I like a point card is

Here, flexible organic radical battery & NEC is what the ultra-thin (Organic Radical Battery). What! Its thin, 0.3mm only. Is about as thin as they can be built to your credit card.

Why, when I was able to say so thin, that you are using ultra-thin polymer film to exterior materials also available on the circuit board, and so I owe a special printing technology. In addition, a thin but this, from ORB technology is not that much better performance is the same as the lithium ion, I expect I will now how to take advantage of the future.

NEC is either not available or use in flat panel displays the battery of the latest generation of this, or close to the feeling that covers the paper more E-Reader, to improve the functionality of credit cards and IC card the way ? It is said that thought.

If you can please try to imagine, it has a built-in display to the Visa card to confirm your billing statement and balance? You may also be able to use when equipped with wireless capabilities, even without the trouble of credit card issued from your wallet. N? ~ What I thought convenient, my case will be mentioned ... of mediocre ideas. I want to use in what way would you do?



こちら、NECの超薄型&柔軟性のある有機ラジカル電池(Organic Radical Battery)なんです。なんと! その薄さは、わずか0.3mm。クレジットカードに内蔵できちゃうぐらいの薄さです。
な んで、こんなに薄くできたかというと、回路基板にも利用可能な超薄型ポリマーフィルムを外装材に使用していることと、特殊な印刷技術のおかげなんだそうで す。また、こんな薄さなのに、ORB技術はリチウムイオンと同じぐらいパフォーマンスが優れているというんですから、将来の活用方法に期待しちゃいますよ ね。
ちなみにNECは、この最新世代の電池をフラット・パネル・ディスプレイに使ったり、E-Readerをもっと紙を取り扱ってるような感覚に近づけたり、ICカーやクレジットカードの機能を良くするのに使えないか? と考えているそうです。
想 像してみてください、Visaカードにディスプレイが内蔵されていて、あなたの利用明細や残高を確認することが出来たら?  また、ワイヤレス機能がつい ていたら、クレジットカードをわざわざお財布から出さなくても使えるようになるかもしれません。ん? 便利~って思ったけど、僕があげた例はイマイチなア イディアかも...。あなたならどんな風に使いたい?

No. 16 in Weekly Shonen Jump (Shueisha), to commemorate the fourth anniversary of a series of breakthrough "Nurarihyon no Mago" Hiroshi Shiihashi, have held the 3rd character popularity poll was released on March 19, today.

In the popular vote, presents a special poster using the illustration facing this issue of 100 names at random from among the voters. Accept applicants until April 2. For more information check at the magazine.

"BLEACH" the issue now, because of the flu is Kyusai Kubo Taito also. Continued next issue is scheduled to resume from No. 17 on sale March 26. "HUNTER × HUNTER" Yoshihiro Togashi is to enter the long-term Kyusai further than the next issue was announced. 30 volumes and the latest issue because it declined to release on April 4, fans will wait patiently to better read the series resumes here.


Candy Galaxy





Web site iFixit has posted a series of mobile products manual decomposition of the U.S. Apple has released the photo degradation of the Apple tablet rice March 15 (local time), was obtained in Australia, the "iPad" new. IFixit display of the individual seems to have obtained was made ​​by Samsung Electronics South Korea at least.

From the model number marked on the back of the "Retina Display" 9.7-inch, iFixit is made ​​of this display was judged Samsung.

Apple memory capacity is not officially announced, it was rumored as 1G byte. The logic board has two 4Gb LPDDR2 is of Elpida Memory, become 1G bytes in total. Wi-Fi chips are made ​​by Broadcom, communication is a multi-chip RF chip of QUALCOMM bay that supports LTE, QUALCOMM is made in the modem. MCP memory and 16G bytes of NAND flash memory manufactured by Toshiba.

iFixit has also posted photos and remove the cover (made by Samsung the same as "A5" of iPad 2) a combination of dual-core processors and quad-core graphics "A5X" of SoC.

Battery that provides 10 hours of driving in the Retina Display, which is composed of one cell of 125 × 65 × 4 mm 3, when the amount of power is 43 watts.

iFixit, a company contracted to repair the hardware and the center was founded in 2003, the product Apple. Have published a manual for repair decomposition of successive iPod, the iPhone. The company was evaluated in 10 stages and 2 the same as iPad 2, the "degree of ease of repair" of the new iPad.



米Appleの一連のモバイル製品の分解マニュアルを掲載しているWebサイトiFixitが3月15日(現地時間)、オーストラリアで入手した米Appleのタブレット、新「iPad」の分解写真を公開した。少なくともiFixitが入手した個体のディスプレイは韓国Samsung Electronics製だったようだ。

9.7インチの「Retina Display」の背面に記された型番から、iFixitはこのディスプレイはSamsung製と判断した。

Appleが公式には発表していないメモリ容量は、うわさ通り1Gバイトだった。ロジックボードにはエルピーダメモリの4Gb LPDDR2が2個あり、合計で1Gバイトになる。Wi-FiチップはBroadcom製、通信チップはLTEをサポートする米QUALCOMMのマルチRFチップで、モデムもQUALCOMM製だ。16GバイトのNANDフラッシュメモリとMCPメモリは東芝製。

iFixitは、デュアルコアプロセッサとクアッドコアグラフィックスを組み合わせたSoCの「A5X」(iPad 2の「A5」と同じSamsung製)のカバーを外した写真も掲載している。

Retina Displayでの10時間駆動を実現するというバッテリーは、125×65×4ミリのセル3つで構成されており、電力量は43ワット時。

iFixitは、2003年に創業した、Apple製品を中心とするハードウェアの修理を請け負う企業。歴代のiPod、iPhoneの修理のための分解マニュアルを公開している。同社は新iPadの「修理しやすさ度」を、iPad 2と同じ10段階で2と評価した。


That, to endure in the diet of only vegetables because of diet or not?
Make Body Shapes Gym Trainer (Toshiaki & Ozeki) representative bright Osamu Ozeki (Shapes) in the body make-up and diet expert pointed out "in the diet of vegetables do not lose weight center after all, it does not reduce body fat" and to, I heard the reason.

■ what the protein is up the basal metabolic

- The plant-based diet Why does not lose weight, why.

