A sharp releases newly the new LED lighting which is going to offer "health" using a light on March 16.
Hold the exhibition of a new product on February 21, and at the Tokyo Ichigaya building of Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo the company senior executive officer health and an environmental system division director, Mr. Moriyuki Okada. HEALSIO series, such as "healthy air" called the air-conditioner and air cleaner which carry "plasma cluster technology, and water oven, -- "healthy food" -- and, I would like in addition to three fields of "the healthy beauty" that moisturing prevention can be performed with the drier of a plasma cluster, to add the new proposal "a healthy light" and to meet the consumer needs with health consciousness or increasing power-saving consciousness." The injection intention of the "Sakura color LED lighting" which is a new product was told.
It is 2008 that the company began research about "the influence on the person in a lighting color."
From 2009, the comparative experiments of the influence which it has on people with the color LED lighting of 13 colors will be conducted, and "thin red" is as specific as "the color which feels happiness."
In collaboration with Soiken, the effect about "healing" in a lighting color and "sleep" of thin red will be verified in 2011.
(1) Effects, such as ?? with sufficient (4) (5) which can sleep well waking with early (3) falling asleep with (2) high comfortable feelings by which a feeling is cured, were checked.
Then, the company says taking advantage of experience of the LED development for 40 years, "The effect of healing or good sleep support developed the LED lighting of the high "Sakura color" by carrying out mixing colors of cold color, warm color, and the red."
The "Sakura color LED lighting" which the company produced commercially is [ deep "double flowering cherry tree" and ] light "Somei Yoshino."
In addition to ten steps of mixing colors from the cold color which suited the conventional LED lighting to warm color, the exclusive button of a "double flowering cherry tree" and "Somei Yoshino" is added with a remote control button.
Three types of 8 or less mats, 12 mats or less, and 14 mats or less were prepared as an LED ceiling light for living.
In the company, if about 1 hour before sleeping is spent under the lighting of a "double flowering cherry tree" color, it can relax and it will be said that the actual proof result showed that it was falling asleep easily.
Moreover, the lighting of the Sakura color is said "It seems that it is effective in a character looking greatly like Gothic at, and the black character on a white ground also softens the stress to eyes from the influence of the light of long wavelength" (an LED lighting division vice president, Mr. Tsunehiro Momoi).
About the Sakura color coloring of the "double flowering cherry tree" by LED, and "Somei Yoshino", a patent is under application.
As "a color the effect of the light was proved to be", it is used monopolistically.
"Sakura color LED lighting" is an open price.
The existing LED light assumed that the sales amount in ? of thousands of yen about 10,000 yen addition is expected to the actual situation currently sold for ? of 65,000 yen about 70,000 yen by a 14-mat type.


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