scene of the wreck, "visit" a series of 145 dead people hope

Sato Kenzirou - Christchurch, Horie Takuya, Oka Tetsuya Higuchi - The earthquake occurred near Christchurch, New Zealand, the local police on March 26 announced that the death toll increased to 145. It is still remains unable to verify the safety of 28 Japanese people do not know the outcome. Meanwhile, police have many Japanese language schools were affected, "King's education" into the CTV media are not allowed to be closer to family and scene of the wreck of the building. Are also time-consuming identification of the body, the families are growing increasingly restless.
Christchurch is seen to have been left behind by students of the College of Languages CTV Toyama Toyama City scene of the wreck of the building. The local police "dangerous" as they are away from family. In an open briefing organized by the local police in the city on April 26, from the family "visit" and after another voice, the local headquarters of the Japanese Foreign Ministry "has a maximum effort" to achieve and poised for continued negotiations.
According to headquarters, the 25th morning, the Japanese Foreign Ministry to negotiate with police authorities in advance through 37 who had arrived the day before and headed to the scene by bus. But suddenly in front of the police station a few hundred meters in front of "No Trespassing" that they were told. The authorities have tried to adjust the Japanese ambassador, "dangerous" was the persistently.Local headquarters of the Japanese official, "What's wrong with too many people. Then, think and even how to go to some separate," he said.
From near the scene the afternoon of May 26 was completely excluded the press by the police. We found people dead with 24 "47" since it was revealed, not a new announcement. However, in reality, being carried out and a red plastic sheet after another seems to be wrapped around the body, even after 24 days.
And not let the press of a close family, consider the feelings of the people the hope of rescue, there has been some consideration and not such spectacle. Fire officials are conducting a search at the scene "I'm very nervous state must be used," he said.
On the other hand, it looks at the scene they watched the activity on this day too many Chinese. Family and friends of missing persons also are allowed to enter restricted to the region accompanied by a police officer. Organizational Behavior and Japan in contrast, does not consistently support the local authorities.








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