Ozeki trainer first, whether the decrease in weight is a matter of calorie intake (the amount of eating). The lower than the amount or activity (calories consumed by the body to maintain life) is the basal metabolic caloric intake, can lead to weight loss.

However, the body, "To reduce energy consumption as if the reduction in the intake, the defense function of order to survive" is provided.

That is, weight loss center with diet vegetables is a temporary thing, you will state the amount of muscle is reduced fat, but rather decreased, basal metabolism goes down as a result. Are not burning fat and basal metabolism is reduced, the constitution will be difficult to lose weight easy to gain weight, eventually rebound will be waiting.

Moreover, from the rebound will be more difficult to lose weight.

- So, what do you like what Kokorogakere the diet.

That the ingestion of "protein" of the material it is important to make the muscle trainer Ozeki. The protein has a major role in two "glucagon secretion" and "to maintain and increase muscle."

Hormone glucagon signal is out called "Get ready for use immediately converted into energy as" the body fat.

In addition, the material in the body to burn fat, just muscle. Protein to work to maintain and increase muscle, is not that the basal metabolism up.

■ trying to protein of 0.6 ~ 1.0 (g) × body weight

- What is the protein that contains ingredients such as how many.

Ozeki protein trainer will be divided into two categories: the "vegetable protein" and "animal protein".
It is said that "vegetable protein" that includes many high-quality protein and grain-legumes, such as, for rate of absorption in the body is bad, it can be said for making unsuitable ingredients and diet and ideal body actually.

"Animal protein" for it is well absorbed into the body rate, because it contains a well-balanced essential amino acids must be taken from the diet, nutrients can be replenished firmly.

The main food-rich are as follows: the animal protein that I recommend.

(Low-fat portion of cow, pig, and chicken in particular) meat
· Seafood (fish, squid, octopus, shellfish, etc.)
Louis egg

- So, what do you eat how much.

Ozeki trainer course, the amount that suits you is important.

It is recommended that you eat a meal many times divided into 0.6 ~ 1.0 (g) × body weight = protein intake of the day.
If weight of 50kg, let's take a protein of 50 × 0.6 ~ 1.0 = 30 ~ 50 (g).

For example,
· 25g per 100g fillet of fish about
· 16g per 100g beef flank about
About · 16.6g per 100g pork loin
About · 19.6g per 100g chicken thigh
· 7g about 1 egg per
About · 3.1g per 100ml milk
About · 3.2g per 100g yogurt

It contains protein. What to eat that amount with reference to nutrition, such as ingredient labeling, according to the weight, Strive for a well-balanced diet is the way of diet success.

- Thank you very much.

I think, it is because when you eat meat, fat, diet was particularly apt to shy away from. Assumptions such a taboo to take a protein, the appropriate amount is such that the key to a well-balanced diet.






尾関トレーナー まず、体重が減るかどうかは、カロリー摂取量(食べる量)の問題です。カロリー摂取量が基礎代謝(生命を維持するために体が消費するカロリー)や活動量よりも低くなれば、体重の減少につながります。





尾関トレーナー 筋肉をつくる材料の「タンパク質」を摂取することが重要です。タンパク質には、「筋肉の維持・増加」と「グルカゴン分泌」という2つの大きな役割があります。





尾関トレーナー タンパク質は、「動物性タンパク質」と「植物性タンパク質」の2つに分類されます。





尾関トレーナー もちろん、自分に合った量が大切です。







Returning to the owner that half of the smartphone was lost, 96% of the finder has access to some data - Symantec U.S., an experiment examining whether to be treated how the smartphone was caught in lost blog the results have been introduced in.

The experiment left behind on purpose in downtown Ottawa, New York Wanshinton, Los Angeles, San Francisco, the Canadian smartphone 50 with the cooperation of Scott Wright's Security Perspectives, in which you saved the pseudo data on companies and individuals, the person picking up whether the report was examined. Using a tool that can be monitored from a remote location or what operations were performed at the terminal, its appearance also was also investigated.

As a result, but you try to return to the owner that half of the people picked up the smartphone, and 96% were trying to see the data in the terminal. In a file name is assumed to be related to the company 80% Of these, 60% of attempts to view the information of social media and e-mail, and half were trying to access a bank account.

In addition, the app was charged with pretending to be able to access the system within the company. Finder was actually accessed but did not, that you try to run half of this app.

Symantec commentary, "It does not mean a bad man, has the casually curious, delicious" apple "When placed in front of the eye, he would bite with" and. This permits you to prepare the tools that you can put a password lock to the terminal, you can erase the data on the terminal by remote control, and track their whereabouts, you are able to reduce the risk and advice.


Candy Galaxy


実験はSecurity Perspectivesのスコット・ライト氏の協力を得て、企業や個人に関する疑似データを保存した50台のスマートフォンをニューヨーク、ワンシントン、ロサンゼルス、サンフランシスコ、カナダのオタワの繁華街でわざと置き忘れ、拾得者が届け出るかを調べた。また端末でどのような操作が行われたかをリモートから監視できるツールを使って、その様子も調査した。




Looking at the closet, why not just lined up in clothes of the same color? For each color, there is a psychological sense, because people are attracted to its color characteristics of the unconscious, they tend to choose the same color, such as with. The color of the clothes are, I think of self-expression "I am from around,! Want to be seen" anti-that is lurking in particular. And do not wear much color to color, do not like, it has been hidden part of you does not want to be seen, is complex.

■ would have been idling too hard green waste ......
I prefer the green, which is a symbol of harmony and healing, I think that people want to please the people strong. In contrast, the person who is weak in a green dress, upward mobility is a strong type. I think the same "bad people" and "I want you to evaluate yourself more." You would then tend to think "but that effort has not been recognized" that is strong, then they try to look my best too idled more for their own good.

■ can not express yourself well red ......
Those who prefer the red, positive and active. To reach the objective is the type that'll earn invitations in any way. On the contrary, the people that the poor clothes of red color, every fight is hate. I think also in love, and you do not want to be seen as greedy for. Therefore, there is a complex called "do not speak well in public", but want to stand out, you have yourself quite at the table not afford.

