That, to endure in the diet of only vegetables because of diet or not?
Make Body Shapes Gym Trainer (Toshiaki & Ozeki) representative bright Osamu Ozeki (Shapes) in the body make-up and diet expert pointed out "in the diet of vegetables do not lose weight center after all, it does not reduce body fat" and to, I heard the reason.

■ what the protein is up the basal metabolic

- The plant-based diet Why does not lose weight, why.

Ozeki trainer first, whether the decrease in weight is a matter of calorie intake (the amount of eating). The lower than the amount or activity (calories consumed by the body to maintain life) is the basal metabolic caloric intake, can lead to weight loss.

However, the body, "To reduce energy consumption as if the reduction in the intake, the defense function of order to survive" is provided.

That is, weight loss center with diet vegetables is a temporary thing, you will state the amount of muscle is reduced fat, but rather decreased, basal metabolism goes down as a result. Are not burning fat and basal metabolism is reduced, the constitution will be difficult to lose weight easy to gain weight, eventually rebound will be waiting.

Moreover, from the rebound will be more difficult to lose weight.

- So, what do you like what Kokorogakere the diet.

That the ingestion of "protein" of the material it is important to make the muscle trainer Ozeki. The protein has a major role in two "glucagon secretion" and "to maintain and increase muscle."

Hormone glucagon signal is out called "Get ready for use immediately converted into energy as" the body fat.

In addition, the material in the body to burn fat, just muscle. Protein to work to maintain and increase muscle, is not that the basal metabolism up.

■ trying to protein of 0.6 ~ 1.0 (g) × body weight

- What is the protein that contains ingredients such as how many.

Ozeki protein trainer will be divided into two categories: the "vegetable protein" and "animal protein".
It is said that "vegetable protein" that includes many high-quality protein and grain-legumes, such as, for rate of absorption in the body is bad, it can be said for making unsuitable ingredients and diet and ideal body actually.

"Animal protein" for it is well absorbed into the body rate, because it contains a well-balanced essential amino acids must be taken from the diet, nutrients can be replenished firmly.

The main food-rich are as follows: the animal protein that I recommend.

(Low-fat portion of cow, pig, and chicken in particular) meat
· Seafood (fish, squid, octopus, shellfish, etc.)
Louis egg

- So, what do you eat how much.

Ozeki trainer course, the amount that suits you is important.

It is recommended that you eat a meal many times divided into 0.6 ~ 1.0 (g) × body weight = protein intake of the day.
If weight of 50kg, let's take a protein of 50 × 0.6 ~ 1.0 = 30 ~ 50 (g).

For example,
· 25g per 100g fillet of fish about
· 16g per 100g beef flank about
About · 16.6g per 100g pork loin
About · 19.6g per 100g chicken thigh
· 7g about 1 egg per
About · 3.1g per 100ml milk
About · 3.2g per 100g yogurt

It contains protein. What to eat that amount with reference to nutrition, such as ingredient labeling, according to the weight, Strive for a well-balanced diet is the way of diet success.

- Thank you very much.

I think, it is because when you eat meat, fat, diet was particularly apt to shy away from. Assumptions such a taboo to take a protein, the appropriate amount is such that the key to a well-balanced diet.






尾関トレーナー まず、体重が減るかどうかは、カロリー摂取量(食べる量)の問題です。カロリー摂取量が基礎代謝(生命を維持するために体が消費するカロリー)や活動量よりも低くなれば、体重の減少につながります。





尾関トレーナー 筋肉をつくる材料の「タンパク質」を摂取することが重要です。タンパク質には、「筋肉の維持・増加」と「グルカゴン分泌」という2つの大きな役割があります。





尾関トレーナー タンパク質は、「動物性タンパク質」と「植物性タンパク質」の2つに分類されます。





尾関トレーナー もちろん、自分に合った量が大切です。






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