The call by name, but you love me why?

I met a lot of time facing a new life, "I can not remember the name" How many people would not have to scream? Speaking of names, I like trouble! found in the goo.
"Will you call her name"
■ ... going out for two weeks, but passage
The man asked. Name calling is not get lonely in her going out 2 weeks, even tell her that, despite the decision to call you to consult properly, we call on to make it still complained .
"Mail call ... but that made me," and complain against him,
"I'm embarrassed. In the two weeks. Please give my best I'm allowing the mail" (noname # 127928)
"You'd better not care. Some people like that" (ciu696's)
"I call a -. The more love will be reversed 呼Benaku" (peko_1982's)
"Until a person called the name of the person I dated, and takes time - I. The obvious one month two months! Also 呼Benakatta even after nearly half a year. I mean,呼Benakatta to break sometimes (laughs) "(speici's)
And, making her shy intervene more comments. The
"Call on me"
Consultation as well. Against this
"I decided to meet each other we also call you, remember that if you want to call 呼Benakatta think about it" (noname # 111635)
"If you can force to force, they could pull it, I think that extortion had better not! I hope you will like each other can be oneself" (hinomaru01's)
Such as "will be naturally called them" making a lot of comments that follow.
In this way, when I used fresh're going to gradually socially embarrassing 呼Benakatta two, of the "Hey" or "Hey," a story that is also becoming common. When the couple and also further reduces the opportunity to call each other names more and more, "Mom" "Dad" and so tends to change. "What we have is that the relationship deepens," some people "kind of lonely," I lamented both people.
■ Natural Techniques to impress
The proper name of the person calling is also very effective business communications.
When people are called names, "I still remember me well" to be genuinely happy, "says company ○ ○" than to talk to the person in the company name and fastened, "none other than towards you I am talking to "a polite attitude is transmitted.
"Yes, you in trouble, Mr ○ ○" "Ah, Mr. □ □, that reviews what happened?" And so on, and so deliberately inject up the nature and degree of good feeling in itself. Please try it!


新生活を迎えて一度にたくさんの人と知り合い、「名前を覚えきれない」と悲鳴を上げている人も多いのではないでしょうか?名前といえば、こんな悩みを教え て!gooの中で見つけました。



質問者は男性。付き合って2週間位の彼女に名前を呼んでもらえないのがさみしく、そのことを彼女にも伝え、ちゃんと相談して呼び方まで決めたにも かかわらず、いまだに呼んでもらえないことを嘆いています。





   「私も付き合った人の名前を呼べる様になるまで、と~っても時間がかかります。1か月・2か月は当たり前!半年近く経っても呼べなかったこ とも。っていうか、別れるまで呼べなかったこともありました(笑)」(speiciさん)





   「無理に強要したりすると、引いてしまう可能性があるので、強要はしないほうがいいと思いますよ!お互い自然体でいられるようになるといい ですね」(hinomaru01さん)


このように、つきあいたてのころは恥ずかしくて呼べなかったふたりも次第に慣れていき、そのうち「おい」とか「ねえ」になっていくというのもよく ある話。さらに夫婦ともなると、お互いの名前を呼ぶ機会はますます減り、「母さん」「パパ」などと変化しがち。「それが関係が深まるということだ」という 人も、「なんだかさみしい」と嘆く人も両方います。



人は名前を呼ばれると、「きちんと覚えてくれている」と純粋にうれしくなりますし、「○○社さん」と会社名でひとくくりにして話すのに比べて、 「他ならぬあなたに向かって話していますよ」という丁寧な姿勢が伝わります。

「それは困りましたね、○○さん」「あ、□□さん、あの件どうなりました?」などと、意識的に差し挟むようにすると、それだけで好感度が自然と アップします。ぜひ試してみてください!

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