■ You do not honestly perceived that the gray praised by others ......
What is your favorite person may adapt the gray, self-effacing person. Even in an unpleasant boss and subordinates, who can be able to correspond in its own way, make a human. However, the person who is weak, craves is strong, but others have been preferential treatment than their gray clothes will not tolerate. In addition, the harbor there is a complaint I have been placed in his position, that "I do not want this remains buried."

■ poor at people presume pink ......
The pink color represents the kindness and fuzzy feeling. There is also a symbol of the dream maiden graces that you want someone that want to be loved. Person who is weak, a strong sense of independence, the type that are difficult to presume that such person pink clothes. I think that does not want to be seen childlike feeling is strong, to work more than men, and that I wanted to see who can do the job. In addition, it would rival a man in love.

■ from a person being hated blue ...... scary
Japanese love the blue color. When the color image means politeness and order, we proceed to each kind of waste in a planned manner. I would avoid such a blue dress, I think that people do not want to be hated from strong people. On the other hand tend to think I want to live in lust, and I do not want to be bound by the rules, too much stress Tamekomi easy to care about people. In addition, for people and places affected, so there is a strange complex.

■ Can not flexible yellow things ......
Yellow represents the flexibility and curiosity. People who like yellow, bright and will give the impression of innocence like a child. That people do not wear much clothing yellow except read glee seen in the light type is an unpleasant person. Strive to steady, but there is tenacity, not good at responding to change. Values ​​without being bound to show yourself as it is referred to as "should be" anti, it is easy to seal the real intention.

■ easy to drown in love ...... and purple, poor love
The mystic purple color. People who like people who think that, also, want to have an artistic talent, and I want to live gracefully away from the real world is purple. In addition, the color purple is also a bewitching, let the image of the sexy adult women. On the contrary, the people that are weak in purple clothes, realist. Has a weak complex that unaccountable, that poor love. However, when the opponent appears once immersive, large potentially drowning in love!

Looking at the color clothes never wore so far, also changes from around the impression of the mood, we are also eliminates the complex. Color was also Avoid it like the "no suit", so warm up your aura and into wearing all means, please try the challenge.


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クローゼットを見ると、同じ色の服ばかり並んでいませんか? それぞれの色には、心理的な意味があり、人は無意識にその色の特性に惹かれているため、つい 同じような色を選ぶ傾向にあるのです。とくに服の色は、「自分はまわりから、こう見られたい!」という自己表現の思いがひそんでいます。そして、あまり着 ない色、嫌いな色には、あなたの見られたくない部分、コンプレックスが隠されているのです。

調和や癒やしの象徴である緑色を好むのは、人を喜ばせたいという思いが強い人。反対に、緑色の服が苦手な人は、上昇志向が強いタイプです。「人 と同じはイヤ」「もっと自分を評価して欲しい」と思っています。そして、「努力しているのに、認められていない」という思いが強く、もっと自分をよく見せ ようと頑張り過ぎて空回りしてしまう傾向にあるでしょう。

赤色を好む人は、積極的で活発。目標のためには、何が何でも勝ち抜いてやるというタイプです。反対に、赤い色の服が苦手という人は、争いごとが 嫌いです。恋愛においても、ガツガツしているように見られたくないと思っています。そのため、「人前でうまく話せない」というコンプレックスがあり、目立 ちたいけれど、なかなか自分を表に出せないところがあります。

灰色を好きな人は順応性があり、控えめな人です。イヤな上司や部下でも、それなりに対応ができ、人を立てることができる人。しかし、灰色の服が 苦手な人は、自己顕示欲が強く、自分よりも他人が優遇されているのが耐えられません。また、自分の置かれている立場に不満があり、「このまま埋もれたくな い」という思いを抱いています。

ピンクは、ほんわかとした優しさをあらわす色。誰かに甘えたい、愛されたいという夢みる乙女の象徴でもあります。そんなピンク色の服が苦手な人 は、自立心旺盛で、人に甘えるのが苦手なタイプ。子どもっぽく見られたくないという気持ちが強く、男性以上に働き、仕事ができる人に見られたいと思ってい ます。また、恋愛でも男性をライバル視してしまいそう。

青は日本人が大好きな色。礼儀正しさや秩序を意味し、計画的に物ごとを進めていくときのイメージカラー。そんな青色の服を避けてしまうのは、人 から嫌われたくないという思いが強い人。欲望のままに生きていきたい、規則に縛られたくないと思う反面、人に気を使いすぎてストレスをためこみやすい傾向 にあります。また、気取った人や場所に対して、妙なコンプレックスもありそうです。

黄色は好奇心や柔軟性をあらわします。黄色が好きな人は、子どものように明るく無邪気な印象を与えるでしょう。黄色の服はをあまり着ないという 人は、はしゃいだり、軽いタイプに見られるのが嫌な人です。地道に努力し、粘り強さはあるのですが、変化への対応が苦手。あるがままの自分を見せられず、 「こうあるべき」という価値観に縛られ、本音を封印しがちです。

紫は神秘的な色。紫色が好きな人は、芸術的な才能が欲しい、また、俗世間から離れて優雅に生きたいと思っている人。また、紫は妖艶な色でもあ り、大人の女性のセクシーさをイメージさせます。反対に、紫色の服が苦手という人は、現実主義者。わけのわからないことが苦手で、恋愛下手というコンプ レックスを持っています。しかし、いったん夢中になれる相手が現われると、恋に溺れてしまう可能性大!



JYJ unit was formed still the most popular deep-rooted in Japan, TVXQ Jaejoong was withdrawn from, Yoochun, Junsu is. However, six days this month, exposes the voice of the Korean entertainment gossip site that are evidence of assault, verbal abuse against three fans, was called a ripple.

For this problem, the apology is made to members (local time) 8. Thus, they were supposed to be admitted the facts of the assault and verbal abuse against an official fan.

Voice "was leaked, it that the person you assault peppered with verbal abuse they are. Stuff that was recorded around July 2009, three people withdrew from TVXQ, in the sense of Johnny" as Oriki " I come chasing after thoroughly until the private audio file was published fan. radical called "raw I (dashed line) fan" and is the voice of Jaejoong is about 10 minutes the longest, Junsu and Yoochun was about 10 seconds each other "(official record company)

According to media reports, South Korea, Jaejoong is the "I'm for you guys? Why do not you have to live like this" you guys "is" will not care or of taking the stress from me "?" What a fan really "been chasing wherever you go, live or criminal on the run ...... I (I)" peppered with people and fans next to the cries of woe, such as dangerous, such as sound and hit someone, woman groan of has been recorded.

