Demure "glasses girl" moment nine patterns to feel something

There is a saying that Meganefechi, men seem to like girls in glasses are small. Will they be attracted to women in every moment of the glasses. In this study, the men Sugoren readers, "The moment the girls feel something demure glasses," I asked.

[1] When I saw the gesture glasses come falling down again "You can borrow my glasses adjusted, as 焼Kitaku care." (20 men), like you are having trouble talking to girls, I want to make of them, again. When it came 甘Ere honest kind man called out, may be an opportunity to make friends.

[2] When I feel inside look straight from the glasses "The glasses, the startled look so stressed." (Male 30s), as men feel something has been highlighted by the line of sight glasses. Men anxious to try sending a passionate gaze from behind the glasses they invite you.

[3] to remove the glasses in less visible, when he came desperately looking "Looking to get thinner and sprouting eyes." (20 men), as men seem to feel something like a weak girl was difficult to see eye to remove the glasses. However, while looking wrinkled brow, would be cute by half. Let's make the eyebrows excessive force.

[4] When the up-from-under look while shifting the glass "This has been highlighted up-from-under look!" (Males aged 10), such as shifting on the glasses, and through the lens man who was an up-from-under look there is a prejudiced impression of being tempted. My transparent when men do, you may ask us to hear.

[5] seriously when reading a paperback book "I seriously feel for. What are you reading? Be talking to me." (Teenage male), as men seem to feel something seriously looking at the sight. If you know what you are reading a paperback with a cover, a man was worrisome, "What are you reading?" May be able to talk to.

[6] When in a hurry and left behind a bit clumsy to "Because it is solid, feel something in the gap." (20 men) like, "glasses-person firm," there are images of men, the gap seems to feel something clumsy failure. However, let's just note found to remain goofy klutz.

[7] When I wear glasses unusual "If no frame or from a black spotted, the impression will change." (20 men), as some men feel something different impression of the glasses before changing. When men are not allowed to notice, "it would fit that?" Might want to ask and feedback.

[8] glasses When I feel the gap and face "Unlike expected, was unnerving." (Teenage male), as men seem to feel something when the gap between the cute face and glasses. Glasses usually always people who, when meeting in private with men such as contacts, let's make the opportunity to show the real face.

[9] glasses off when you are so important to clean it "Look how good care glasses, kindly think of it." (20 men), as men seem to feel something for her kindly wipe the lens. Cute glasses and use a cleaning, it may appear that there is more attention as well lovely items.

Often, it is unique to male female gap throbbing glasses. In addition, any other "feel something the moment the girls demure glasses," Do you think there are? We welcome your comments. (Toyama Takeshi)












メガネ女子ならではのギャップにときめく男性が多いようです。また、他にどんな「おとなしそうなメガネ女子にキュンとする瞬間」があると思いますか? ご意見をお待ちしております。(外山武史) 

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