Looking at the closet, why not just lined up in clothes of the same color? For each color, there is a psychological sense, because people are attracted to its color characteristics of the unconscious, they tend to choose the same color, such as with. The color of the clothes are, I think of self-expression "I am from around,! Want to be seen" anti-that is lurking in particular. And do not wear much color to color, do not like, it has been hidden part of you does not want to be seen, is complex.

■ would have been idling too hard green waste ......
I prefer the green, which is a symbol of harmony and healing, I think that people want to please the people strong. In contrast, the person who is weak in a green dress, upward mobility is a strong type. I think the same "bad people" and "I want you to evaluate yourself more." You would then tend to think "but that effort has not been recognized" that is strong, then they try to look my best too idled more for their own good.

■ can not express yourself well red ......
Those who prefer the red, positive and active. To reach the objective is the type that'll earn invitations in any way. On the contrary, the people that the poor clothes of red color, every fight is hate. I think also in love, and you do not want to be seen as greedy for. Therefore, there is a complex called "do not speak well in public", but want to stand out, you have yourself quite at the table not afford.

■ You do not honestly perceived that the gray praised by others ......
What is your favorite person may adapt the gray, self-effacing person. Even in an unpleasant boss and subordinates, who can be able to correspond in its own way, make a human. However, the person who is weak, craves is strong, but others have been preferential treatment than their gray clothes will not tolerate. In addition, the harbor there is a complaint I have been placed in his position, that "I do not want this remains buried."

■ poor at people presume pink ......
The pink color represents the kindness and fuzzy feeling. There is also a symbol of the dream maiden graces that you want someone that want to be loved. Person who is weak, a strong sense of independence, the type that are difficult to presume that such person pink clothes. I think that does not want to be seen childlike feeling is strong, to work more than men, and that I wanted to see who can do the job. In addition, it would rival a man in love.

■ from a person being hated blue ...... scary
Japanese love the blue color. When the color image means politeness and order, we proceed to each kind of waste in a planned manner. I would avoid such a blue dress, I think that people do not want to be hated from strong people. On the other hand tend to think I want to live in lust, and I do not want to be bound by the rules, too much stress Tamekomi easy to care about people. In addition, for people and places affected, so there is a strange complex.

■ Can not flexible yellow things ......
Yellow represents the flexibility and curiosity. People who like yellow, bright and will give the impression of innocence like a child. That people do not wear much clothing yellow except read glee seen in the light type is an unpleasant person. Strive to steady, but there is tenacity, not good at responding to change. Values ​​without being bound to show yourself as it is referred to as "should be" anti, it is easy to seal the real intention.

■ easy to drown in love ...... and purple, poor love
The mystic purple color. People who like people who think that, also, want to have an artistic talent, and I want to live gracefully away from the real world is purple. In addition, the color purple is also a bewitching, let the image of the sexy adult women. On the contrary, the people that are weak in purple clothes, realist. Has a weak complex that unaccountable, that poor love. However, when the opponent appears once immersive, large potentially drowning in love!

Looking at the color clothes never wore so far, also changes from around the impression of the mood, we are also eliminates the complex. Color was also Avoid it like the "no suit", so warm up your aura and into wearing all means, please try the challenge.


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クローゼットを見ると、同じ色の服ばかり並んでいませんか? それぞれの色には、心理的な意味があり、人は無意識にその色の特性に惹かれているため、つい 同じような色を選ぶ傾向にあるのです。とくに服の色は、「自分はまわりから、こう見られたい!」という自己表現の思いがひそんでいます。そして、あまり着 ない色、嫌いな色には、あなたの見られたくない部分、コンプレックスが隠されているのです。

調和や癒やしの象徴である緑色を好むのは、人を喜ばせたいという思いが強い人。反対に、緑色の服が苦手な人は、上昇志向が強いタイプです。「人 と同じはイヤ」「もっと自分を評価して欲しい」と思っています。そして、「努力しているのに、認められていない」という思いが強く、もっと自分をよく見せ ようと頑張り過ぎて空回りしてしまう傾向にあるでしょう。

赤色を好む人は、積極的で活発。目標のためには、何が何でも勝ち抜いてやるというタイプです。反対に、赤い色の服が苦手という人は、争いごとが 嫌いです。恋愛においても、ガツガツしているように見られたくないと思っています。そのため、「人前でうまく話せない」というコンプレックスがあり、目立 ちたいけれど、なかなか自分を表に出せないところがあります。

灰色を好きな人は順応性があり、控えめな人です。イヤな上司や部下でも、それなりに対応ができ、人を立てることができる人。しかし、灰色の服が 苦手な人は、自己顕示欲が強く、自分よりも他人が優遇されているのが耐えられません。また、自分の置かれている立場に不満があり、「このまま埋もれたくな い」という思いを抱いています。

ピンクは、ほんわかとした優しさをあらわす色。誰かに甘えたい、愛されたいという夢みる乙女の象徴でもあります。そんなピンク色の服が苦手な人 は、自立心旺盛で、人に甘えるのが苦手なタイプ。子どもっぽく見られたくないという気持ちが強く、男性以上に働き、仕事ができる人に見られたいと思ってい ます。また、恋愛でも男性をライバル視してしまいそう。

青は日本人が大好きな色。礼儀正しさや秩序を意味し、計画的に物ごとを進めていくときのイメージカラー。そんな青色の服を避けてしまうのは、人 から嫌われたくないという思いが強い人。欲望のままに生きていきたい、規則に縛られたくないと思う反面、人に気を使いすぎてストレスをためこみやすい傾向 にあります。また、気取った人や場所に対して、妙なコンプレックスもありそうです。

黄色は好奇心や柔軟性をあらわします。黄色が好きな人は、子どものように明るく無邪気な印象を与えるでしょう。黄色の服はをあまり着ないという 人は、はしゃいだり、軽いタイプに見られるのが嫌な人です。地道に努力し、粘り強さはあるのですが、変化への対応が苦手。あるがままの自分を見せられず、 「こうあるべき」という価値観に縛られ、本音を封印しがちです。

紫は神秘的な色。紫色が好きな人は、芸術的な才能が欲しい、また、俗世間から離れて優雅に生きたいと思っている人。また、紫は妖艶な色でもあ り、大人の女性のセクシーさをイメージさせます。反対に、紫色の服が苦手という人は、現実主義者。わけのわからないことが苦手で、恋愛下手というコンプ レックスを持っています。しかし、いったん夢中になれる相手が現われると、恋に溺れてしまう可能性大!


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