。では、正しい使い方というのはあるのでしょうか。






紙と温風乾燥機能の両方を使う場合は、1:シャワーでおしりを洗う→2:トイレットペーパーで軽く水気を取る→3:温風機能でサッパリと乾かす というのがいいでしょう。





――そんなこだわりがあったとは! 最近のトイレは何だかすごいですね。自動でフタが開いたり洗浄機能がついていたりもしますし……。ほかに、最新の機能というのは、どんなものがあるのでしょうか。


まず入室時に水道水のミストを吹きつけて汚れをつきにくくし、使用後には除菌効果のあるミストを便器にふきかけ、同時にノズルも除菌効果のある水 で洗浄します。また、待機中も8時間ごとに自動で除菌効果のある水をふきかけますので、きれいな状態が長持ちするようになっています。

――すごい! でもそんなに高機能だと、電気代とか水道代とか……。



A researcher surmises whether a new species of chameleon and brokesia micra (Brookesia micra and a photograph are children) were miniaturized this much because they passed through two steps.
They say that it moves from resort island  of the Madagascar coast to another island Hullah, and miniaturized further there.
"A researcher is a paper Mini  chameleons (scientific name: Brookesia minima) evolve first in case of this scenario on a big island called Madagascar, It is said that it is thought that the extreme miniaturization that an islet called  Hullah was looked at by micra (in mini chameleons) was urged."


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新種のカメレオン、ブロケシア・ミクラ(Brookesia micra、写真は子ども)がこれほど小型化したのは、2段階の島嶼矮化を経たためではないかと研究者は推測する。マダガスカル沿岸のリゾート島ノシ・ベ から、別の島ノシ・ハラに移り、そこでさらに小型化したというのだ。

研究者は論文で、「このシナリオだと、マダガスカルという大きな島 でまずミニマヒメカメレオン(学名:Brookesia minima)類が進化し、ノシ・ハラという小島が(ミニマヒメカメレオン類の中で)ブロケシア・ミクラに見られるような極端な小型化を促したと考えられ る」と述べている。

The Akagi dairy industry puts on the market the limited package "Ngari Gary Mr. rich   chocolate vanilla chocolate Cookie" which carried out collaboration to the movie "STAR WARS episode 1/Phantom Menace 3D" from February 28.
A sale period is till June (schedule).
The price is 126 yen (including tax).
This collaboration package is that by which it united with "the STAR WARS episode 1/Phantom Menace 3D" serving as public presentation from March 16, and Mr. Ngari Gary disguised himself as Jedi's knight.
Ob = face to face is stood against the motif with each scene of a movie in the costume and light Saber of one kenob.
The taste expresses the view of the world of "STAR WARS" in the combination of the star (vanilla) + meteorite (chocolate Cookie) of a space (chocolate) + desert.
Furthermore, it is a method of the prejudice that the brand of the design of light Saber is carried out to all the sticks.
In addition, the present campaign which a "STAR WARS episode 1 3Dx Ngari Gary Mr. original T-shirt" hits is also carried out.
This is also a check required.


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赤城乳業は2月28日から、映画「STAR WARS エピソード1/ファントム・メナス 3D」とコラボした限定パッケージ「ガリガリ君リッチ チョコバニラチョコクッキー」を発売する。発売期間は6月(予定)まで。価格は126円(税込み)。  

こ のコラボパッケージは、「STAR WARS エピソード1/ファントム・メナス 3D」が3月16日から公開となるのに合わせ、ガリガリ君がジェダイの騎士に変身したもの。オビ=ワン・ケノービのコスチュームとライトセーバーをモチー フに、映画の各シーンと対峙している。

味は宇宙(チョコ)+砂漠の星(バニラ)+隕石(チョコクッキー)の組み合わせで「STAR WARS」の世界観を表現。さらにすべてのスティックに、ライトセーバーのデザインが焼印されているというこだわりようだ。

