Likely show and ample bosom spilled in swimsuit gravure, and even dressed cleavage emphasized, until it "Big" Aki Hoshino have been working to push out the front of the image. Measurements were measured again that her breasts are smaller "F Yanakunarimashita fig Cup" has been reported.
Blog entry dated January 31 official "☆ three sizes being measured," said, "I did not properly measured" Recent measures three sizes. Then, "under the top 63cm 80cm", and has been published on the agency's "88cm" that was down significantly since.
So far "88cm" had to be "F was shown to have a cup bra!" And that "We're a poor fig Yanakunarimashita F cup" has been confessed.
On the way, West's 56 cm, 87 cm hip size 24 feet but inches, 55 inches in order also, 86 cm, 23.5 cm in minor changes. Aki Hoshino is from around 2009 began to be whispered that associating with jockey adult Emperor Miura "extreme weight loss" is pointed out, were without some of the anxiety often affect lean in fact seem to have attended that breast boast .


水着グラビアでこぼれ落ちそうな豊かな胸を見せたり、胸の谷間を強調した衣装を着たりと、これまで“巨乳”のイメージを前面に押し出して活動してきたほし のあき。そんな彼女が改めてスリーサイズの測定をしたところ、胸は小さくなり「Fカップぢゃなくなりました」と報告している。

公式ブログの1月31日付けエントリー「スリーサイズ測定中☆」によると、「最近きちんと測定してなかったので」 スリーサイズを測定。すると、「アンダー63cm トップ80cm」で、所属事務所のプロフィールで公表してきた「88cm」から大幅にダウンしていたという。

これまで「88cm」として いたのは「Fカップのブラジャーに表示してあるのだったの!」とのことで、「今は痩せたのでFカップぢゃなくなりました」と告白している。

ち なみにプロフィール上ではウエストは56センチ、ヒップは87センチ、足のサイズは24センチだが、こちらも順に55センチ、86センチ、23.5センチ に微修正。ほしのあきは三浦皇成騎手との交際が囁かれ始めた2009年頃から“激やせ”が指摘され、たびたび心配の声も上がっていたが、実際にやせた影響 は自慢の胸にも出ていたようだ。


Students tada mikako, decided to repeat a year? "I wanted to graduate with everyone" and glances at the truth!

Hanako is not much of an actress doing business, yet full-fledged college career, has reported that the repetition in the official decision. Multi-part TV series starring and busy but still send a Yale graduate classmates are also poking feel loneliness.
Text and photos recent spell "Tabesha249" in many of the "lessons of the seminar to 終Warimashi, confetti ★ I got from everyone present and classmates, and everyone from grade 上Garenai as the last It was a "class effect, and that the report had to repeat a year. He seemed to realize how hard it is to achieve both business and academic actress.
And friends who seemed to do well in college, "but treat me as an ordinary student: some Dekawanko view: some worked, really happy" with the college life so far and I looked back memories of his friends. But just because our good friend of mine, seemed to regret that you can not graduate together, "I wanted to graduate with them. The unit is tough to take," that truth and spelling.
TV series currently being broadcast, "Dekawanko" adorned many of the commercial TV drama series starring first in the arena last March, "she agriculture" and was nominated for the 18th Yomiuri Theater Awards for his performance evaluation as an actress has shot up. Tale of Genji movie will be released this year and also appeared to have decided, are also hopeful for the future? Just so many of the hands to turn around the school may be unavoidable, for himself has also missed a chance to graduate with my friends seem to feel full of shame .

現役大学生でありながら本格的な女優業を行っている多部未華子が、オフィシャルウェブサイトで留年が決定したことを報告している。現在もテレビドラ マに主演するなど多忙な多部は卒業していく同級生にエールを送っているが、寂しさを感じていることものぞかせている。
文章と写真で近況をつづる「Tabesha249」で、多部は「ゼミの授業が終わりまして、クラスメイトのみんなから色紙とプレゼントも らいました★私、みんなとは同じように学年上がれないから、最後の授業だったのです」と事実上、留年してしまったことを報告。女優業と学業を両立する難し さを実感しているようだった。

大学の友人たちとはうまくやれていたようで、「普通の学生として接してくれながらも、デカワンコ観てくれたり、協力してくれたり、本当に 嬉しかったです」とこれまでの大学生活を共にした友人たちとの思い出を振り返った。だが、仲の良かった友人たちだからこそ、一緒に卒業できないことを残念 に思っているらしく、「みんなと卒業したかったぜ。単位を取るのは大変だ」と本音をつづっている。