In contrast JYJ on August 8, told reporters in Chile where performances, did not deny that there was a "real" audio file was leaked, "Understanding our past behavior is not correct I want to apologize" ( Jaejoong announcement and comments). At the same time, we said that the cut has been damaged or how is their own.

However, on the Internet is "violence is not justified for any reason" fan does not respect the privacy of the "Star is intense debate of the pros and cons, such as" a problem has unfolded, turmoil is the clouds do not fit for a while.

Three people had been disadvantaged in the job in Korea for a while in the problem withdrawal from Dong Bang Shin Ki ", of more than a year ago. 2 This disturbance Just when recently, it has also increased work gradually, popularity had recovered including the circumstances of the spill. that seems to only became clear by now become the "assaults", Dari jealous of the popularity of JYJ, and was leaked intentionally stakeholders that a dispute over the rights, members likely to start "(official entertainment of living in Korea) is offensive media coverage when he returned home

Of this scandal is not resolved, the realization of big projects are planned under the surface he is likely to derail it.

Although very popular, each of Dong Bang Shin Ki ", and JYJ, the momentum of TVXQ time were five members still are not, at the counter of Japan of TVXQ. That efforts aiming at a reunion in five of the year participants, JYJ because they received a heavy blow on the decline intense CD sales from Koda Kumi and Ayumi Hamasaki even if the Avex has stopped Management in Japan because of the "past" black president of the office, was once a popular If reunited five TVXQ likely. but to sign artists at once, you're with scandal surfaced like this reunion would be quite severe "(official Music)

Sure enough, the stage of Japan Sun TVXQ five again What will come?





「流 出した音声は、3人が東方神起から離脱した2009年7月ごろに録音されたという代物。彼らが暴言を浴びせて暴行した相手というのは、ジャニーズ事務所で いうところの"オリキ"のような、プライベートまで徹底的に追いかけてくる『私生(サセン)ファン』と呼ばれる過激なファン。公開された音声ファイルは、 ジェジュンの声が最も長く約10分、ユチョンとジュンスはそれぞれ10秒ほどだった」(レコード会社関係者)

韓国メディアの報道による と、ジェジュンは「俺はこんな生活をしなければいけないのか? お前らのために」「お前たちは本当にファンなのか?」「俺らがストレスを受けるのとかお構 いなしだろ」「どこへ行っても追っかけられて、逃げ回って生きて......(俺は)犯罪者かよ」などの悲痛な叫びを次々とファン浴びせ、誰かを殴るよう な物騒な音や、女性のうめき声が録音されていた。

これに対しJYJは8日、公演先の南米チリで報道陣に対し、流出した音声ファイルが" 本物"であったことを否定せず、「過去の私たちの正しくない行動については謝罪したい」(ジェジュン)とのコメントを発表。同時に、自分たちがいかに被害 を受けてきたかを切々と語ったという。


「東 方神起からの離脱問題で3人はしばらく韓国国内の仕事でも不利益を被っていたが、最近、徐々に仕事も増えてきて、人気が回復していた矢先にこの騒動。2年 以上前の"暴行事件"が今ごろになって明らかになっただけに、JYJの人気をねたんだり、利権をめぐって揉めている関係者が意図的にリークしたと思われ る。流出の経緯も含め、メンバーたちが帰国したらメディアの取材攻勢が始まりそう」(韓国在住の芸能関係者)


「東 方神起、JYJとそれぞれ人気だが、やはりメンバー5人だったころの東方神起の勢いはなく、関係者が年内の5人での再結成を目指して奔走している。東方神 起の日本の窓口で、JYJを事務所社長の"黒い過去"を理由に日本でのマネジメントを停止したエイベックスにしても、かつては人気だった浜崎あゆみや倖田 來未らのCDセールスの激しい落ち込みで大打撃を受けているため、東方神起が5人で再結成すれば一気に看板アーティストになりそう。しかし、今回のような スキャンダルが浮上したからには再結成はかなり厳しいだろう」(音楽関係者)


"In Oriental medicine," "that enter the body through the pot, in the neck" gate "Wind back the" evil wind "to accumulate, then the back of the head" (within quotation) pond the wind "(Husband and Wife) wind Prefecture and "It has been said has been considered, embarrass together. as" pot slayer three major cold "These are the acupuncture master (old and new) Keisuke Maruo of director Institute of osteopathic acupuncture Taishibashi teacher (Keisuke & Maruo).

■ crawling on the Cairo to prevent colds "(wind ripple) wind gate"

In, "and its three large pot slayer", let's introduce an anti-cold pot one teacher recommended Maruo.

A wind gate. (Wind ripple)

There is, as the name "The Gate to invade cold", you may even "prevent a cold place", at the same time.
It thrilled the beginning and play the cold, is this area of ​​the back. Accumulate in the pond and to introduce the second wind through the evil of the cold here, cold is worse.

The beginning of cold play, please stimulate the gate the wind.

As a quick way, the recommended approach is warm in Cairo and a disposable towel around the gate and said, take the wind. Staff of acupuncture are all stuck here from Cairo autumn has ~Tsu (is).

Position of the pot: you can before the head when killed, two per each side of the bone under the most protruding from the back of the neck bone (cervical spine, cervical spine of the seventh).

The middle finger of both Shiatsu method: stimulation of the pot. Or, place pasted the circuit by turning the hand around the back of the neck, let's reach Lee (is).

Two wind pond. (Inside quotation)

And meaning "pond" is called "accumulate". In other words, is the location of cold evil accumulates. Better circulation of the head, headaches and heaviness of the head, and the rest the neck, is a low-grade fever and fatigue pot soften slayer, of the body, symptoms such as dizziness.

Position of the pot: from the outside toward the left and right ears of both thick muscles along the hairline of reluctance, two, depression in the two away about the width of the thumb of his duty.

Stimulation of the pot: it wraps around the back of the head to make by hand, simultaneously press the left and right with your thumb. Stimulation increases the head and back and forth slowly while acupressure.

(Husband and Wife) 3 wind Prefecture.

