[Women] rankings and I think it would be unbecoming to one's age is said can not become 30 years old

Hakitai but little miniskirts for women in their 20s and start to care about someone

25 years old but is not afraid to take a year, approaching 30 years, the mood becomes bad makeup, metabolism and even worse, become depressed birthday ....For women get older it does not seem to just be happy. Then, we heard the name of the 712 women in their 20s and I think it would be unbecoming to one's age is said to prevent reaches their 30s. You see more things to do in his 20s?

Q.30 Please tell me you think that would be unbecoming to one's age is said can not become a teen (multiple answers) Emphasized that the youth dressed like a mini top 48.5% 37.5% 2nd play all night Favorite artists chasing third place 25.7% Participate in joint fourth week 20.4% 15.9 percent picked fifth

Emphasized that the youth dressed like mini ■ ... ... - "To see that people in their 30s wearing miniskirts at work, but feeling as painfully thin legs" (29 / Financial / Assistant Secretary) - "I like short dresses, so I was being told to wear something around 30 years of age" (age 27 / Chemistry / Research & Development) - "I like shorts, but often they are, even now 26 years old, sometimes [the parents] said that I no longer young" (age 26 / company / Assistant Secretary) - "It is said that skirt still tough. Yes, I can" (26 years / Group) - "I'm going to wear the skirt still attached to the ribbon will refrain from clothes and big" (29 / Apparel / Planning and Development)

■ ... ... playing all night - "I have already been run out of strength to all" (25 / Government / Assistant Secretary) - "All that is harder now. All I did the other day, the next day 火照Tsu body close to a toilet that odd, Doyon was trying to skin" (age 29 / IT / creative) - "So the next day bad skin" (26 years old / restaurant / financial)

■ ... ... chasing favorite artists - "So far groupie behavior with women adult images and common sense" (27 / Steel / MIC) - "So I said to look at reality" (28 years old / Other / Assistant Secretary) - "The excitement has been seen wearing women in their 30s, because I feel embarrassed" (29 / Financial / Professional Finance)

■ ... ... every week to participate in joint - "Because I want to find dating partners decided" (age 23 / Pharmaceuticals / Research and Development) - "In the other, so that you can not Charachara" (29 / Electricity) - "Because I knew I would go over anything Monaku party" (age 24 / Architecture / Design)

Nampa ■ ... ... - "I have an image of a young child that somehow" (29 / financial / professional finance system) - "I thought to have a restless love" (26 years old / Automotive / Sales) - "I think if an adult" (27 years old / school / Assistant Secretary)

OVERALL Fear would be impossible to half of women (Kigu) of that is "stressed the young to dress like mini-skirt" was. The most frequent reason is that I want to dress my young mind that can become the eyes and attention from the surroundings. There are comments from the experience of a woman dressed young has already been noted.In the 30s women's magazines, the model appeared to be dressed cute adults in their 40s, the reality is that many women felt that hard.

Was ranked number two "night" is besides the reason that physically impossible as hen men "bad skin" because many were received. It seems that people also feel that many women with cosmetic worse mood the next day.

Throughout the survey, women tend to have many people who care about how the opinion of others. If they got a skin and body does not feel your age, what I no longer be able to.




1位 ミニスカートなど若さを強調した服装をする 48.5% 
2位 徹夜で遊ぶ 37.5% 
3位 好きなアーティストの追っかけ 25.7% 
4位 毎週合コンに参加する 20.4% 
5位 ナンパ 15.9% 









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