なお、「STAR WARS エピソード1 3D×ガリガリ君オリジナルTシャツ」が当たるプレゼントキャンペーンも実施。こちらも要チェックだ。


The bascule number exhibited the iPhone application "Pelo (Perrot)" of the new concept which used position information as the base on the 14th.
Free download is more possible than App Store.
As for "Pelo", in addition to the conventional check-in service, it is a position information practical use application of the feature to have strengthened the communication function.
The friend and information which can log in by mixi/ Twitter and are connected in SNS are sharable.
Moreover, according to check-in, migration length, and a place, 100 or more kinds of badges can be gained.
A map is immediately displayed after starting and a friend can check intelligibly where it is.
Not only a SNS course but the thing for which a friend is looked for via the place at which he checked in is possible.
Again   In order to support not only an on-line top but the communication by off-line, the mechanism in which communication with intimate persons, such as the "FREE" button which tells a friend about free time, and cooperation with the address book of iPhone, became freely and pleasant was performed.
Furthermore, the "pet" which offers a walk exists and it has become contents which give pleasure to going out, such as unearthing a badge and a coupon.
If Facebook cooperation, check-in reservation, and offer of the Android version are planned as future update
Fundamentally, the earnings model is an advertising model and as the first phase of O2O (Online to Offline) campaign, From March 6, The free coupon distribution event of "being cream cheese hard" (130 yen: including tax) of a Lawson original dessert "Utica festival イーツ" is carried out to 10,000 persons out of the user who checked in (only for the user of use by mixi account, a coupon can be gained).
A "bascule number" (Bascule Go, Inc.) is the joint corporation which bascule and mixi established in May, 2011.
The marketing service and original media development in which the social graph (relation with a friend and an acquaintance) was harnessed are performed, It has been dealing with service of mixi(s), such as "NIKEiD FRIEND STUDIO", a "SCHOOL OF LOCK summer school", and "mixi Xmas."


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バスキュール号は14日、位置情報をベースにした新しいコンセプトのiPhoneアプリ「Pelo(ペロ)」を公開した。App Storeより無料ダウンロードが可能。

「Pelo」は、従来のチェックインサービスに加え、コミュニケーション機能を強化しているのが特徴の位置情報活用アプリ。mixi/ Twitterでログイン可能で、SNSでつながる友人と情報を共有できる。またチェックインや移動距離、場所に応じて、100種類以上のバッジが獲得できる。

起動後すぐに地図が表示され、友人がどこにいるのか分かりやすく確認できる。SNS経由だけではなく、チェックインした場所経由で友人を探すことも可能。また オンライン上だけでなく、オフラインでのコミュニケーションもサポートするために、空き時間を友人に知らせる「FREE」ボタンや、iPhoneのアドレス帳との連携など、親しい人とのコミュニケーションが気軽で楽しくなる仕掛けが施された。


収益モデルは、基本的に広告モデルとなっており、O2O(Online to Offline)キャンペーン第一弾として、3月6日より、チェックインしたユーザーのなかから10,000名にローソンオリジナルデザート「ウチカフェスイーツ」の「ぎゅっとクリームチーズ」(130円:税込)の無料クーポン配布イベントを実施する(クーポンはmixiアカウントで利用のユーザーのみ獲得可能)。

「バスキュール号」(Bascule Go, Inc.)は、2011年5月にバスキュールとミクシィが設立した合弁会社。ソーシャルグラフ(友人・知人とのつながり)を活かしたマーケティングサービスおよびオリジナルメディア開発を行っており、「NIKEiD FRIEND STUDIO」「SCHOOL OF LOCKサマースクール」「mixi Xmas」といったmixiのサービスを手掛けてきている。

There is a site in which only the photograph of the cat which inserted the face in bread is brought together.
The name is also "Breaded Cats.com."
The expression of a cat which took out bread, or fence  and a face and which seems to be slightly troublesome is too lovely, and unbearable.
The kind of bread currently used is various.
Although the royal road seems to be the sliced bread, in inside, it is also to have put a croissant and bagel on the head the whole circle.
It has a rich variation, I being sleepy or considering it as  and it is so pretty that it does not get bored, seeing the expression of the cat.
Anyone can contribute a photograph and how to photograph is also explained.
It turns one rather than the head of a cat, a big hole is made in bread, it covers slowly, and a method is as a photograph is taken.
Easy in it being unexpected.
However, it is ! so that the used bread may not be raised to a cat, since it has bad influence on digestion.


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パンに顔をはめ込んだネコの写真だけを集めるサイトがある。その名も「Breaded Cats.com」。パンからちょこんと顔を出したネコのちょっと迷惑そうな表情が愛らしすぎてたまらない。