It has been said with further progression is cold, wind and gather in this evil government. In order not worsened, you can do to stop the evil wind at Cheong Wa Dae.
In particular, there is also a slayer pot runny nose, and stuffy nose.

Depression of the bone just below the most prominent possible when killed before the head, the back of the neck (cervical spine, the seventh cervical vertebra): The location of the pot.

Stimulation of the pot: it wraps around the back of the head to make by hand, press with your thumb. Stimulation increases the head and back and forth slowly while acupressure.

Oji 4. (With large)

Finally, recommendations for teacher Maruo pot. Oji, meaning that under the (vertebra) large vertebra. Hair-raising spine, stretch the neck, head is heavy, such as when the heat is effectively came out suddenly is swollen (tonsils), sore throat tonsils.

Depression of the bone just below the most prominent possible when killed before the head, the back of the neck (cervical spine, the seventh cervical vertebra): The location of the pot.

Shiatsu toward the middle finger and index finger in a variety of method: stimulation of the pot. In addition, the stimulus is slowly increased to around the head while acupressure.

Maruo teacher is, how to acupressure, and the advice as follows.
Such as in "desk work, please stimulus any number of times anywhere, anytime little bit of time. Position of the vase Locate the proper place is strange is slightly different from person to person. By yourself, to 1 minute 10 seconds and press people including the surrounding area It is effective to stimulate repeat "

I wonder just tried to "How (is) Ha gate circuits to the Wind", the entire body is warm, because do not feel like somehow catch a cold. Please try.



「東洋医学では、『風の邪気』が背中の『風門』というツボから体内に入り、首の『風池(ふうち)』にたまって、次に後頭部の『風府(ふうふ)』に集まって こじらせる、と考えられています。これらは『風邪の三大特効ツボ』と言われています」と鍼灸(しんきゅう)師で太子橋鍼灸整骨院院長の丸尾啓輔(まるお・ けいすけ)先生。























Receiving a special event Apple showed off the "iPad" new product briefing was also held in Japan. Most of them are the same thing as what was published in the video already, it was provided hands-on corner in the hall, let's recap the features of iPad third generation while exchanging the first impression related article (Apple announcement of support 2048 × 1536 display a dot "iPad" third generation).

In the event announcement was held in San Francisco, mention that Tim Cook CEO tablet is more than 100 have been introduced to new in 2011, are appealing that the iPad 2 was superior to any of it. Then began the introduction of the new iPad affirm that for the question of his own? "Would make a great product from (iPad 2) This is where on earth", and "what it can be us." Just what it says, iPad appeared this time a new feature that incorporates a lot of attention.

● iPad third generation was overwhelmingly beautiful on the screen

S five-point "corresponding LTE" "voice input" "iSight-megapixel camera can take video in full HD" "adoption of" A5X "high resolution display," and roughly summarize the characteristics of the new iPad.

Video "muzzles" move, in addition to: (http://plusd.itmedia.co.jp/pcuser/articles/1203/09/news025.html)

Let's look first from high-resolution display. Apple called the "Retina display" the same as the iPhone 4/4S, the display has been adopted by the new iPad, takes over the IPS panel while a wide viewing angle, 1024 × 768 dot display of iPad 2 from (132ppi), 2048 × 1536 was improved to (264ppi) display dot. This is also compared to the big screen TV (1920 × 1080 dots), much more than 1 million pixels in the screen the number of dots, that make it possible to display very high-resolution full HD. Incidentally, although the dot pitch wide, the distance of the eye and the screen than if you use iPad iPhone 4/4S, 3.5-inch type 9.7 if compared to the iPhone 4 was achieved (326ppi) Display 3.5-inch 960 × 640 dots Because you are distant, and the correct representation in the sense that it "can not recognize the pixels with the naked eye," nickname of the Retina and display.

In fact, looking at hands-on demo machines lined up in the corner, was the overwhelming beauty of the screen. That was the impression that there is not enough sense of resolution to iPad 2 so far is not, the sharpness of the time was expanded and the characters that appear in the Safari and iBooks, the high-resolution photos in iPhoto is quite impressive there. In the scene, such as read a text in such a complex character of Chinese characters, especially it seems to be able to realize the benefits of high resolution.

On the other hand, also has been revamped processor that delivers four times the resolution falls iPad 2. "A5X" dual-core incorporates a graphics score of four, he said four times faster graphics performance compared to NVIDIA's Tegra 3 According to the company. I tried to actually swipe or scroll, was able to operate smoothly as well as iPad 2. However, I tried the automatic correction and effects to high-resolution photos in iPhoto, so comfort is reflected in the results immediately, they had to wait a little impression.

● iSight-megapixel camera that supports video recording at 1080p

(Front side is the same as before FaceTime camera, incidentally) was an eye-catching even a built-in iSight camera 5-megapixel on the back side of the body. Equipped with an optical system is composed of five lenses of F2.4 as well as opening and iPhone 4S of 8 million pixels, back-illuminated CMOS sensor to strong shooting in the dark. Equipped with facial recognition and auto-focus lock and auto focus up to 10 people, maximum, and a variety of functions is not a mere bonus (Sample photos / videos taken with the new Apple iPad has been published).

This time, also supports video recording at 1080p further. Movie also has a camera shake correction function, to function in the "moderate" in the sense saw through. However, you can not even seem to turn off the camera shake correction. There was no model is available 128G bytes of data are bloated considering the place a little unfortunate.

※ There was an inappropriate description for the difference between the angle of view when compared to the still image shooting and movie shooting. Because it is ready to cut the left and right sides of the wide-screen standard display when shooting the movie, actually be taken to fit the screen size of the iPad, there is no gap fraction as compared to photos. We apologize and correct

● 4G LTE voice input and

OS of the new iPad has been exhibited at the venue is 5.1 (9B176), that supports voice input in Japanese. However, not us to comeback and Siri iPhone 4S is available unlike, for the question, what ancillary says a letter in the voice. I tried, in the Japanese keyboard Japanese, English-language keyboard (which was similar to but iPhone 4S) has been interpreted as English. Recognition rate is not bad have not tried only simple statements such as the greeting.