現在放送中のテレビドラマ「デカワンコ」で民放連続ドラマ初主演を飾った多部は、昨年3月の舞台「農業少女」の演技で第18回読売演劇大 賞にノミネートされるなど、女優としての評価はうなぎ上り。今年公開予定の映画『源氏物語』への出演も決まっているなど、今後の活動にも期待を寄せられて いる。そんな多部だけに、学業にまで手が回らないのは仕方ないのかもしれないが、本人にとっては友人たちとの卒業という機会を逃してしまったこともあり、 残念な気持ちでいっぱいのようだ。

Japanese-Korean, who cried after another female celebrity to be very inspiring!

On the Asian Cup soccer semi-final against South Korea was 25th, on his blog that the voices of many women entertainers excitement and inspiration. Among Abiru Yuu is so impressed, "crying and anemia," and was hit, the actress Yumiko Shaku 26 blog, "I cried," that represents the excitement and titled. Fight of the century attracted attention in Japan is still so influential.
AKB48 Ooshima Masako is, but it was able to attend during work "luck" and hope to represent Japan. Moe Oshikiri model appears to be enough to update my blog 入Re込Mi times 3, PK against the Japanese team won the "ーー won!" By expressing pleasure with the relationship "Many people familiar with to to be heated for your support! game was hot! Japanese team, cool "is an inspiring spell to leave the state and Yaranu sensation.
Many voices are raised to praise the Department Kawashima Hisashi goalkeeper, satoda Mai is "keeper of Kawashima So Awesome player! It is a strong bet. Kakkoyoi!" And how the Horebore. Yasushi Hiromi Kataoka, Kin-chan is also the team, "PK me nervous. Kawashima's was great. I do not know the rules better football, I support the Japanese people as a representative of Japan game I thought!" And the same Just as an athlete I have not revealed.
The unexpected, the actress Rumiko Koyanagi "Oh A Japanese winning. Nemesis, beating finalists South Korea," We are delighted that hot but the victory of Japan. Koyanagi continued, "[I wanted to coach in Korea to Japan is not scared, but she says], I've said such a thing. I will defeat their arrogance. No way." While rowdy and snortalso "saw Kawashima," and also praised Kawashima. Kawashima updated his blog, "we were able to stick to football despite their suffering, the result could be obsessing over, the game was that" looking back with a fierce battle. Only race left! I hope Japan wins. 



 AKB48の大島優子は、仕事の合間に観戦することができたそうで「頑張れ」と日本代表にエール。モデルの押切もえは、3回にわたってブログを更新するほどの入れ込みようで、PKで勝利した日本代表に対して「勝ったーー!!!」と喜びをあらわにし、「よく知る人も多く関係してて、応援も白熱! 熱い試合でした! 日本代表、かっこいい」と興奮冷めやらぬままに感激の様子をつづっている。

 ゴールキーパー・川島永嗣を絶賛する声も多く上がっており、里田まいは「キーパーの川島選手すごすぎ! 勝負強いですね。かっこよい????」とホレボレした様子。また欽ちゃん球団の片岡安祐美は、「PKってドキドキ。川島さん凄かったですね。サッカーよくルールわからないけど、日本代表の試合ってやっぱり同じ日本国民として応援してます!!!」と同じアスリートとしてだけではない思いを明かしている。

 意外なのは、女優の小柳ルミ子が「日本勝ったぁー。宿敵、韓国を破っての決勝進出」と日本の勝利を熱く喜んでいることだ。小柳は続けて「韓国の監督が『日本を恐いと思った事はない』と言ってたけど、そんな事言うからだよ。その驕りが敗因だよ。冗談じゃない。思い知ったか」と鼻息を荒くしながらも「男川島を見た」とやはり川島を絶賛。川島本人もブログを更新し「苦しみながらも自分達のサッカーを貫くことができたし、結果にもこだわることができた、そんな試合でした」と激戦を振り返っている。残るは決勝のみ! 日本の勝利を願わずにはいられない。


Sakana-kun "Girl Fishing" game Gyogyo curious experience!

