Receiving a special event Apple showed off the "iPad" new product briefing was also held in Japan. Most of them are the same thing as what was published in the video already, it was provided hands-on corner in the hall, let's recap the features of iPad third generation while exchanging the first impression related article (Apple announcement of support 2048 × 1536 display a dot "iPad" third generation).

In the event announcement was held in San Francisco, mention that Tim Cook CEO tablet is more than 100 have been introduced to new in 2011, are appealing that the iPad 2 was superior to any of it. Then began the introduction of the new iPad affirm that for the question of his own? "Would make a great product from (iPad 2) This is where on earth", and "what it can be us." Just what it says, iPad appeared this time a new feature that incorporates a lot of attention.

● iPad third generation was overwhelmingly beautiful on the screen

S five-point "corresponding LTE" "voice input" "iSight-megapixel camera can take video in full HD" "adoption of" A5X "high resolution display," and roughly summarize the characteristics of the new iPad.

Video "muzzles" move, in addition to: (http://plusd.itmedia.co.jp/pcuser/articles/1203/09/news025.html)

Let's look first from high-resolution display. Apple called the "Retina display" the same as the iPhone 4/4S, the display has been adopted by the new iPad, takes over the IPS panel while a wide viewing angle, 1024 × 768 dot display of iPad 2 from (132ppi), 2048 × 1536 was improved to (264ppi) display dot. This is also compared to the big screen TV (1920 × 1080 dots), much more than 1 million pixels in the screen the number of dots, that make it possible to display very high-resolution full HD. Incidentally, although the dot pitch wide, the distance of the eye and the screen than if you use iPad iPhone 4/4S, 3.5-inch type 9.7 if compared to the iPhone 4 was achieved (326ppi) Display 3.5-inch 960 × 640 dots Because you are distant, and the correct representation in the sense that it "can not recognize the pixels with the naked eye," nickname of the Retina and display.

In fact, looking at hands-on demo machines lined up in the corner, was the overwhelming beauty of the screen. That was the impression that there is not enough sense of resolution to iPad 2 so far is not, the sharpness of the time was expanded and the characters that appear in the Safari and iBooks, the high-resolution photos in iPhoto is quite impressive there. In the scene, such as read a text in such a complex character of Chinese characters, especially it seems to be able to realize the benefits of high resolution.

On the other hand, also has been revamped processor that delivers four times the resolution falls iPad 2. "A5X" dual-core incorporates a graphics score of four, he said four times faster graphics performance compared to NVIDIA's Tegra 3 According to the company. I tried to actually swipe or scroll, was able to operate smoothly as well as iPad 2. However, I tried the automatic correction and effects to high-resolution photos in iPhoto, so comfort is reflected in the results immediately, they had to wait a little impression.

● iSight-megapixel camera that supports video recording at 1080p

(Front side is the same as before FaceTime camera, incidentally) was an eye-catching even a built-in iSight camera 5-megapixel on the back side of the body. Equipped with an optical system is composed of five lenses of F2.4 as well as opening and iPhone 4S of 8 million pixels, back-illuminated CMOS sensor to strong shooting in the dark. Equipped with facial recognition and auto-focus lock and auto focus up to 10 people, maximum, and a variety of functions is not a mere bonus (Sample photos / videos taken with the new Apple iPad has been published).

This time, also supports video recording at 1080p further. Movie also has a camera shake correction function, to function in the "moderate" in the sense saw through. However, you can not even seem to turn off the camera shake correction. There was no model is available 128G bytes of data are bloated considering the place a little unfortunate.

※ There was an inappropriate description for the difference between the angle of view when compared to the still image shooting and movie shooting. Because it is ready to cut the left and right sides of the wide-screen standard display when shooting the movie, actually be taken to fit the screen size of the iPad, there is no gap fraction as compared to photos. We apologize and correct

● 4G LTE voice input and

OS of the new iPad has been exhibited at the venue is 5.1 (9B176), that supports voice input in Japanese. However, not us to comeback and Siri iPhone 4S is available unlike, for the question, what ancillary says a letter in the voice. I tried, in the Japanese keyboard Japanese, English-language keyboard (which was similar to but iPhone 4S) has been interpreted as English. Recognition rate is not bad have not tried only simple statements such as the greeting.