The fifth topic of attention, but support for 4G (LTE) is the next generation of high-speed communication standards. In the event announcement, the point can be played without waiting to be cached points and compared with the 3G (HSPA), the time it takes to download high resolution photos can be shortened significantly, streaming video is presented in the demo . Corresponding to LTE in the United States, but that AT & T and Verizon, there is only available in Japan have seen so far added to the finger.

Along with the comments touched on a real machine or more (while a very limited time), we have seen the characteristics of third-generation iPad. Highlights of the maximum, would forget about Retina display beautiful that it is still digital equipment.

but were surprised at the resolution of the screen even when the advent of iPhone 4, impressed when you view a wide screen high-resolution photo is larger than that of type 9.7. Attractive at a glance comparison of the specs and do not know of the "iPad" new, please make sure March 16 at the Apple store in the world.




サンフランシスコで行われた発表イベントでは、ティム・クックCEOが2011年に100種類以上のタブレットが新たに投入されたことに触れ、そのどれよりもiPad 2が優れていたことをアピールしている。続いて「いったいどこがこれ(iPad 2)より素晴らしい製品を作るのだろう?」という問いかけに対し、「我々こそがそれをできる」と自ら断言して新型iPadの紹介を始めた。その言葉通り、今回登場した新しいiPadは多くの注目機能を盛り込んでいる。




まずはディスプレイの高解像度化から見ていこう。アップルは新型iPadで採用されたディスプレイを、iPhone 4/4Sと同じ「Retinaディスプレイ」と呼び、視野角の広いIPSパネルを引き継ぎつつ、iPad 2の1024×768ドット表示(132ppi)から、2048×1536ドット表示(264ppi)に向上した。これはフルHD(1920×1080ドット)の大画面テレビと比較しても、画面内のドット数が100万画素以上多く、非常に高精細な表示を可能にしている。ちなみに、3.5型で960×640ドット表示(326ppi)を実現したiPhone 4に比べるとドットピッチは広いものの、9.7型のiPadなら3.5型のiPhone 4/4Sを使う場合よりも画面と目の距離が遠いため、Retinaディスプレイとの呼び名は「肉眼でピクセルを認識できない」という意味で正しい表現だとしている。

実際、ハンズオンコーナーに並んだデモ機を眺めても、画面の美しさは圧倒的だった。これまでiPad 2に解像感が足りないという印象を抱いたことはないが、iBooksやSafariで表示される文字や、iPhoto内の高解像度写真を拡大したときのシャープさは目を見張るものがある。特に漢字のような複雑な文字で文章を読むような場面では、高解像度の利点を実感できそうだ。

一方、iPad 2の4倍にあたる解像度を実現したことでプロセッサも刷新された。デュアルコアの「A5X」は4つのグラフィックスコアを内蔵しており、同社によればNVIDIAのTegra 3に比べてグラフィックス性能が4倍高速だという。実際にスワイプやスクロールをしてみたが、iPad 2同様スムーズに操作できた。ただ、iPhotoで高解像度写真に自動補正やエフェクトを試してみたところ、結果が即座に反映されるほどの快適さはなく、やや待たされる印象だった。


本体の背面側に500万画素のiSightカメラを内蔵したのも目を引く(ちなみにフロント側はこれまでと同じFaceTimeカメラ)。800万画素のiPhone 4Sと同様にF2.4の開口部と5枚のレンズで構成された光学系を搭載し、暗所での撮影に強い裏面照射型CMOSセンサーを採用。オートフォーカスやフォーカスロック、最大10人までの自動顔認識と、単なるオマケではない多彩な機能を搭載する(新型iPadで撮影した写真/動画のサンプルはアップルが公開している)。



●音声入力と4G LTE

会場に展示されていた新型iPadのOSは5.1(9B176)で、日本語での音声入力をサポートしている。ただし、iPhone 4Sで利用できるSiriとは異なり、問いかけに対して受け答えをしてくれるわけではなく、声で文字を入力するいう補助的なもの。試してみたところ、日本語キーボードでは日本語、英語キーボードでは英語として解釈された(これはiPhone 4Sでも同様だった)。あいさつなどの単純な文しか試していないが認識率は悪くない。



iPhone 4の登場時にも画面の精細さに驚いたが、9.7型の広い画面で高解像度写真を表示したときの感動はそれよりも大きい。スペックの比較や一見しただけでは分からない“新しいiPad”の魅力は、是非3月16日のアップルストアで確かめてほしい。

 Plum brandy popular mainly women and young people from rich and easy-to-drink varieties. "7FLAVOR SET Plum Princess" perfect plum wine (¥ 3,400), but was released on Friday, March 9, you are not satisfied with just 's Plum, a little luxury to women. It will be released as the general public, and this is the first time.

Plum Princess is the set is based on the plum wine was charged with "Kaga white" produced in Gunma Prefecture was hand-picked carefully, plus the flavor of seven mint, vanilla, melon, grape, peach, pomegranate, Yuzu . Therefore, in the editorial department Tokyo Walker saw a cup of plum wine princess than seven to one step ahead.

And recommended that because of soda, as seen by dividing the soda drink immediately. Vanilla plum, melon, so for the first time, interested people. The instant I opened the seal, melon fragrance spread, in both vanilla, plum and so I do not think so. However, because the taste of drinking plum and see, that indescribably strange feeling. It was popular, the pomegranate also rare. Results in the most popular matches have plum. Subsequently, shiso and yuzu with a sense of classic, refreshing citrus has been chosen to match the top again.

Women can meet with different kinds of plum wine flavor than 7 drink, want to enjoy a variety of taste is the best little by little. In addition to the plum princess, a bottle of plum wine has been released and stylish, it can also enjoy watching not only taste, I want you to taste various colleagues while experimenting with each other by all means. Walker [Tokyo]


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種類も豊富で飲みやすいことから女性や若者を中心に人気の梅酒。ただの梅酒じゃ満足できない、ちょっと贅沢な女性にぴったりの梅酒「姫梅酒 7FLAVOR SET」(3400円)が、3月9日(金)に発売された。一般向けとして発売されるのは、これが初めてとなる。




World Cup of bread was held up to 7 days from March 04, in Paris, France "2012 Coupe du Monde de la boo orchid Julie" (Coupe du Monde below), won the Japanese national team was. It won the national team since 2002 in Japan, This is my second time.

