8 patterns of men feel a sense of intimacy blunder woman

And women before a wonderful thing to want a man with a habit of brackets attached. But, in fact, a little goofy, "clunker of men" to see if the women are "intimate" is to remember that in many cases. In this study, based on a survey of women readers Otomesugoren "pattern of male klutz 9 women feel an affinity with" Introducing the.

[1] and I can not eat hot food, drink something hot, "Oh cramp!" When surprised.
"I could not wait to feel cool, cute little" (women in their 20s) and forgot his weakness is susceptible to hot stuff "that alert feeling" is that women feel a sense of intimacy. However, with care not to burn your tongue on something hot too challenging.

[2] when I've turned over a voice during a conversation with excitement.
"They laughed when the topic is serious. I then face the awkward" (women in their 20s), including falsetto crazy while I'm talking seriously, as reflected in a pretty fail It is. More to follow by force, although it is embarrassing to the correct answer honestly.

[3] Even though the intellectual type, it was uncertain when the order is written in Chinese characters.
"Look at the hand movements to write a letter," Huh Huh? (Laughs) "I will" (women in their 30s), including without careful not to care "mistake by writing", is a fine woman is stupid it makes me feel so relaxed. Advanced clunker may assume that the right to write Chinese characters.

[4] was walking in a dignified manner, when tripped.
"Seeing that nowhere in the fall, why? Cute while thinking" (teenage girls) as the opinion that, speaking of classic clunker "moss" is. I fell over on a grand scale, of course, even just a little trip on the step, the woman seems to have a sense of intimacy.

[5] When the train made a mistake with a confident air transit
"Because his failure to do well, he does [!] Think" (teenage girls), such as clumsiness inherent in a daze when I'm tired, or when. However, if you are moving, etc. Because some dating mistakes to avoid, to the women with follow-up would be essential for the bank.

[6] when there is little to beat mistake-mail text
"[The] night [oh] and Sumu or become, a little smile" (women in their 20s), including an e-mail by mistake hit the rustic humor seems to be Ninmari women. However, the effect would be nothing but a mistake from the usually small. E-mail may be a good time and just before going to bed.

[7] as well as good words to say when gesticulative.
"Strange gestures to express how desperate" (women in their 20s), such as fluently Working with sound bites, "the good man mouth" than the gestures feel a kinship with men of action over poor talker as most women. It will be important to express emotions more than anything.

[8] When carried  to the mouth without noticing it dropped from a fork while eating food
"Porotsu, called flow Pakutsu laughing. cute, but childish" (women in their 20s), including your date while eating, something that quite a few nervous women. The naturalness of male klutz, you may draw the women laugh and relax.

In addition, "a feeling of clumsiness of men women intimacy"If there is, please let me know. We welcome your comments everyone. (Migaku Migaku Wu)






「何もないところで転ぶのを見ると、何で? と思いつつもかわいい」(10代女性)という意見のように、ドジの定番といえば「コケ」です。盛大にコケるのはもちろん、ちょっとした段差につまずくだけでも、女性は親近感を持つようです。





ほかにも、「女性が親近感を覚える男性のドジ」があれば、ぜひ教えてください。みなさんのご意見をお待ちしております。(呉 琢磨)

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