"boyfriend"Running in the surge? women's work "meeting in the running circumstances"

From boom, with a sense of well-established as a sport any more classic "Running."A few years ago, the "hard-driving" We had the impression many people are you saying? Improve health and fitness, as well as bringing you the chance meeting, but also the charm of running it. Has not only met nice, like some embarrassing encounters .... "Meeting in the running," I asked the women to work.
People who liked the company to ■ ... .... Meeting had been puzzled - "I was walking going to change into a running jersey after work, I met with colleagues" (29 / Finance / Secretarial Assistant positions) - "College, I was running to a neighbor for a diet to meet an acquaintance and classmate chance, after running the family restaurant, or aggregate, that it was not a far greater number of drinking diet ..." ( 34 / wholesale trading / office Assistant Secretary) - "If I wear the jersey because it's uncool neighbors and random people I liked to bowl along in junior high when" (24 years old / Travel amusement hotel / office Assistant Secretary)
The more, the unexpected meeting, purported comments had been embarrassed at the sight. Fashion must be mentally prepared and can afford to be seen when?
Meanwhile, happy or have met, some people have a deeper bond with friends, and so.
Get a boyfriend ■! - "You have a boyfriend into the running club" (34 / Information IT / clerical profession) - "Running with friends is not about three years now, but has recently become fast enough to win the tournament, dating to the Sun Nattarashii that as men and their prize. Couple very fast!" (32 years old / media - Advertising / clerical profession) - "The company's senior, married people are met in the running circle" (29 / Finance / Secretarial Assistant positions)
Single girls are downright jealous episode. Common interests and talk again, right away briskly as close to us two. Joint participation in something from a poor diet can also be more efficient?
■ "Running" and lead to more - "Run to run or walk to where a lot of people. While it was in the running everyone running companion, or to talk to many people, with the greeting" (22 years old / Forestry Fisheries / Other) - "When the running to be with my boyfriend, have more time to be together" (22 years old / Finance / clerical profession) - "Co-worker ran to the holidays, I enjoyed" (28 years old / Information IT / clerical profession) - "I can run with the same goal without having to compete with it running, you can share a sense of accomplishment that I ran with her friends, loses his more accustomed" (33 / wholesale trading / business professional series)
By moving your body, you may become an open mind.
Recently, the measurement of distance traveled and calories burned, and can post photos and comments to Twitter iPhone app "Tweet Runners" and has appeared to promote communication between the runner tools. Be the first to meet new and increasing communication through the run. Some say inexperienced running, try running for your life first of spring anyone?


ブームから、もはや定番スポーツとして定着した感のある“ランニング”。数年前までは、「走る=つらい」という印象を持っていた人も多いのでは? 健康維持や体力向上はもちろん、思いがけない出会いを運んでくれる、それがランニングの魅力でもあります。が、うれしい出会いだけではなく、恥ずかしい出会いもあるようで……。「ランニングでの出会い」を働く女子に聞いてみました。 








最近では、走行距離や消費カロリーの計測、ツイッターへの写真やコメントの投稿などができるiPhoneアプリの「Tweet Runners」など、ランナー同士のコミュニケーションを深めるツールも登場しています。ランニングを通じた新たな出会いやコミュニケーションが増えはじめているのかも。ランニング未経験という人も、春の訪れに合わせてランニング生活をはじめてみてはいかが? 

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