▽ FNN News: World Cup of bread ...
Coupe du Monde and ▽ (Bakery World Cup) is | 2012 Coupe du Monde (Bakery World Cup)

World Cup "Coupe du Monde" of the bread is homemade bread of the French Society for the Promotion of tournament sponsors. The first tournament was held in 1992. Has been held once every three years. Participating countries in 2012 was 12 countries.

Participating countries will form a team that consists of three people each. From Japan (Ponpadouru) has participated as a representative of Mr. Takuya (Restaurant Kobeya), Sasaki (restaurant Kobeya), Mr. Hatanaka's captain husband Nagata organic cause. In the tournament, each team will produce a pan along the following four themes.

(Such as French bread or pain de campagne) 1 and a special bread. Baguette
(Croissants and Danish, brioche, etc.) 2. Vu~ienowazuri
Three. Pan-sale (or bread)
4 bread decoration.

Decoration in the bread department, you can create a bread that represents the identity of the country. It was created by the Japanese national team is the bread with the motif of the crane. Mr. Hatanaka was in charge of the decoration department bread is so commented as follows: the reasons for the motif of a crane.

I called crane, the birds have very strong ties, Japan last year, and have an earthquake, there was major damage, again, (I wanted to cherish) the bonds of Japan

The restaurant Kobeya two people who participated in this tournament has been held from March 1 until 31 the "big spring Thanksgiving." We sell bread and was developed by Mr. Nagata, respectively, Mr. Hatanaka who participated in the tournament, the three types of bread were actually exhibited in the tournament.


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フランスのパリで3月4日から7日まで開催されたパンのワールドカップ「2012 クープ・デュ・モンド・ド・ラ・ブーランジュリー」(以下クープ・デュ・モンド)で、日本代表チームが優勝しました。日本代表チームが優勝するのは2002年以来で、今回が2度目です。

▽ FNNニュース: パンのワールドカップ...
▽ クープ・デュ・モンド(ベーカリー・ワールドカップ)とは|2012 クープ・デュ・モンド(ベーカリー・ワールドカップ)



1. バゲットと特別なパン(パン・ド・カンパーニュやフランスパンなど)
2. ヴィエノワズリー(クロワッサンやデニッシュ、ブリオッシュなど)
3. パン・サレ(調理パン類)
4. 飾りパン





8 days, 110 attended the birth anniversary of Walt Disney in Tokyo idol group, mileage, "a short skirt in Japan", sold 300 pieces T-shirt collaboration with Disney. Said Fukuda Kanon (16) is "to Disney silhouette (on the back of the T-shirt) I was not in my Cinderella. Someday, want to be recognized as Cinderella and".



「日本一スカートが短い」アイドルグループ、スマイレージが8日、都内でウォルトディズニー生誕110周年記念イベントに出席、ディズニーとのコラボT シャツ300枚を販売した。福田花音(16)は「私の(Tシャツの裏の)私のシルエットがシンデレラではなかった。いつかディズニーに、シンデレラと認め られるようになりたい」と話した。

Imperial Household Agency on August 8, the Emperor 7 days, after the announcement was treated drain water that accumulates on the chest, and that a slight recovery of appetite. That His Majesty is also spoken, and the body was a little easier.
We also have to be about whether the earthquake memorial ceremony attended by Her Majesty to be held on the 11th East, the Imperial Household Agency, which assess the condition on the recovery, and you want to judge on the 9th.


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Was happened last year, companies bridal companies and education of Wuhan City, Hubei Province has specified a "constellation" One of the conditions adopted in China was discovered that antagonize a lot of people this is. At this time, China's net opinion is severe to the company jet. Such as the spate of criticism from experts provided comments to the media, "Corporate decide to adopt in the constellation of these" has become the state of the Scandic total, the company this time, have put the conditions adopted the constellation once again presence has become clear, controversial again. However, these cases are the tip of the iceberg, against the backdrop of college students have been rapidly increasing buyer's market, companies in addition to providing the conditions adopted constellation "impossible" is that the steadily increasing.

According to the information evening paper Wuhan China, it was found that has been provided a constellation of conditions specific to this adoption, sash company located in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province. The company on March 4, but Advertise job vacancies on the site employment for students at the University of law government of Finance and Economy, Central South, there are not describing the conditions adopted by surprise and only "Virgo", the university officials and students was.

I was looking at only "Virgo" is the company designers have experience of window design and CAD. In addition to "Pisces is Taurus and Scorpio priority. Not, the Virgo" was also recruiting sales personnel and. However, this dissatisfaction erupted from many students. Was carried as a result be removed immediately.

In China in recent years, controversial cases to specify the conditions employed in companies constellation has been reported frequently, is becoming rare rather than longer. According to school officials there were asked their opinions to the media about of one of this, "urban" people for several years after employment "" married "" blood type "specific" whether or not drinking "in the jobs of recent is not married cases, such as "family register holder, adopt various conditions are provided in addition to the constellation is likely that a myriad.

Of course, these climate experts warned, but the companies seeking to self-examination, job seekers inevitably to "the mercy of companies", many Chinese college students now have fallen into difficulty finding employment It's kind of also represents the harsh reality of the position.



中国で昨年、湖北省武漢市の教育関連企業やブライダル関連企業が採用条件のひとつに“星座”を指定していることが発覚し、これが多くの人々の反感を買うと いう出来事があった。このとき、中国のネットでは企業への厳しい意見が噴出。メディアにコメントを寄せた有識者からも批判が相次ぐなど、「星座で採用を決 める」これらの企業は総スカンの状態となったが、このたび、またしても星座を採用条件に入れている企業の存在が明らかになり、再び物議を醸している。た だ、こうした事例は氷山の一角であり、大学生が急増している買手市場を背景に、星座以外にも“ありえない”採用条件を設ける企業は増加の一途をたどってい るという。

中国紙武漢晩報などによると、今回採用条件に特定の星座を設けていたことがわ かったのは、広東省広州市にあるサッシ会社。同社は3月4日、中南財政経済政法律大学の学生向け就職サイトに求人情報を掲載したが、そこには「おとめ座限 定」とする、学生や大学関係者を驚かせる採用条件を記していた。

同社が「おとめ座限定」で募集していたのはCADや窓のデザイン経 験があるデザイナー。ほかにも「うお座は不可。おうし座とさそり座、おとめ座を優先」とする営業職の募集もあった。しかし、これには多くの学生から不満が 噴出。結果としてすぐに削除される運びとなった。

中国では近年、企業が採用条件に星座を指定して物議を醸すケースがたびたび伝えら れており、もはや珍しいものではなくなりつつある。今回の一件についてメディアに意見を求められたある学校関係者によると、最近の求人では「飲酒の可否」 「特定の血液型」「既婚者」「就職後数年間は結婚しない人」「都市戸籍保持者」など、星座以外にもさまざまな採用条件を設けているケースが無数に存在して いるそうだ。

■ people must see it is not possible to tired! Actually caused by eating too much?

