A "wash-toilet system" with the admiration which is also permeating ordinary homes considerably now.
However, aren't there those that neither those for whom he does not understand apt usage, nor tips for choosing although purchase is considered are known, either?
Then, talk was spoken and carried out to Mr. public relations of TOTO, LTD. this time.
Although it was an image which is in a rich house till a decade ago [ ?? ], it has spread very much now?
Seemingly, in investigation of Cabinet Office, the diffusion rate in ordinary homes is 70.9% by investigation in March, last year.
At our company, cumulative shipments have already broken through 30 million sets since the sale start in 1980.
Incidentally, since a "wash-toilet system" is a registered trademark of our company, it calls it a "toilet bowl warm water flush system" as a general name.
It was not known (sweat). Was it touch like certain famous goods of a cellophane tape and a kitchen wrap?
Is there any right usage?
Although there is not necessarily usage "give in this way", I hope to use in liking, advising prolonged washing and past [ washing ].
Those who have received the medical treatment and medical practice of the part need to consult with the doctor just to make sure.
I have a shower fundamentally taken and felt refreshed instead of wiping with paper, and it dries by a warm air dry function after that.
It is said that it comes to use a part in order to promote the desire to have a bowel movement in the case of an errand.
Although a warm air function is seldom used for ?? individual target ....
Such a direction also comes.
It seems that there is also a type to which the warm air dry function is not attached, and some people use toilet paper and warm air properly since drying the buttocks completely only by warm air takes time somewhat after washing.
->3 which takes light moisture by the ->2:toilet paper which washes the buttocks in 1:shower when using both paper and a warm-air dry function: Dry in the least by a warm air function.   Probably, it is good to say.
?? I see.
But every maker can adjust water temperature and water pressure variously.
What is necessary will just be on the basis of what to choose, when choosing goods.
There is a difference in how to take out the water at the time of buttocks washing as a point which is not known unexpectedly.
It seems that this is scrupulous with "he likes this washing method of this maker", and may be purchased also in the visitor in the place where each maker's feature appears easily.
Of course, there are the various washing methods also in one goods.
For example, the thing of the typical washing method of our company being "the Wonder wave washing", and washing firmly with a dot.
Water is taken out as it blazes away at a dot.
However, since the strength of washing has liking, the method of washing the wide range gently by the revolution style "buttocks software washing" also carries.
?? -- there was such a prejudice!
The latest toilet is uncanny somehow.
し [ a lid opens automatically or the washing function sticks ] ....
What kind of other thing does the newest function have?
The function of wiping water with the disinfection effect with the new product put on the market in February, this year in a toilet bowl, and our company controlling of a toilet bowl and yellowish color, being competent, and making い last long sticks.
The mist of tap water is first sprayed at the time of entrance into a room, the mist which makes dirt hard to attach and has the disinfection effect after use is wiped to a toilet bowl, and water with the disinfection effect also washes a nozzle simultaneously.
Moreover, since the water which has the disinfection effect automatically every 8 hours also during standby is wiped, a beautiful state lasts long.
?? -- it is great!
But if so highly efficient, they are electric cost and water service cost ....
Maintaining comfortable nature, since the latest goods are excellent also in energy saving, it has evolved rapidly so that there may be as much as possible little electricity and water service and it may end.
Since I think that energy saving is one into which every maker is putting power, please observe, also when you choose.
Thank you for .


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現在、一般家庭にもかなり浸透してきている感のある、「ウォシュレット」。しかし、自分にぴったりの使い方が分からない人や、購入を検討しているけど選ぶ ポイントが分からない、という方もいるのではないでしょうか。そこで今回は、TOTO株式会社の広報さんに、お話を伺いしました。




――えっ!? それは知りませんでした(汗) セロハンテープや食品用ラップの某有名商品みたいな感じだったんですね。では、正しい使い方というのはあるのでしょうか。






紙と温風乾燥機能の両方を使う場合は、1:シャワーでおしりを洗う→2:トイレットペーパーで軽く水気を取る→3:温風機能でサッパリと乾かす というのがいいでしょう。





――そんなこだわりがあったとは! 最近のトイレは何だかすごいですね。自動でフタが開いたり洗浄機能がついていたりもしますし……。ほかに、最新の機能というのは、どんなものがあるのでしょうか。


まず入室時に水道水のミストを吹きつけて汚れをつきにくくし、使用後には除菌効果のあるミストを便器にふきかけ、同時にノズルも除菌効果のある水 で洗浄します。また、待機中も8時間ごとに自動で除菌効果のある水をふきかけますので、きれいな状態が長持ちするようになっています。

――すごい! でもそんなに高機能だと、電気代とか水道代とか……。



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