Papers, such as the best "Sony child science instruction program" school, are exhibited. [ in the 2011 fiscal year ]
Sony Foundation for Education opened February 13, the Sony child science instruction program best school paper (PDF) in the 2011 fiscal year, and an excellent school paper outline and a paper (PDF) to the homepage.
what the Sony child science instruction program invites the educational practice and the paper of the following fiscal year plan for education "which bring up the child who likes science" centering on natural science from an elementary school and junior high schools all over the country, and offers support for the realization.
In the program, with emphasis on what kind of education look back upon daily educational practice and is performed in the following fiscal year, it values it "is ? why" children's, and it is said that the education for cherishing rich sensitivity and creativity, and autonomy is aimed at.
The Kitami Tachiko west junior high school (Hokkaido) and the Ehime University department-of-education attached elementary school (Ehime Prefecture) were chosen as the best school paper in the 2011 fiscal year.
The subject of research of the Kitami Tachiko west junior high school aims at the lesson which can realize "frame frame and the pleasure with excitedly pleasant   science to !? Study, and is ?."
The  school which has continued the measure on three pillars of "impression and - research to understand" has announced the measure of the production of practice which aimed at the lesson which can realize the pleasure studied through thinking / research activities.
The subject of research of the Ehime University department-of-education attached elementary school is "the training ? of the creation ? creativity of a lesson, and sensitivity which cultivates the future."
While a child utilizes knowledge, skill, and experience, it learns with the lesson which carries out problem solving, and a friend, and it has become a paper of the contents which tackled an idea and the production of a lesson to express.
moreover -- as an excellent school -- "5UP strategy which brings up child who enjoys science actively" Marumori municipal marukan junior high school -- "-- completely - rapidly --   science lover student and an all the members set [!? ] -- a life -- in inside, [ of a Shichinohe municipal  elementary school ] Aiming at the lesson which can be felt, the importance of science ?", "the practice which brings up the child who likes science and the plan for education" of the first elementary school of Iwaki municipal Onahama, Aiming at enhancement of ? starting point revolution and the silk plan 2011 to raise, the favorite child of "science of a Kawamata municipal Kawamata elementary school ?", The paper of the "Atago plan 2 to bring up the child who likes science" of the ""relation project 2012" which brings up child who likes science" Gosen municipal Atago junior high school is published. [ of "training of the child who tackles going with volition" of a Saitama municipal Omiya north elementary school, and the first junior high school of the Choshi city ]


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「ソニー子ども科学教育プログラム 」2011年度最優秀校等論文を公開

ソニー教育財団は2月13日、ソニー子ども科学教育プログラム 2011年度最優秀校論文(PDF)および優秀校論文概要・論文(PDF)をホームページに公開した。




北見市立光西中学校の研究テーマは「わくわく・どきどき 理科は楽しい!~学ぶ楽しさを実感できる授業を目指して~」。「感動・わかる・探究」の3つの柱に取り組みを続けてきた同校は、思考・探究活動を通して学 ぶ楽しさを実感できる授業を目指した実践づくりの取組を発表している。


また優秀校として、七戸町立天間東小学校の「科学を能動的に楽しむ子どもを育てる5UP作戦」、丸森町立丸舘中学校の「まるまる・もりもり 理科好き生徒、全員集合!~生活の中で、理科の大切さを感じることができる授業を目指して~」、いわき市立小名浜第一小学校の「科学が好きな子どもを育て る実践と教育計画」、川俣町立川俣小学校の「科学の好きな子どもを育てる~原点回帰・シルクプラン2011の深化を目指して~」、さいたま市立大宮北小学 校の「意欲をもっていきいきと取り組む子どもの育成」、銚子市立第一中学校の「科学が好きな子どもを育てる『つながりプロジェクト2012』」、五泉市立 愛宕中学校の「科学が好きな子どもを育てる愛宕プラン2」の論文が掲載されている。

[Canberra   14-day   Reuters] By the investigation which investigated the high city of living expenses, Zurich in Switzerland stopped Tokyo and ranked 1st.
English economic magazine economist's investigation section economist intelligence unit (EIU) migrated to 130 cities in the world, and investigated 400 or more prices, such as food, garments, and a house rent.
According to this investigation, the jump of the Swiss franc influenced and Zurich surfaced at the top from the 5th place last year -- the investor who is apprehensive about the Europe debt crisis moves funds to a Swiss franc safer from Euro.
Geneva was the 3rd place.
In Australia, five cities are the top 20 entering.
Sydney and Melbourne were the 7th place and the 8th place, respectively.
Mr. John Koepp Stig who took charge of investigation said by the declaration, "It is an exchange rate that has influenced the living expenses of Australia most, and the Australian dollar went up twice in opposite U.S. dollar in the past ten years."
The rank in of Vancouver in Canada was carried out to the 37th place, and it became a city in which living expenses start most in North America.
The 42nd place that Los Angeles is the highest in the U.S. and is located in a line with Shanghai.
New York was the 47th place.
In Asia, Singapore was ranked higher to the 9th place, and the South Korean soul was ranked higher to the 27th place.


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[キャンベラ 14日 ロイター] 生活費の高い都市を調べた調査で、スイスのチューリヒが、東京を抑えて1位になった。英経済誌エコノミストの調 査部門エコノミスト・インテリジェンス・ユニット(EIU)が、世界の130都市にわたり、食料や衣料、家賃など400以上の価格を調べた。






Even if it exceeds 100 years old in a U.S. Florida state, an active woman is in it.
Mr. Dolly noieck (105) who pushes a cart and walks in a hospital continues collection and delivery of mail as a volunteer, and he will still be active service for 38 years.
The grand birthday party was opened in the hospital on the 11th.
The secret of long life should not complain that a calorie is not taken in too much.
But it smiled bitterly, saying "Chocolate chip Cookie will be eaten every day."
Mr. noieck has not driven a car from ancient times, and he says that any number of km was walking and moving.


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