The talent ichthyologist sakana-kun on January 26, and Tomy was held in Tokyo, "Bacharumasutazuriaru" appeared in recital. Like a growing number of women fishing "Fishing Girl" curious. That girls enjoy kissing fish, "I threw a kiss fishing! Is sleep great," his voice was bounced.
Girl fishing game fishing experience along with new types of experience. While some resistance to the Realistic Toy "Gyogyo!". Despite failing twice, snapper fishing brilliantly at the third challenge, "It is auspicious. It is inspiring," and showed a full smile.
Tokyo Marine University as Visiting Associate Professor, and last year contributed to the discovery of mass Kuni phantom fish, the emperor honored the achievements. Of course, I also love fishing. The appeal of "Nature can be felt in all senses," he said, "through the game, I'm happy I hope you really want to go fishing," he encouraged.
"Bacharumasutazuriaru" provides, AR (augmented reality) is equipped with a camera function, as is fishing everywhere. Weight and vibration, a real taste sensation, such as fishing close to the sound. Launched in July.






Antonio Inoki, and 18 years event Hushiwara Yoshiaki "sick enough" skilled ", " gag burst

Agriculture received surgery to remove bile stone removal, a former professional wrestler and was discharged on April 16 to May 22 Antonio Inoki's IGF representative,in a bar in Shinjuku, Tokyo Antonio Inoki Antonio Inoki [50th Anniversary DVD-BOX]debut event buyers only Made. Inoki appeared with the first event appeared afterdischarge, the attendant was a professional wrestler Inoki Hushiwara Yoshiaki past.Inoki to talk about 18 years played 冴Ewatari events, and rejected by the topic ofdisease "is a story of an illness. long enough," proficient "was" invited the laughter andjokes will burst.


Many people celebrate Osaka 10,000,004 km journey complete

"We want the power of the wind around the earth and his feet." Grant no Naka Naka "dream man" the talent, hazawa kanpei (61) October 21, wonderfully achieved.Marathon by yachts and "Marathon" Earth has traveled 1,000 kilometers to about 40,000 kanpei. After landing in Japan, "cheers for good work!" With cheers and applause sent a smile to the elderly people of ages from children, kanpei also warmly congratulated the achievement of local people in Osaka.
Fukuoka kanpei landed four days earlier this month. While in Osaka events appeared opposite throughout, Oosakazyou Music Hall site for the first goal (Chuo Ward, Osaka) has welcomed about 3,000 people.
At the venue, wrote a message to an audience tape, kanpei while continuously run through a cut between the audience's goal to cut the tape at a podium. "Thank you, I came back now. Honmani I'm lucky," he cried, and springing applause arose from the crowd. katsudaira kunio that "I want to participate in the Osaka Marathon in October means" to invite, kanpeii, "I got tired of" running gag and dodge, "and you come Gyousan not think so. I was surprised "and seemed impressed.
The journey was never easy.
Kanpei that is sustained, "the criminal will have married since the age of 20 struggling," the wife of mitsuyo (53) was. mitsuyo's "Master and put their lives on the ground said the marathon. I want to go before speaking with the person I want to know even cancer" he said.
kanpei impressed many people turn to her dedicated, and got a fine. Backed by the support of many people kanpei Marathon "Earth" was completed.








kinpati teacher retirement! In March last round

Actor Tetsuya Takeda (61), teacher (kinpati sakamoto) served as a main actor in the years since the start of 1979, TBS · MBS boasted a popular drama series "In group 3 B kinpati teacher"is broadcast in late March specials "In the final 3 B group kinpati teacher (temporary) " has celebrated the final 20 days, the sources said. Takeda, who played in the final 32 years to retirement kinpati teacher. In addition, for the teacher to leave the teaching, students will assemble a large history




IMALU, who want a Valentine this year, "says Takanori Nishikawa"

Talent IMALU January 20, was held in Tokyo in 2011 [campaign] Sponge Bob attended the commemorative event start. In an interview after the event, as the topic of Valentine's Day next month, "I forgot until today. My father (akashiya sannma) I never gave up as well, and there was no such practice, " confessed. But someday, "I wanted to give chocolates, " he said, opponents want to pass this year on "Speaking to the strong (the singer) nishikawa takanori. Because so indebted, " he said with a smile.