The fifth topic of attention, but support for 4G (LTE) is the next generation of high-speed communication standards. In the event announcement, the point can be played without waiting to be cached points and compared with the 3G (HSPA), the time it takes to download high resolution photos can be shortened significantly, streaming video is presented in the demo . Corresponding to LTE in the United States, but that AT & T and Verizon, there is only available in Japan have seen so far added to the finger.

Along with the comments touched on a real machine or more (while a very limited time), we have seen the characteristics of third-generation iPad. Highlights of the maximum, would forget about Retina display beautiful that it is still digital equipment.

but were surprised at the resolution of the screen even when the advent of iPhone 4, impressed when you view a wide screen high-resolution photo is larger than that of type 9.7. Attractive at a glance comparison of the specs and do not know of the "iPad" new, please make sure March 16 at the Apple store in the world.




サンフランシスコで行われた発表イベントでは、ティム・クックCEOが2011年に100種類以上のタブレットが新たに投入されたことに触れ、そのどれよりもiPad 2が優れていたことをアピールしている。続いて「いったいどこがこれ(iPad 2)より素晴らしい製品を作るのだろう?」という問いかけに対し、「我々こそがそれをできる」と自ら断言して新型iPadの紹介を始めた。その言葉通り、今回登場した新しいiPadは多くの注目機能を盛り込んでいる。




まずはディスプレイの高解像度化から見ていこう。アップルは新型iPadで採用されたディスプレイを、iPhone 4/4Sと同じ「Retinaディスプレイ」と呼び、視野角の広いIPSパネルを引き継ぎつつ、iPad 2の1024×768ドット表示(132ppi)から、2048×1536ドット表示(264ppi)に向上した。これはフルHD(1920×1080ドット)の大画面テレビと比較しても、画面内のドット数が100万画素以上多く、非常に高精細な表示を可能にしている。ちなみに、3.5型で960×640ドット表示(326ppi)を実現したiPhone 4に比べるとドットピッチは広いものの、9.7型のiPadなら3.5型のiPhone 4/4Sを使う場合よりも画面と目の距離が遠いため、Retinaディスプレイとの呼び名は「肉眼でピクセルを認識できない」という意味で正しい表現だとしている。

実際、ハンズオンコーナーに並んだデモ機を眺めても、画面の美しさは圧倒的だった。これまでiPad 2に解像感が足りないという印象を抱いたことはないが、iBooksやSafariで表示される文字や、iPhoto内の高解像度写真を拡大したときのシャープさは目を見張るものがある。特に漢字のような複雑な文字で文章を読むような場面では、高解像度の利点を実感できそうだ。

一方、iPad 2の4倍にあたる解像度を実現したことでプロセッサも刷新された。デュアルコアの「A5X」は4つのグラフィックスコアを内蔵しており、同社によればNVIDIAのTegra 3に比べてグラフィックス性能が4倍高速だという。実際にスワイプやスクロールをしてみたが、iPad 2同様スムーズに操作できた。ただ、iPhotoで高解像度写真に自動補正やエフェクトを試してみたところ、結果が即座に反映されるほどの快適さはなく、やや待たされる印象だった。


本体の背面側に500万画素のiSightカメラを内蔵したのも目を引く(ちなみにフロント側はこれまでと同じFaceTimeカメラ)。800万画素のiPhone 4Sと同様にF2.4の開口部と5枚のレンズで構成された光学系を搭載し、暗所での撮影に強い裏面照射型CMOSセンサーを採用。オートフォーカスやフォーカスロック、最大10人までの自動顔認識と、単なるオマケではない多彩な機能を搭載する(新型iPadで撮影した写真/動画のサンプルはアップルが公開している)。



●音声入力と4G LTE

会場に展示されていた新型iPadのOSは5.1(9B176)で、日本語での音声入力をサポートしている。ただし、iPhone 4Sで利用できるSiriとは異なり、問いかけに対して受け答えをしてくれるわけではなく、声で文字を入力するいう補助的なもの。試してみたところ、日本語キーボードでは日本語、英語キーボードでは英語として解釈された(これはiPhone 4Sでも同様だった)。あいさつなどの単純な文しか試していないが認識率は悪くない。



iPhone 4の登場時にも画面の精細さに驚いたが、9.7型の広い画面で高解像度写真を表示したときの感動はそれよりも大きい。スペックの比較や一見しただけでは分からない“新しいiPad”の魅力は、是非3月16日のアップルストアで確かめてほしい。

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