How to complain of symptoms such as lack of energy always somehow not followed by the body, the remaining fatigue easily than before, to concentrate, or will I'm not even around your body? Recently began to be questioned three highs and obesity (hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia), and metabolic syndrome, nutrition overdose cases, that a large modulation in the body ie Case Report by "eating too much" Many can be seen.

Must be firmly reexamine the quantity and quality of food as a solution, and heavily involved in recovery from fatigue. Your diet, do you how it looks to improve the fatigue strength?

■ Let us know the power to check the diet fatigue.

Instead of creating a meal over time, or eat out, once you have raised a convenience store side dishes and lunch boxes, you can easily finish with one's meal. However, such has continued to diet, it is lowered until the body's ability to recover from fatigue. Let us check your diet immediately.

• In reading this, often at night to eat the extra
-Without chewing too, prefer the soft
• As an alternative meal with only bread and sweets
-Prefer the meat and rice, vegetables and fruits that do not take too much
Good food and fast food take-instant
Well-drink canned coffee and juice
The amount of food is not kept in the stomach seven min after Zoletile injection
Shed one single item, often eating noodles, rice and other species
· Often buy lunch at a convenience store, there are many eating out
Seasoning-like things dark
· Compulsively eats a lot, eat until satiety
· Drink nearly every day
· To eliminate fatigue and stress by eating
System-like Chinese food than Japanese-Western

Did you apply some?

■ Diagnostics diet fatigue level of resilience you!

□ Check the number of 0-2: During the green light alert issued taboo signal
Let's maintain a good diet of 0 people this remains. People say 1 to 2 and from a small number of check, is taboo guard. Let's make an effort to change the check item.

□ 3 to 8 check: During the yellow signal warning signal issued
Is becoming a diet low fatigue strength. Persons who are balanced and self-awareness becomes difficult is tired, physical condition should change as soon as the review once the diet. Sleep quality is also improved if the power-up recovery from fatigue, and was greeted with a refreshing awakening refreshed, everyday life will be quite comfortable. Modifying the check item, let's review the diet, even one by one from today.

□ 9 to 14 Check: During the red danger signal issued
Fatigue strength has been considerably reduced. Aware that fatigue can not be taken out quite clearly should have. If this diet for long periods, can lead to ill lifestyle-related diseases. In order to power up the recovery from fatigue, let's improve the eating habits now.

So, we introduce how do I pay attention to what in everyday life. It can often be borne in mind, depending on, please practice immediately.

■ UP resilience fatigue! Improvement point of diet

□ vegetables are a strong ally of the fatigue strength level up
Vegetables are essential to recovery from fatigue. You can also get a sense of fullness in the low-calorie. Try to take conscious.

□ committed a second seven-minute belly, the body of tireless
Minutes after eating too much is certainly, will be reflected in the gastrointestinal tired tired, of the body. If you eat slowly while tasting, feeling of fullness can be obtained even if the amount is less.

□ daily high-calorie sweets
Easier calorie confectionery tired due to its high resilience level fatigue is low, and continue to take every day. Snacks in moderation.

□ meals late at night, careful course
If you sleep immediately take a meal, will be moving sleep with gastrointestinal, fatigue is not fit to take, easier to gain weight. When the meal late at night, I'll lightly.

□ stress eating is at the NG
And to eliminate fatigue and stress by eating, you will increasingly overdose. Let's resolve as a hobby or work up a sweat with a strength, can be refreshed.

□ take too much of the oil, the cause of the fatigue strength drops
Western and Chinese cuisine uses more oil than the Japanese. The viscosity of the blood is increased in order that becomes muddy state tends to be blood, resilience and fatigue resistance of the body is significantly reduced. Take too much attention to the oil.

□ sweet canned coffee and juice, soft drinks from which to accelerate the degree of fatigue
Canned coffee and juice is full of sweet carbohydrate. If you're drinking every day, muddy blood becomes high value, resilience will suffer extreme fatigue.

Aim to make high-level body fatigue resilience aware of the above points. Usually one of your consciousness, and healthy, it is highly resilient Umidaseru the body fatigue. Let's regain their youthful and lovely totally fine.


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■疲れが取れない人必見! 実は食べすぎが原因?

何となく体がいつもだるい、以前より疲労感が残りやすい、集中力が続かないといった症状を訴える方は、あなたの身の周りにもいるのではないで しょうか? 肥満や三高(高血糖・高脂血症・高血圧)、メタボリック症候群が問題視されるようになった昨今は、栄養過剰摂取、すなわち「食べすぎ」により 体に大きな変調をきたしているケースが多く見られます。






■あなたの疲労回復力レベル 食生活診断!

□チェック数 0~2:青信号 油断禁物信号発令中

□チェック数 3~8:黄信号 警告信号発令中
疲労回復力が低い食生活になりつつあります。疲れが取れにくくなったと自覚されている方は、食生活を一度見直すとすぐに体調が変わるはずです。 疲労回復力がアップすれば睡眠の質も改善され、スッキリさわやかな目覚めが迎えられたり、日常生活がかなり快適になります。チェック項目を改め、今日から 一つずつでも食生活を見直しましょう。

□チェック数 9~14:赤信号 危険信号発令中
疲労回復力がかなり低下しています。なかなか疲れがとれないという自覚がはっきり出ているはずです。 この食生活を長く続けていると、体調を崩して生活習慣病にもつながりかねません。疲労回復力をアップするために、今すぐ食生活を改善しましょう。


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