タレントのIMALUが20日、都内で行われた『スポンジ・ボブ 2011年キャンペーン』スタート記念イベントに出席した。イベント終了後のインタビューで、来月のバレンタインデーの話題になると「今日まで忘れていました。父(明石家さんま)にもあげたことないですし、そういう習慣がなかったです」と告白。それでもいつかは「手作りチョコをあげてみたい」と話し、今年渡したいと思う相手については「強いていえば、(歌手の)西川貴教さん。すごくお世話になっているので」と笑顔で語った。




KARA exclusive contract termination notice, the reader will not know

KARA popular group leader of four members of paku · gyuri notified the exclusive agency through termination without a legal representative, paku · gyuri regret interviews showed that domestic media.
According to an interview, paku · gyuri notice of termination is knowing all the exclusive contract, so now ended late yesterday, said the radio recording must first understand the situation with them separately because the members.
The termination notice through the exclusive legal representative of the four members of KARA they are claimed to have irretrievably broken trust with the affiliated company

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Actress asagi kuniko (48) had regular appearances as a commentator on the ABC news program series "NEWS Yu +" to step down June 17 in early March, the sources said. Talent oomomomiyoko (45) in the ex-husband since the outbreak yamazi agency APF representative furor over the affair on this day was postponed appearance on the show performed by the agency in Osaka wataabe briefing the President (66) "Regardless of this matter, the reform program and graduated in March, "he explained.

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Aoi Miyazaki, large "Afro" the duck lol

The actress Aoi Miyazaki, is a pretty sight lol Afurakkudakku of thinking in a giant Afro, Aflac's life insurance from [21 WAYS (WAYS)] will be broadcast on the new CM. Hooked a jar or a charming figure in Afro grave abuses Tosaka, had too much laughter out of a rare NG.

[photo] Miyazaki and exchange glances along Afurakkudakku

Miyazaki for the attention of a man quietly reading a book, Afurakkudakku meddling. The first approach is typical in the Afro wig, put on his dancing and a huge afro Imaichi reaction to Miyazaki's. Miyazaki could not resist the cute laughed in spite of the appearance.

"too cute"too far gone and after the afro hair and rub gently with both hands and head for your swing dance, improvisation is also paid out a number of spirits that were shot in the face.

"beckoning cat Duck Song" and familiar with Yakun When making that child Sasaki 木Ri chan sing a song popular new CM CM [naughty] hen is started broadcasting in Japan from October 21.
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Mr. Ryo was impressed by the song of Yuzu Golf devoted declared this year

The popular duo Yuzu 17 players and professional golfers Ishikawa, Japanese Red Cross was out of the capital campaign "donation of twenty, " attended a press conference souvenir.
Was appointed as the campaign song new song "Hey wa" and debuted the citron, the players Ishikawa, "says Citron or are watching the people around the world, there are many songs to cherish, " over the course and I was interested, "It was really awesome to hear this close" was impressed with

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キャンペーンソングに起用されたのは新曲「Hey 和」をゆずが初披露すると、石川選手は「ゆずさんは世界中の人たちを見ていたり、大切にするような楽曲がたくさんある」とかねてより関心を寄せていたといい、「こんな近くで聴けて本当に最高でした」と感動していた


Erica divorce like? Reunited? Know!

Erika Sawajiri actress (24) information program aired on Fuji December 16 "Mr." Sunday hit the interview answering the future, revealed that a new apartment to live alone in the back to Spain again. On the other hand, Mr. Takagi Tsuyoshi Maruchikurieita husband's (46), divorce, reunited for the "I don't know (know)" shrill and answers in English, declined to say.
15 pm, was hit on the streets of Ginza, Shimbashi 28 minutes before, interviewed while walking. It returned to North Korea 12 Spain is living "is fun," said the other, divorce issues, "the story of a private answer," and clap. Since then, "Hun" "Fufun" and not treat the nose, pierced Danmari. There are 23 days to attend corporate events and beauty, they pull the topic until the day of operations.
Christmas has been confirmed that he lived in the same apartment in Barcelona Takazyou, Sawajiri has moved in the future, "one person" and vowed to live on. But with Mr. Takazyou? When pressed and reminds, "is not listening. Hahahaha!" And laughing loudly in Hagurakashita. Entertainment activities in the future or not fixed? Is good in English again, "YEAH" and returned.
According to the Sawajiri, walked without a cab, "broke" rather than "Nothing but the usual car, and walk once in a while," Dasou.
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 女優・沢尻エリカ(24)が16日に放送されたフジテレビ系情報番組「Mr.サンデー」の直撃取材に答え、今後は再びスペインに戻り新しいアパートで1人暮らしをすることを明かした。一方で、夫でマルチクリエイターの高城剛氏(46)との離婚、復縁については「I don’t know(分からない)」と甲高い英語で返し、明言を避けた。